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How healthy are you?

Would you like to know how healthy you really are and set goals to get into better shape this year? have  introduced a great FREE health questionnaire which does just that.

MyHealth is a clinically backed medical questionnaire which compares you with others, helping you to understand the impact your lifestyle is having on your health now – and the steps you can take for a healthier new you! The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes to take with all of the questions being multiple ones. The test helps you to understand how healthy you are by putting you in an imaginary queue of 100 people that are just like you. The higher up the queue you are the less risk there is to you and your health. Once you are given your place in the queue you are then given your results including help and advice from a professionally tailored healthcoach who can help you make simple decisions which will really influence your score and help you tick off your goals along the way! The questionnaire is highly respected and widely used in the NHS by clinicians and by focusing on the small changes you can take to improve your results it is also designed to be less intimidating by keeping away from the ‘STOP’ what you’re doing and Change everything now! prompts.

First you sign up to the website which is simple enough giving your self a nickname and a password and leaving your email address. Once confirmed you can then take the questionnaire which includes questions on yourself, medical and family history, lifestyle, biometrics, diet and stress all of which play a vital statistic in how healthy you are. It is important to answer these questions honestly to get a more personal result.

So what was my results? Well my score was really not what i was expecting, it was actually quite low. My score in the queue is 57 which is medium risk and 3 below the general healthy limit score of 60. Looking at my lifestyle factors the results show me where i can improve my health, priority one being my diet! I believe myself to have a very well-balanced diet, i eat my 5 a day in fruit and veg, fish once a week, don’t use added salt into my meals when preparing them and i tend to stay away from foods that are high in fats but where i didn’t score very well was not drinking enough water (I admit, I don’t!) and not eating enough fibre and my next priority is my weight, I am actually underweight. A healthy BMI is 18.5 but mine is below this! I am not sure how i could put any more weight on as i do eat like a horse although i am very physical where i walk everywhere and having three young boys keeps me on my toes from the moment i wake up til the moment i go to sleep (Even writing this post i am running round the house mid sentences chasing the baby).

Once i read through my lifestyle factors i could then set myself some goals which are to gain some more weight and to make some minor improvements in my diet although i don’t think i can change my intake of alcohol, i don’t drink too much but every woman needs a glass or two, Don’t we girls? If i succeed this will push my patient Q score to 89! WoW I have given myself 2 months to improve my health.

I found the questionnaire easy to follow with questions that were not too hard to complete, like answering the question about what my blood pressure was, a simple ‘I don’t Know’ got me through to the next question. I liked reading through my factors and finding out what parts of my lifestyle let down my health. I am looking forward to checking back in a months time to see if i have improved my health.

If you want to take the test too click on the link here

I have been paid for the purpose of this review but all views through my own experience of taking the test are of my own.