Hand print Santa Cards

Homemade cards are the best! (Well at least that’s what I think)

These handprint cards are easy and fun and make lovely personalised cards to give to family. This card will be a keepsake one has it has the child’s handprint on it.

A5 card
White Paint
Googly Eyes
Red Foam Circles
Pink Foam Circles
Red Foam for Santa Hat
White Felt Circles
White Felt for Santa Hat
Black Felt Tip Pen

And finally one child’s hand!

Fold the A5 card in half to make a card.

Place your child’s hand into some white paint so it has totally covered there palm and then put a handprint onto the card making sure that the fingers on pointing to the bottom of the card.

When the paint is dry stick on –
One red circle for his nose
Two pink circles for his cheeks
Two goggly eyes
(At the top of the hand, to make the face)

Cut out a Santa hat from the red foam and stick it in place.

Cut out some white circles from the felt, these will be the little bobbles at the end of the hat and some long oval shapes to put at the bottom of the hat. Stick these in place on the hat.

Now just draw in Santas mouth with the black felt top pen.

All that’s left to do now is write your christmas message in side of the card and give to a person of your choice.



Hope you like reading my post 🙂