Little Mister Independent

Oliver is now 27 months old and becoming quite a little character, he knows what he wants and how to get it!

Ha has always been a child who likes to investigate items by himself rather than being shown what they are and what to do with them, from the moment he could hold his own bottle he never wanted anyone else to feed him to now when I place his dinner on the table he will not have anyone else feed him his food unless of coarse it is from someone else’s plate.

Oliver doesn’t want to be in the pram anymore and we have the fight every morning, you know the one where the child goes as stiff as a brick and will not bend there legs so you have to resort into trying to bend them yourself. Oliver watches his older brothers walk every morning to the childminders and he wants to be with them, which is fine in the summer but in the cold miserable winter weather it’s not ideal. Every morning he will pick up his lunch bag, that he takes to the childminder and he will say straight away ‘Oliver walk!’ and then he will go and sit on the bottom step near the front door waiting with his brothers to leave the house. If Oliver had his way he would walk everywhere!