Our little break at Combe Haven

Holidays in a caravan are not for everyone, especially ones that are on all action camp sites, but our family love them. There is always something to keep everyone entertained from early in the morning or until late at night.

During the Easter holidays we travelled down to Combe Haven, St Leonards on Sea and spent 4 days in a caravan. It wasn’t a luxury van but was adequate for us and our needs. It was spotless, cleaned to a high standard and situated in a great part of the park.

Combe Haven holiday site is set on a hill, a very steep hill at that. The entertainment complex is at the top of the hill and our caravan was at the bottom, perfect for the boys to play around on their scooters and very close to an open space park for us to explore. There is a Nature reserve and access to the river reed bed, which is lovely to walk along and spot any wildlife. If you want all action, there is an indoor and outdoor pool, indoor climbing wall, golf course, roller skating rink, adventure park and activities all day long that is run by the Haven Mates. Plus lots of evening entertainment and shows to watch.

We are more of an outdoor family than an indoor one, so we don’t spend too much time out of an evening. We did pop into the Live Lounge one evening for the boys to meet the Haven Characters and have a little dance, but we mostly sat in our caravan playing games. The boys most of their time outside playing on their scooter or kicking a ball to each other. It was just nice to see them all get along and enjoy each others company.


Our van was a standard superior, which we found to be clean and tidy and very comfortable. We had heating in all bedrooms and bathroom. There was plenty of storage spaces and good size wardrobes in the bedrooms.

The first thing the boys did when we arrived was play Caravan hide and seek. With them being small they can get away with hiding in the smallest of places. I’m surprised at how many places they can find, they played for about an hour. Giggling away and having lots of fun.

A favourite place of the boys at this site is the outdoor play area, I just sat back in the sunshine and watched them play, using their imagination and being creative. Chasing each other around and defending their forts.

DSC_4111-opt DSC_4044-opt

They could play in this park all day.

Although we love the park, there are a few things that we dislike (not to day that others would like it) We are not gamblers and do not like that you have to go past the amusements to get into the live lounge, this just encourages adults and children to spend more money. The live lounge opens at 5pm for bingo sales with eyes down at 5.30 followed by Go Tots and entertainment for the younger ones at 6pm. There is also another bingo session later on in the evening for the family. Thats 1 hour for the little ones to dance and have fun. I personally think that the early evening should be dedicated to the younger ones and then parents (if wanted to) could get them to bed at a decent time.

We do however love that it is situated on a hill and that there is lots of nature around for the children to explore. We have always found the park to be clean and picturesque


The boys also love the disco roller blading, this is an extra cost but so much fun. The session lasts for 45 minutes and is fun for all ages. It is a particular favourite of our eldest boy, I mean who wouldn’t enjoy skating around a hall to some tunes?

Combe Haven holiday site is about 2.5 miles away from Hastings. You could drive which takes about 10 minutes, but we walked along the seafront and it took us 45 minutes. Once you cross over the railway, there is a pathway that is safe for the chidlren to ride a bike along or just run along and be free next to the beach.


It’s our 4th visit to the park and I am sure we will be back again next Easter.

Take a look at our short video clip


Roller Disco at Combe Haven

There are two things that my boys love to do and that is physical activities and dancing …. At Combe Haven both of these have been combined to create a Roller Disco.

Combe Haven is a Haven holiday site on the south coast in West St Leonards, not far from Hastings.

On site they have a huge indoor sportsdrome where you can have Archery and fencing lessons, and also experience an indoor disco with a twist.

Each session lasts for 45 minutes and costs £4 for two people.
That’s 45 minutes of falling on your bottom, testing the resilience of your knees and pure laughter. Skates and protective gear are provided upon arrival.

You are bound to come away from the experience with many funny memories and a few bumps and bruises. It’s funny how you can fall over on roller blades, laugh about and just get right back up without thinking about the damage you have done to your legs and arms. Lol.

My boys absolutely love the roller disco and a trip to Combe Haven isn’t complete without having a taste of the roller disco experience.


Excuse the quality of the photos, they were taken on my iPhone and the room is dark with flashing lights.

With the pop music pumping and the disco lights flashing away, Joseph decided to do a dance to the song, Timber.

Joseph learnt the dance in his theatre group that he attends, I think he looks so cute trying to balance and dance at the same time

On the other hand, Jak, takes it quite seriously and tries his best to skate around the hall without falling over.


The boys thoroughly enjoyed boogieing on down to the latest tunes whilst whizzing around on wheels. Well maybe not quite Whizzing…. More like rolling.


We’re looking forward to our next holiday to the site next year as the boys will have their friends with them to show off some moves that they have perfected. Jak even plucked up the courage to skate backwards 🙂


Holidaying at Combe Haven

We have just had an amazing couple of days in a very luxurious caravan, situated at the top of a valley over looking the Sussex hills. Combe Haven is a Haven holiday site in St Leonards, just outside of Hastings.

It’s our first time as adults with children to visit the park, Paul had been before with his parents when he was a young teenager and had fond memories of his summer holiday’s there. He had talked about going to the roller disco with his friend and was secretly hoping that it was still there for the boys to try.

As a family we love to visit holiday sites around the country and have been to many in Cornwall, Wales, Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, The South Coast, Great Yarmouth and The Lake District and I must admit that after spending only 2 days there that Combe Haven is definitely one of the best parks we have holidayed at! The boys just didn’t want to come home, the two youngest were crying once we arrived home and only had a faint smile back on their faces when i said that I would try and book again for us to visit in the summer.

Here are only a few things that the boys got up to whilst we was there

Easy Gliders
Easy Gliders
Fun at the Park
Fun at the Park
Aqua Glider
Aqua Glider
Roller Disco
Roller Disco

We really did have a fabulous time and who wouldn’t, waking up to a view like this every morning!



This is just a short post a full review will follow shortly 🙂





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Haven has been nominated again for a Tommy’s Award for Best Holiday Provider!

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Do you have tots and toddlers and are wondering what Haven has to offer? Check out our Summer holiday to Perran Porth here

There’s loads of fun to be had at Haven parks for tots, with activities from storytime to interactive music making fun with the characters NEW for 2014, Or how about Rory’s Punch and Judy – with a modern twist – and Character breakfasts so you can meet Rory, Anxious and the crew?

With dedicated Toddler areas on some parks in their swimming complex and free Water Confidence lessons, make this a holiday to remember with the kids as they take to the water for the first time! For those at the next level, there are Learn2swim and Learn2bike sessions where our sports and leisure team help your youngsters become more confident. And, there’s a variety of free ‘mini’ sports for under 4s to learn new sports, such as archery, fencing and tag rugby.

Please read one of our previous posts about Why We Love Haven Holidays

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Why We Love Haven Holidays

Every year we holiday in Great Britain and we always go to a Holiday Park. These type of holidays are ideal for our family as there is something to suit everyone. With our children ranging from 2 to 11, they are never short of anything exciting to do!

Maybe I am slightly biased with preferring to holiday at Haven as I used to work at Blue Dolphin in Yorkshire when I was 19, I did two summers there whilst I was studying at University and made some fabulous friends, of whom some I am still in contact with now. I always wanted to work at a holiday site, ever since i watched Dirty Dancing lol, My experience was nothing like the movie, No one stole my heart, but i liked the idea that I was part of making someone’s holiday a special one.

The eldest favourite part of a Haven Holiday is the evening Disco where he gets to dance and enter the many children’s competitions that they have to offer, he always likes to make friends and once he does I never see him. He meets up with them throughout the day, either at the multi sports pitch where he kicks about a football with them or at the park where they play add.

20131231-113545.jpg 20131231-114050.jpg 20131231-113641.jpg

The middle boy also likes the evening disco, he loves to get dressed up into his special going out clothes (dickie bow and all!) But most of all his top most favourite thing ever about holidaying at a Haven Holiday site is to meet and greet Bradley Bear! He has a Bradley teddy bear that we bought on his first ever haven holiday which he sleeps with every night and on every holiday Bradley has to come with us.


DSCF6794 20131231-113432.jpg



The youngest loves the whole experience of sleeping in a caravan, as soon as we enter our new holiday home he runs off in search of somewhere to hide, opening up every door and cupboard and telling us what he sees. He also likes to run around the club house with his light up toys and can always be found on the dance floor strutting his little moves.

20131231-113614.jpg DSCF6687 DSCF6705 DSCF6770

Dad likes to spend time with the boys in the swimming pool and to explore the area that we are holidaying in. He particularly likes the sites in Cornwall and Wales.




And me, well i just love to see the smiles on my boys face when they arrive on their holiday, them smiles stay until the very last second of our time away and then we do get some tears as they never want to leave, but they are happy tears as they are coming away with some wonderful memories.



This year we visited two Haven Sites; Perran Porth surrounded by the magnificent sand dunes in Cornwall and Golden Sands in Lincolnshire. Haven has 35 holiday parks dotted around the coast, there is a park perfect for you! Our favourite park to visit has got to be Perran Porth, we have been twice now and will be booking again for next summer.

Why we love Haven Holidays

H – Having Fun! Haven Holidays are fun packed for all the family.

A – Awesome! Lots of leisure activities to take part in, they are always lots of things to do like swimming, archery, football, miniture golf and climbing walls

V – Valuable! Create memories that will last forever.

E – Excellent Entertainment! The evenings are full of entertainment put on for you by the Funstars and members of the Seaside Squad and visiting acts.

N – Nothing! Because nothing beats a Haven Holiday