MP3 Shuffle

I was tagged by the lovely mummy blogger mummyconstant to join in on the musical meme ‘MP3 Shuffle’.

The rules are simple:

Put your MP3 player on Shuffle (or in my case my I Phone)

Take note of the first five tunes that pop up

Tag some more lovely bloggers to do the same

Now, whoever knows well, will know that my boys absolutely adore singing and have always got my phone listening to their tunes that are on it.
So obviously my phone is jam packed with a weird selection of pop songs. I also have Paul’s music on my ipod as we are too lazy to set up two different I Tunes accounts and whenever either if us sync our phones up to the computer we get each others music/videos and apps.
So I apologise prior to actually putting it on shuffle for what is about to be written
In the words of Party Rock Anthem-LMFAO “Everyday I’m Shuffling” I begin

  1. Jack Johnson – Cookie Jar
    Aha! this is one of my songs. I love his music although this isn’t one of my favourites.
  2. Take That – Could it be magic
    Oh no! As a huge Take That fan when I was a young teenager my OH Paul uploaded all of their songs to my IPod as a gift to me.
  3. Bruno Mars – Count on Me
    This artist is a favourite of Jak’s, my eldest son. I am not familiar with this particular song but I do like ‘Grenade’ and ‘Just the way you are’, especially when my boys sing them.
  4. Adele – Crazy for you
    We ALL love Adele and love singing along to her tunes in the car. A favourite on our karaoke machine too. She has a lovely unusual voice.

  5. James Blunt – Cry
    Not only gorgeous and rich he has a lovely voice. I could listen to him all day!

So there you have it! My first 5 tunes to make Its appearance on shuffle on my iPod. Not bad if I say so my self and all quite current artists, how weird is that!
I’m pleased on the outcome as it could have been Glee or High School Musical, and NO they are not mine!

So now I need to tag some other lovely bloggers to do the same in the hope that they haven’t already been tagged!


What’s on your MP3 Shuffle?