1st day of half term

It’s day one of half term and I had so many things planned that I wanted to do with the boys but sadly as a parent you may well know that days with kids do not always go as planned.

I got up this morning absolutely shattered, my baby had me up in the night twice with his teething and the previous night I had to put up with the neighbours playing their music LOUD! So I obviously am not very energetic and as the weather is terrible I just can’t seem to shake myself to go out.
I have an outdoor game that for the past week the boys have wanted to play and have not been able to due to the snow and ice and was hoping that today they would be able to do it but it has been raining most of the day, so it wasn’t to be, again! Damn weather!
There was also a poetry reading that Jak wanted to attend at the southbank centre, where children had the chance to create their own hilarious poetry like Roald Dahl’s but as my memory is not as good as it used to be, due to lack of sleep maybe, I forgot to book the tickets!
So the boys first day of their holidays hasn’t really gone off with a bang, I’m a walking exhausted Zombie and the boys just want to play.
I feel bad for them and I’m thinking what can I do to amuse them!
I go to my stationary box or Mister Makers Drawers as the boys call them and get out coloured paper, glue, scissors, gem stickers, scraps of card and felt and tell them to make some cards for valentines day.
Jak makes one for his girlfriend.
Joseph makes one for his two girlfriends, nannies, mummy, daddy, well! Anyone he could think of really lol
Even I sat down with them and made the OH one, I know what your thinking ‘she’s forgotten to go and buy one’ well! I diddidn’t forget I just thought a homemade would be much better and I certainly would appreciate it if I received one.

These are a few of what they made, minus Jaks one as they got sent in the post to his girlfriend wwwooooooh!


We have also made love heart cakes, they are meant to be pink but don’t think we put enough food colouring in and they are a bit mishaped but they do taste really good, honest!


So that was Mumofthreeboys 1st day of half term, how has your day gone? And what have you all been up to?

Tomorrow I have promised the boys that we WILL be going out! Just got to decide where!