Make your own IGGY Moshling Cushion

Do you have a Moshi Monster fan in your family?

Why not make them this IGGY cushion, It’s simple and easy and your fan will be very happy with it.


You will need:

Purple fleece fabric about 1m


Cotton and needle / sewing machine

Polyester Stuffing ( i bought about 500g and still have lots left)

White, black and Purple felt

Extra Strong Glue

  • Draw an outline of IGGY on to the purple fabric, however big you want the cushion to be, draw another outline about an inch and a half away from the first one.


  • Making sure that you have doubled the fabric, cut around the outer outline
  • Pin the two pieces together and stitch around the inner outline, remember to leave a gap so you can put the stuffing in
  • Remove the pins and now stuff in the stuffing, using your hands to push it into the shape, once done stitch up the gap.


  • Using the white and purple felt, draw big two circle for IGGYS eyes (The purple circle should be just a little bit bigger than the white one) stick the white circle on top of the purple felt circle and then glue into place on the pillow
  • Using the black and purple felt, make the inner of the cutting out a cresent shape. Stick them into place on the White circle
  • Cut out a small tick shape for the mouth from the red felt and stick on the cushion
  • Snip the fringe at about 2cm apart, be careful not to snip into your stitching

Please make sure you are handling the glue extra carefully as strong glue does stick anything together, I should know! Silly me, got my two fingers stuck together and had to run them under the tap to release them.



I hope you enjoy making this IGGY Moshling