The worlds loudest Cycle Horn – Hornit

Attention all you cyclist out there

  • Do you commute to work on your bicycle or just enjoy cycling on the road?
  • Have you ever had a car/lorry/bus cut you up or pull out in front of you because they can not see you?
  • Do you wish you could warn others of your presence?

Well I may have the answer to all of your cycle safety questions, Hornit the worlds loudest cycle horn.

“With over 17,000 cycle accidents in the UK every year, and the countless near misses, Hornits focus is primarily on cycle safety. It is easy to gloss over the detrimental impact of every single accident, but you can rest assured that each and every one one, particularly the serious accidents, has grim consequences for everyone involved. If the Hornit prevents just one cyclist from being injured, seriously injured or killed it will have been worth it.”

The Hornit makes cycling on the road much safer, it aids you, the cyclist to be more visible to drivers or even pedestrians who haven’t seen you. The Hornit comes complete with a handle bar mount and trigger. There are two sound settings, the road mode and park mode.

  • The road mode has a piercing sound of 140 decibels, to be used when vehicles are the main danger
  • The park mode has a lower pitched sound where pedestrians are the main danger

The Hornit is not waterproof as it has a battery compartment but it has an ingress protection rating of IP44 which means it is splash proof and if mounted the correct way as per the instructions it will continue to work normally in rainy conditions. The Hornit can be removed when you are parking up your bike and leaving it unattended which is ideal when leaving it in a busy area such as London.

What comes in the packet:



Hornit dB140

Handle Bar Mount


2AAA Batteries

Instructions Manual

I received an email asking me if we would like to test out the Hornit and as Paul (the OH) commutes every day into London for his work then i thought that it would be great to give it a go. I was very impressed with the design of the Hornit, it is sleek and smooth, well tailored and neatly tailored.



It fits perfectly on the bikes handlebars and doesn’t look out of place, the product is small, 97mm, and is in no way an obstruction to the way that you cycle.

Paul has had a few incidents in the City where he has come close to having an accident with other vehicles mainly, buses and pedestrians as they don’t see him, for very different reasons.

If your looking for a fail safe device that can be heard in the most extreme conditions then the Hornit does the job.  Being on two wheels whilst creating zero engine noise can be frustrating in a busy city with pedestrians constantly looking with their ears rather than their eyes when they cross the road. With a friendly peep of the Hornits trigger the hassle of not  losing too much speed with having to slowly pass somebody who does not know you are coming is a pleasure and much safer for both parties.

However on the other end of the spectrum you can still be heard if you are caught in the unfortunate position of being to close to a large vehicle maneuvering at a junction.

Paul says “I cycle 22 miles across London every week day i have used the Hornit for over 100 miles now and feel much safer with it rather than without it. I hate cluttering my handlebars or adding extra weight to my bike as pedaling the most economical way possible is important too. The Hornit is light weight and well made design is honestly not a hindrance and i would be happy to use it on a 100 mile sportive”

“With its impressive looks sleek design and effectiveness even the super cool couriers are intrigued and envious”





The Hornit is available online for £34.99 which includes free standard delivery to the UK from

We was sent The Hornit for review purposes only, no cash payment has been recieved, opinions are of our own.