Remote Control GUP-K Review

Do you have a little Octonaut fan in the house?

Take a look at this mean, green chomping machine

This Remote Control GUP-K is ideal for children who want to take their adventures that little bit further. The GUP-K is inspired by the alligator and it is the ultimate swamp utilty vehicle. With its big wide, powerful, sharp jaws that open and close as it races along, it is the perfect toy to take your child’s imagination to its limits.


Use the remote control for the swamp chomp action and cut a path through the fallen trees and swamp debris of the forest, allowing the crew to safety. The GUP-K also features a water cannon to put out any of those swamp fires that may be in your way and two detachable swamp speeders which are ideal for missions that need to be reached quickly across the water.

On the television show the Octonauts missions take place in water, the GUP-K is not intended for water play but it can be used outdoors. We took the GUP-K into the garden for an adventure. As the GUP was chomping its way through the fallen trees and overgrown swamp

It came across Kwazi who had come into danger with the fast growing weeds, it was time for Barnacles to steer the GUP-K through the foliage and save his friend


I love how my son’s imagination was ignited and come alive with the toy.

The GUP-K is hard-wearing and sustainable. The large wheels are durable and perfect for outdoor as well as indoor play. The wheels can manoeuvre over most terrain. What makes it special is the GUP can be used by its remote control, as the GUP-K glides along its big powerful jaws chomp up and down.


The remote control is an ideal size for little hands, with easy to use controls. The controller moves the GUP-K forward and backwards. It also has the ability to attach to other GUP controllers. On the reverse mode it also turns so the GUP doesn’t just go in one direction

The two swamp speeders can be removed from the GUP and used separately. They have little wheels so they can also be used on the floor to race across to any creatures that are exposed to harm


The small holes on Barnacles body mean that he can be attached to the swamp speeder and at the GUP controls


In case of a swamp fire, the water cannon can be used along with the water dart to save the swamp from any danger of quickly being engulfed by flames (or Mummy as she is passing by)


What’s included in the box

  • GUP-K
  • Barnacles Figure
  • Remote Control
  • Water Cannon and dart
  • 2 Swamp Speeders
  • Baby Aligator

Batteries are not included. It requires 4 AA for the vehicle and 2AAA for the remote control

The vehicle and all of the accessories are strong and durable, they managed to withstand quite a bashing from my boys.

My boys really enjoyed playing with the new Octonauts remote control GUP-K, they introduced it to the  transforming polar vehicle and played along together using their imagination and making up stories. The toy allowed them to explore the world of the Octonauts

The RC GUP-K is available from Argos priced at £39.99. An ideal gift for christmas or birthday.

We was sent the vehuicle for the purpose of this review.







Through the eyes of a child

Imagination. Go on a journey wherever you fancy.

Our imagination is limitless

Explore the deep depths of the ocean and swim amongst the beautiful corals and deep-sea fish and mammals, discover what lies on the oceans floor….

Go on an adventure and backpack through the Brazilian Amazon, go whitewater canoeing, live with a native family or trek through the rainforest…..

Experience life away from Earth and take a journey into space in a rocket to Mars. Discover alien civilisation, make friends with them and even maybe play a game of jenga…

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere.” Albert Einstein

Imagination is being creative and showing critical thinking skills.

A puddle becomes a huge Tsunami about engulf you.

Playdough becomes characters in a story, food to eat or animals to play with

Running through the park with your arms wide open and all of a sudden you are a bird swooping down below and swerving in and out of the branches of the trees

Dressing up in costumes and becoming a hero/heroine and defeating the fire-breathing Dragon that was about to crisp the entire city with just one blow

The possibilities are endless, imagination is full of energy and spontaneity. It’s being creative with your mind and creating an illusion. It’s bringing mental images to life through play, building and crafts.

Yesterday my youngest came home from school all excited about what he had created in school for me. It was a big surprise and wouldn’t let me look into his school book bag until we got home and he could do the big reveal of his creation. I had no idea what he was about to show me, but his sheer excitement and emotion was so strong that I couldn’t wait to see what it was.

He placed his hand into his bag and pulled out a circular piece of cardboard, that I can only assume was once part of an inner tube of some bloo roll. His eyes widened. He smiled and grinned like a Cheshire cat. It’s a …. Wait there’s more. Next came out a piece of polystyrene that had come from a cup, a black plastic container with a yoghurt pot stuck on top and a yoghurt drink pot with a stick stuck on it. He lined them all up in front of me. He was so happy and proud of what he had made. I took another look at them, I noticed that he had written his name on all of the pieces of materials. He was clearly proud of what he had made but all I could see was junk, horrible I know , but it looked like he had emptied my recycling bin and just stuck some things together and wrote his name on them. Not wanting to discourage his excitement, I smiled and asked him what he had made. Once he started to explain what he had made, I started to look at the objects through his eyes, I began to see what he could.

imaage 3_opt
A wheel
image 1_opt
A black igloo
image 2_opt
A diving board
image 4_opt
A hover board

I love that he can see things in ordinary every day junk, I like how he can imagine that the objects are other things.

My son sat down on the living room floor with his new play items and played games with them for about an hour, they are now nicely packed away in his play corner ready to explore his imagination another day.

Has your child made something special from recycling?

Thank you for reading my post 🙂




Octonauts GUP-I Transforming Polar Vehicle Review

Sound the Octo-Alert!

The Octonauts have wrapped up warm for their latest arctic adventures with a new playset addition to the Fisher-Price® toy range, as well as the introduction of new vehicles for more exciting deep sea missions.  

GUP I Playset 


“The brand new Gup-I playset is the perfect vehicle for polar adventures. The Gup-I is inspired by the durability and adaptability of the water bear. Part polar exploration station and part rugged vehicle, the Gup-I is equipped with everything the Octonauts need for creature rescues, despite the worst of weather conditions.

This Gup transforms for three different ways to play. In Water Bear Mode, the Gup’s legs can extend into “snow stilts” to give more stability for polar rescues so it can race and roll to the rescue. In Scout Mode, the Gup-I stands upright, giving the team the perfect view to scan and spot any creatures in trouble. In Command Center Mode, the Gup-I opens to reveal everything the Octonauts need for their rescues, including a snowball launcher and a small Snowprowler vehicle that is perfect for short scouting missions. This smart Gup recognises when it is in Water Bear Mode or Scout mode and will respond with different fun sounds and phrases. The Gup-I includes Kwazii in his snowsuit, a snowball launcher with 2 snowballs, a satellite dish play piece, a small Snowprowler vehicle and a Weddell seal with an icy “coat” that can be rescued”

When the box arrived, the boys thought Christmas had come early! They couldn’t wait to have a look inside and try it out. I was a little apprehensive as to how big the toy was, as the box is quite large and I was quickly thinking about where it would live in our small house, but I was soon smiling away as soon as I noticed that it was fairly small and compact. The boys were quickly exploring the GUP-I and it was soon introduced to the rest of their toys in an arctic rescue mission to save the Weddell Seal from a Killer Whale (love their imagination)

There are three ways to play with the GUP-I, as it easily transforms into 3 modes:

  • Command center mode

DSC_2809_optMake sure that all 6 legs are in the lowered position, this is done by just gently pushing the GUP-I down and the legs will click into place. Raise the roof and lower the ramp to release the snowprowler vehicle. There is an interchangeable station for the satellite dish or the snowball launcher. The dish or the launcher can be placed at certain points around the GUP-I or on the snowprowler, just push them in and they are secure.


The snowball launcher works by pressing in the red button, watch out as they fly out fast! The launcher comes with 3 snowballs, they are quite small and can get lost rather quickly.  Use the snowball launcher to defeat the enemy and rescue the Weddell seal (who is very cute and comes with a changeable ice coat)

  • Scout Mode

With the legs pushed in, the GUP-I Stands upright on its hind legs giving Kwazii a clearer view of what lies ahead and spot creatures who are in trouble


Kwazii has little holes on the soles of his feet, which help him to stand up on the GUP-I, at the command center and at the control seat in water bear mode and scout mode.


  • Water Bear Mode

The legs can extend into stilts, by sliding the little orange lever on the side of the body and can roll to the rescue.


With flashing lights and phases and sounds the GUP-I comes to life in your hands. Children can not only control what mode the GUP-I is but also by pulling on the antennae to hear phases like ‘Octonauts to your stations’ ‘Octonauts do you read me?’ and ‘Well done Octonauts, everyone is safe’


 When transformed from one mode to another the GUP-I recognises the activation with sound and flashing lights


The GUP-I playset is easy to assemble and store away for future play. The extra items can be stored within the playset. It is durable and sturdy.

The playset encourages creative and imaginative play, it brings play to real life with sounds of music and characters from the cartoon. My boys enjoyed playing with the GUP-I (you know when the toy is good when there are arguments over who wants to play with it) they particularly enjoyed transforming it from one mode to the other and listening to all the familiar phases from the TV show.

Suitable from 3yrs + RRP £39.99 

We was sent the GUP-I playset for the purpose of this review, thoughts, opinions and pictures are of my own.


Imaginative Play 35/365

IMG_20150204_220157_opt (1)

A child’s imagination can take them wherever they want to go; off in a rocket up into space, deep down in the ocean in a submarine, up high in the trees with the monkeys, across the sand dunes on a camel or travelling across the wide ocean in a pirates boat.

A child’s imagination is creative and fun.

A child’s imagination is wild and adventurous

I love how you can give a child a cardboard box and they can play with it for hours, nothing else, just a box, an empty box!

My youngest has been a pirate today, sailing across the choppy ocean in search of some treasure.

He made his boat from a pop open book, a model v8 engine. The sea was a blue furry blanket and his seat was a plastic tub.



The boys trip of a lifetime

For the past few days the boys have be looking through a very big book, so big that in fact it has the whole world in it! The Atlas!

The eldest has decided that once the youngest one, who is 3, reaches 16 he will take them all on a road trip around the world, well not quite a road trip as such as it will also include traveling by a row boat and a tri-plane (built by the boys). Don’t ask me how they intend on raising the oodles of money it would take for this trip to become reality or whether or not it would actually happen, but listening to them talk about what country they will visit, how they are going to get there and what route they will take has made me so proud of them. The fact that they are planning it together and taking into account each others views on where they want to visit and why. It’s made me realise how close they really are and that all the little arguments and scraps that they get into is just a part of siblings growing up together.

A part of the conversation I heard from them was……

Jak: What country next Joseph?

Joseph: How about That One (Joseph points to Hong Kong)

Jak: O.k

Joseph: Oh My Gosh! Jak. We are going to visit lots of countries, we could have a girlfriend in every one we visit! How long is it going to take us?

Jak: Maybe a year or so!

Joseph: Woah! What if I have a baby in another country!

He does make me laugh, but I think I need to be having a serious talk with him when he gets a little older lol

So with the world in their hands and money as no object, here are their plans…

Jaks article:

We are going to get a flight to Amsterdam then drive to Munich (Germany). After that we’ll drive to southern Italy and get a ferry to Malta. We will then fly back to France and get another flight to the United States of America. We’ll drive from New York to San Francisco and fly to Rio De Janeiro and play football! After that we’ll go to Thailand and travel to Ha Nol in Vietnam so that its easier to get a flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo. Lastly we’ll finish our trip with a nice, warm visit to Nan, In Cold Norton 🙂

We will use our scooters in San Francisco, our bikes in Munich, we will swim in Vietnam and fly our plane over the Swiss Alps.20140812-213947.jpg

I’ve been told that I can join them in Malta but I have to pay for myself and I can only stay with them for a few days as I will be too old!