Motivating Test Treat Bags for Children

I don’t know about you but my son has spent the last 9 months being anxious in taking his year 6 SATs. It doesnt matter how many times I had sat down with him and tried to reassure him about the tests he still felt inadequate and kept saying that he just wasnt ready for them. We expressed this worry to his teacher, back in September, at the start of him starting year 6. His teacher was lovely and reassured him that there really wasn’t anything to worry about and that he would do fine.

Over the past few months he had become more confident in himself. With the help from his teacher and support staff, his school levels improved and he began to feel happier about taking the tests.

But this didn’t stop him from having a few moments prior to the test starting, where he began to question himself and his abilities.

His teacher was always there giving him encouragement , motivating him and instaling a sense of self belief in him.

I know, from talking to other parents and his teacher, that he was not the only one who feeling anxious about sitting the tests. Children, of such young age, shouldn’t be feeling the pressure of tests and stress. They should just be children and enjoy their time at being young and care free. They have plenty to face when they are older.

I wanted to do something for my son and all of his class friends. So I made them little treat bags with an inspirational quote attached to the back. They didn’t cost much, mostly it was time more than money.

  1. I gathered together some coloured card and small cellophane treat bags.
  2. Found an inspiration sweet quote on line. Wrote it up on word
  3. Printed off some inspirational quotes from relaxkids and laminated them
  4. Bought 6 treat bags of Starbursts
  5. Stuck on the sweet quotes onto the card and cut them out 
  6. Shared out the sweets equally and then placed them into the treat bags, folded over the edge and then stapled the card on the top
  7. Lastly, I placed the laminated quote on the back 

We handed them out to the children on the first day of their SATs. The children kept the little quote cards in their pockets and in their pencil case for the rest of the week.

I am hoping that they took that a little bit of their concern away just for a moment and showed that we care about them and beleive in them.




Pointillism Art For Children

My boys enjoy arts and crafts but are not exactly talented in the subject- but that doesn’t mean they do not attempt to draw or make things.

Art is all about expressing your self, being as creative as you want and to enjoy yourself.

The boys came home with a letter from school a few weeks back, inviting them to participate in an art competition – called take one picture

The oldest boy was very excited about it and straight from the start knew what he wanted to do, the youngest one wasn’t very confident and said that he couldn’t draw or paint and was useless at art. This upset me, children are not useless at anything they just need encouragement and assistance in finding the right medium for them to use.

The task was to create a picture using ‘A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte’ by Georges Seurat’ as inspiration.

They boys tried painting a water-colour picture but they was not very happy with the outcome. So I pointed out that if they wanted to do pointillism then using an ear bud might work.

Pointillism is a technique of painting in which small, distinct dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image.

They experimented on a scrap piece of work first and then they were ready for the final picture.

Dipping their ear bud into the paint and then dabbing it onto the paper to create a series of dots that made up an image


First, they did the outline of the shapes that they wanted in the picture


Then, they filled it in

Dabbing away with the ear bud – creating little dots


I think it is really effective


I am loving the eldest boys final picture.

He has said that he doesn’t really mind if he doesn’t win because he is very happy with the final result and would like to display it in his bedroom later on.

This type of art medium can be used for any pictures, and for any ability




Week 4 Enjoy A Splash! Mark Warner Active Family Challenge

It’s the last week of our monthly challenge set by Mark Warner Holidays to get out with the family and enjoy being active together.

Week 1 was Go for A Spin and our bike ride into the City on our special Golden bike

Week 2 was Active Family Playtime saw us being silly indoors playing games and Jak setting us an obstacle course in the garden

Week 3 was Get Sporty Jak and I enjoyed a healthy game of Tennis, where I surprised myself in how good I was Lol

And finally Week 4 is Enjoy A Splash About!

Having fun with water doesn’t just mean that you have to head for the local swimming pool and do your lengths but it also means going paddling in the sea or puddles (if you have had the weather we have had), squirting each other with the hose, jet skiing and even going on a boat ride.

My boys are pretty keen swimmers and every summer our whole back garden gets taken over by a 24ft x 12ft x4ft swimming pool, from morning till late at night this is where you find them, swimming around, playing games and diving down to the bottom gathering the dive sticks, I like the fact that they enjoy the water and are confident enough to get in whenever they want. We have pool parties every year and invite all their friends round to join In with the fun.


As the weather started off really well we decided to take to the water by car! Yes A car! A very special car that is actually a boat! It’s a fun, quirky and very different way to enjoy being on the water. The Duck tours offers an exciting road and RIVER adventure around and down the River Thames. The amphibious vehicle drives past London landmarks such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square and then dramatically launches itself into the River Thames with a splash. It’s a lovely way to travel down the Thames to see the sights and very exciting too! It felt quite weird being so low down in the water in a car! Joseph was a bit scared at first when the boat splashed into the water, I must admit so was I, especially when the boat stopped in the middle of the Thames and the driver tried to get it into 6th gear to get out of the River it seemed he was having a bit of trouble. We was so close to the water and so far down in it, it was really exciting and so much fun!


The rest of the week we didn’t get much nice weather and actually planned a day out a local splash park but we got rained off, instead the boys enjoyed a splash about in some puddles, jumping from one to the other and taking in the pleasure of getting mummy soaked.

Yesterday the weather changed and as we was in London attending Jak’s rehearsals for ENO we went to one of our favourite places to visit in the City and that is Diana’s Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park. As the water flows around the granite shapes it causes cascades, swirls and bubbles. The boys love cooling their feet down in the cool water and like to make splashes with their feet and hands with the fast-moving water. They must have run around the fountain about 20 times splashing each other and making new friends.


Once back at home the sun was still shining so we filled up some balloons with water and played catch with them, someone was going to get wet and it wasn’t going to be me lol. Playing catch with the water balloons was fun and we was in giggles and anticipation waiting to see who was going to get splashed. It took a while for the balloon to burst but when it did it went all over Joseph and Little Oliver’s face.

Headering the Balloon
Playing catch
Learning to catch with the water balloon

As a family we have really enjoyed being a part of Mark Warner’s Active Family Challenge, we have had fun, we have stayed active, we have tried new sports but most of all we have done it together as a family!

Thank you Mark Warner and Sophie for inviting us along and opening up our eyes to how much fun being active can be as a family.

If we have inspired one person to become active as a family by reading our posts we would be very happy, I hope you carry on having fun and being healthy 🙂

If you have an active photo of you enjoying having a splash please share with us on twitter using the hashtag #mwactive


Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Spring Carnival

 photo ActiveFamily150x150_zps28e829a4.jpg



There is only one person who has influenced me enough to aspire like them and that is my Mum, she is an amazing woman who has taught me what is right and wrong in life, guided me on the right path and gave me the gift of love.

My mum is strong and holds her family together, she ignores her own needs to put others first, she is not greedy, nor selfish and is always there for me for whenever I need her. She doesn’t live close to me so we speak on the phone everyday and just to hear her voice makes me smile. When ever I am feeling down and am in need of some kind but right words my mum will always be there to listen. Her voice heats up my heart, calms and comforts me. Her words are wise and give reason, her advise is always required. Sometimes words do not need to pass our lips in order to enjoy each others company as we have the same mind to understand each other, we talk in silence, nodding and smiling at each other.

She is the most caring person I know who will do anything for anyone, she is beautiful inside and out and full of so much love to give. She may be small but her hugs are huge, full of affection and warmth. My mum is an incredible woman who is completely dedicated to her family.

My mum once told me that love is like elastic, it just grows and stretches to fit everyone in, I never thought I could feel such an immense love that I had for my mum for anyone else until I had my boys and then I understood on how love was like elastic.

My mum just isn’t my mum she is my best friend, we have shared secrets and our clothes with each other, laughed and cried together, spent precious time together, enjoyed each others company and holidayed together.

My mum has taught me compassion, to respect others, how not to be selfish, to accomplish, to be forgiving, dedication, inspiration and how to appreciate.

My mum has taught me everything i know, She has been my teacher, my nurse, my counsellor, my friend, my chef, my rescuer, my cleaner, my babysitter and much more but above all she IS MY MUM! She has brought joy to my life, taught me how to play and have fun, she is my sunshine on a dull day.

If i can be half as good as my mum is to me than i know i have achieved something good in my life.

Love you Mum x


Thats My Hero! new TV advert is all about Alan who jets off into space and becomes his sons hero, Tots 100 and have teamed up together to find out who our child’s or grandchild’s hero’s are. Who do they aspire to, it could be a superhero with extraordinary powers or a celebrity that they look up to whoever it is all they have to do is to draw a picture of their hero and explain why they love them so much.

Jak my eldest who is 10 years old loves to draw and couldn’t wait to put pencil to paper to enter this fabulous competition, I was quite surprised with who he chose as I really thought that he would say that I was his hero lol but no my son has chosen another women, this women is a remarkable lady who has brought imagination and creativity to just about every child.

20130128-153053.jpg 20130128-153108.jpgJak says ” My Hero is someone who has entertained me through thick and thin. My hero has served millions of eager readers. My hero has an imagination as magical as a unicorns universe. My Hero is the amazing author J.K Rowling!”

“Most of my writing is fiction and I try to think of her writing to inspire me at school, when reading her Harry Potter books I am always filled with wonder and delight and can never put the book down. I like her imagination and her creative skills and one day I hope to be like her”

Who is your Hero?

This post is an entry into the Tots100 Moneysupermarket That’s My Hero Competition

By entering this post into That’s my Hero Jak could get the chance to win up to £500 in Toys R Us vouchers, by coming first, second or one of the three runner ups.