Halloween Crafts with Yellow Moon

The boys had a fearsome spooktacular Halloween with thanks to Yellow Moon for sending them a packet of craft goodies to keep them busy over the half term. I apologise for not getting this post out prior to Halloween unfortunately due to our local Royal Mail delivery i have had a few parcels sitting in their office and they thought maybe it would be best not to let me know about them *tut tut* and as we were away for Halloween it was a bit of a struggle to post it until now. Fear not though as you may have missed out with buying the Halloween crafts but they do have a fabulous selection of christmas crafts in store from christmas tree foam kits to colour-in christmas crackers to personalised christmas baubles. yellow moon have a range of craft ideas to suit everyone young and old.

We was sent a range of different craft sets:

Halloween Glitter Foam Stickers (Pack of 120) £2.99

A4 Orange and Black Card (Pack of 40) £2.99

Luminous Glow in the Dark Paint (per jar) £4.99 Suitable for paper, card and fabric

Halloween Mini Gift Bags (Pack of 8) £2.99

Halloween Scratch Art Hanging Decorations (Pack of 6) £2.99

Halloween Foam Mask Kits (Pack of 4) £3.60

Glow in the Dark Creepy Crawlies (Pack of 40) £2.99

The boys couldn’t wait to get stuck in and start making their Halloween crafts the first thing they did was make some scary Halloween cards using the Black and Orange Card and the glitter foam stickers placing them around to make a scary scene. Then they made a Halloween scary bunting which we hung up over the door frame in the living room. Jak painted the eyes and mouths of the ghosts, pumpkin and spider with the luminous paint. The paint needs to go on quite thick for it to be seen in the dark but believe me, it works! The boys were very impressed it and now Joseph wants to paint everything with it!

The foam stickers were easy to peel the backing off and we found them to be very sticky and strong. I love how glittery they were and the selection was brilliant with the choice of using a ghost house, bats, spiders, stars, moons, pumpkins, cats, ghosts, witches and skeletons.

There was only one place to put the glow in the dark creepy crawlies and that was inside our pumpkin so we could scare everyone that placed their hand into it mwah mwah haha!

Jak had the most fun with the scratch art, he really enjoyed doing this craft, he likes being creative and he got to put his own patterns onto the silhouettes. The pack comes with scratch tools and you scratch away the black coating to reveal the rainbow colours that lie beneath. I must admit that this craft got every single person in the house doing it including daddy (who never wants to get involved) and Oliver who is 15 months old. Once you have scratched out a design you thread the coloured ribbon that comes with it through the hole and it’s ready to hang. In jak’s words ‘This craft is AWESOME!’

The Halloween Gift bags were taken with us on our mini holiday where we was going to celebrate Halloween, Joseph coloured in his bag and took it with him while he knocked on a couple of caravan doors to ‘Scare and Treat’ with. We also took them into the clubhouse with us along with the Masks so we could decorate our table and make it a bit scary. The bags strong and perfect size to actually put some goodies and give them out to trick or treaters. Joseph really liked these and even out his moshi monsters in them so he could carry them about with him.

The last craft kit that we received was the Foam mask Kits, we had a choice of making a cat, witch, frankenstein and a pumpkin. Joseph found this activity lots of fun and made them all, he particular enjoyed doing the Frankenstein as that was his outfit for Halloween night. The instructions were easy to follow and they showed a picture of how the mask should look so as Joseph can not read properly yet he found it fun to do and didn’t have to ask for any help. They are self adhesive so no mess too! Which made them ideal for us to take away with us on our holiday. The masks already come with the elastic attached and as Joseph is quite small for his age, masks don’t normally fit him but these were perfect, they did undo a couple of times due to him running around and scaring all the children with it but i just tied another knot in the elastic and it was fine.


Yellow Moon offer next day delivery and there products are great quality and with a huge variety of crafts you will never be bored on a rainy day. My boys always love the crafts from Yellow Moon and i am never dissatisfied with what we receive, I believe them to be good value for the money.

Please visit www.yellowmoon.org.uk for yourself to see how great they are 🙂

We was sent some crafts to review, the pictures and words are purely my own. We received no money for this post.