The Winter Potty List with Growing Up Milk

Winter is definitely upon us, the mornings are chilly and cold and it has been getting darker alot earlier. As it is a lot colder now we find it not so easy to spend lengthy amounts of time outside in the fresh air.

From October to April, the sun is at the wrong angle for our bodies and the bodies of our little ones to make the vitamin D we need. This can have an impact on your toddler’s health, as vitamin D plays an important role in the development of little ones’ bones and teeth. I wrote about Vitamin D a while back, you can read about it here. As we are spending less time outside because of the weather and also because the sun is at the wrong angle we need find ways to top up our toddler’s diet with Vitamin D during this time.

Why not Play chef on a rainy day and design funny faces for Fisherman’s Jackets (jacket potato with tuna). Not only is this a fun activity for you and your little one to enjoy together, but the final product is also a good source of vitamin D

Relax and curl up watching a movie, with a beaker of Growing Up Milk for your little one and a hot drink for mum. Just two 150ml beakers a day of Growing Up Milk provides 73% of toddlers’ daily dietary vitamin D recommendation

Other sources of dietary vitamin D include fortified cereals, eggs and oily fish. The Department of Health also recommends that all children aged six months to five years receive vitamin D drops of at least 7mcg, in order to meet their daily requirement

My son is 27 months old and still enjoys 2 beakers of Growing Up Milk a day, of which he drinks first thing in the morning after his cereal and one just after dinner of the evening. Drinking 2 150ml beakers of Growing Up Milk a day gives him 73% of the daily recommended requirement. I want to make sure that he has strong and healthy bones and teeth as this is important to his growth and development and he also really likes the taste of the milk and prefers it to drinking cows milk.

The guys over at Growing Up Milk  asked parents to send in their suggestions of things to do with a toddler over the winter months. After looking through all the great entries, they have created a Winter Potty List of 24 must-do activities for you and your little one to enjoy, including a few vitamin D inspired games.

Winter Potty List_January (2)

I think taking part in the Winter Potty List will be lots of fun and it will also keep us, as well as our children, active and healthy.

Scrambled eggs, canned Tuna, Salmon, Canned Sardines and Chicken are all ideal foods to get Vitamin D from.

Will you be joining in? What would you add to the list?



Chubby toes! 135/365

My little Oliver is growing up too fast! In two months time he will be two years old! Where does the time go?

The reason why I set up this blog was so the boys and I could have our own little diary of what we get up to and where we go, sharing with others as well!
I like to look back at photographs taken and shared on here and think about the day when it was taken an what we were up to!
I caught Jak this morning reading through the blog, pointing out bits where he was in a post and laughing to himself!

Out of The photos that I have previously taken of the boys my favourite has to e of Oliver’s cute little chubby hands and feet, I like to look at them and see how much they have changed!

I took a photo today of Oliver’s foot and although he is nearly two it still looks like a babies foot, with all the little wrinkles and chubbines!