Urban Geocaching..Our first hunt

What is Geocaching I hear you ask?

Well it’s a bit like a treasure hunt using GPS co-ordinates to find the location of the cache (container). Only there is no real treasure at the end to find, but instead a container and inside you will find a log which you place your name and date you found it on and place it back in exactly the same place that you found it.

I had seen plenty of pictures on instagram and twitter of other people on their geocaching outings to the middle of nowhere, stunning locations or pretty little picnics areas but as we live on the outskirts of London, I thought I would have a look online and see if there was any little hides near where we live. I was expecting to travel a few miles out, further into Essex but was shocked to find that there are hundreds of geocaches hidden in and around London.

I signed up with Geocaching online and put in my postcode, up popped a few pages of cache locations, with one particularly on out doorstep!

I asked the boys if they wanted to go out on a treasure hunt, they were quickly running to the front door with shoes in hand. We got our bikes and with phone in hand, a pen and a few little snacks off we went on our first Geocache hunt.

The first one that was just a few hundred metres away from us, we couldn’t find! We searched and searched, we decoded the special hint that was given and even cheated by looking at some of the pictures that others had uploaded but still no luck. It was hidden on some green in the middle of a road, so it wasn’t very safe. I didn’t want the boys to run off and search as I was a bit worried that the youngest one would wonder into the road, so we gave up.

We went on to the next one on our list. I was using the Geocaching app on my phone and it shows all the local caches on a map, so easy to follow.

The next one was a disappointment too! Sadly after searching on quiet green area for 20 minutes we couldn’t find the homemade cache that was hidden there. The only thing we came away with was wet feet! The grass was over grown and it was obviously a local dog walkers paradise as it was full of mess. The children were having fun running around and searching for it, I sat down on the bench for a short while whilst the boys ran around on the pavement. I got out my phone and searched for the next cache.

Searching around
Searching around

The next one was in a park, so off we went….would this one be a disappointment too?

The park was quite big and from the clue that was given it said it was on a bench, as we entered the park and looked around we saw lots of benches…eeek! We followed the GPS to the coordinates given and was soon ontop of a metal bench, lucky for us no one was having a rest on it 🙂 We knew that it was a metallic micro containing only a logsheet so we got searching. It wasn’t long before Joseph was shouting out that he had found something that was stuck underneath the bench, he pulled it off and we all sat down to open it.


The Cahche
The Cahche

The boys were so excited as wrote our name on the log sheet

“Is that all!???” Joseph said

“Yes! That’s what we have been searching for”

“Great! Can we look for more please?”

I was so glad that the disappointment of not finding the first two hadn’t put them off.

It was getting late and we had to get home for tea so I said that there was one more that we could search for on the way home, but not before having a little play first

The last cache was hidden by our local church, as soon as we arrived the boys beagan searching the church grounds. The clue was ‘It must be a sign’ so they looked around all the signs but didn’t find anything.



The grounds had just been cut down and the hedges trimmed so it was easy to look around but it was looking like it may well be disappointment again, but as we was closing the gate to leave we noticed one more sign to look on. The road sign. Sure enough there it was hidden, crammed behind the sign up against the railing. This was bigger box than the last one so we left a little gift inside it.


I think we had rather a successful day of geocaching and we are looking forward to finding more caches, maybe the next time we get the map out and look for some further out in the countryside.
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A Birthday Party fit for a Moshi Monster

Joseph turned 5 over the weekend and he celebrated in style with his friends and family. As he is a big Moshi Monster fan he asked if he could have a Moshi themed party. Now i’m not very good at planning and dont have much time on my hands to really go all out with it but Jak and myself put our heads together and came up with some ideas for food to serve up and with the help from a lovely lady who i found on twitter who helped with me some ideas as what sort of games we could play. Check out www.actoneparties.co.uk.

First up Joseph woke to a table full of presents and cards which he ripped open all too quickly, he loved playing with his new toys and had a game of his ‘Guess the Moshi’ with daddy and big brother Jak.

Joseph was having a party in the afternoon so we had lots of planning to get on with especially tidying up the garden and house ready for all the visitors we would be receiving. The pool was up, clean, chlorinated and heating up nicely, the food was all ready laid out on the table, decorations were up and music all ready to play. Children started to arrive about lunch time and off they all went straight outside to the garden ready to get into the pool and play find Zommers missing eyeball (gross, I know!). I had bought lots of pin pong balls and had drawn eyeballs on them all with only two of them having a gold star on them, the child who found the special Zommer eyeball received a little prize.

After about an hour We had to grab the children out of the pool so we could carry on with some of the games we had planned for the party, we had A moshi hunt where the children had to hunt out their very own moshlings which were hidden in the garden, some in the sandpit and some in the goo that we made up, then they all strutted their stuff in the Zac Binspin Rockstar disco where i chose a couple of groovy dancers to win a prize and then it was time for them all to sit down and eat some moshi grub. We did have the BBQ going as well so there was quite a selection of food for them to get their teeth into.

The children had some original party food along with Dirt sandwiches, Quenut butter, Sunshine Berries, Garlic Mushrooms, Grand Gateau, Bangers and Crash and Egg Flowers and for juice they had Toad Soda and Fango Mandango

After a spot of food they all went outside to bash the Pinata, they all loved bashing away and took some smacking for it to drop all of the goodies, then they all popped back into the swimming pool for some more play and games. We didn’t even have time to play pass the moshi but i didn’t care as the children seemed to be enjoying themselves splashing around and jumping into the pool.

Joseph had a brilliant day and really had lots of fun, so thank you to everyone who made his day a special one. He got spoilt with all the presents and money he received and it was hard for me to drag him to bed as he didn’t want his birthday to end. We have another cake to give him today when he comes home from school and a special birthday meal, which he has chosen to be noodles and chicken.

Thank you for reading!