A wet and windy marathon trial

We have some very exciting news to share with you all!

A couple of days ago, Jak was entered a very special race, he was to race for a place to represent the borough and participate in the Giving London Mini Marathon 2014. As Jak turned 11 last September he just qualified in age to compete and he loves to run long distance (his choice completely)  so on Sunday morning we was all up early and ready to register him for the race.

We arrived at the park just as it had started to rain, Jak was all hyped up and went off to warm up by jogging slowly around the track outside with his Dad. The mayor had arrived to cheer on the children, male and female aged between 11 and 18 and they all seemed to be in good form. No one was put off by the weather, which was getting worse and the wind was starting to pick up too.

All the participants were called over to the start line, 27 children in all, and with the sound of the horn they all set off to run one lap of the track and out into the park, just under 3 miles of running in the cold, wet, windy weather.

I watched, just like the other parents, with anticipation and with butterflies in my tummy, no matter what the outcome it was his first race and I was worried for him. Not worried if he didn’t get picked but worried if he was to get hurt, not just physically but mentally too. Jak’s confidence had been knocked just a week earlier and I just wanted him to realise that he can be just as good as anyone else if he put his mind to it.


He started off well and I watched him pass, I followed him out into the park to watch him run the two laps of the park area before finishing off in the track arena.



Dad, being a long distance runner himself, had given him plenty of advice on where to partition himself at the start up and how to manage his breathing whilst running, I was so proud watching him run by me, I don’t know how he was feeling but I couldn’t breathe myself. I knew how much this meant to him, he really wanted to run in the marathon and since Christmas had been out once a week running 5k to get ready for it.

The rain was coming down fast and the wind made it icy cold, but not one of those children gave up, they just carried on running and giving it their all. I watched as the first 10 entries entered the track and passed by, heading to the finish line. I watched my boy enter at sixteen minutes, he was soaked through but he had the biggest smile plastered on his face



He came in 16th overall and 2nd in his age category, 11-13. He had to come in within the first 6 to be able to represent the borough in the London Giving Mini Marathon.

He came straight over to me after he had finished and gave me a huge wet cuddle, he told me that he fell over in the rain and was sick on the second lap round the park, I told him that it didn’t matter, that i was very proud of him and that no matter what he tried his best.

He gave his name over to the organiser at the desk and was told that he came in 2nd and had got his place on the boroughs team, he was presented with a letter of confirmation and dates of the training sessions and he posed with the mayor.





Not only does he get to compete in a major sporting event but he gets to raise money for the Mayor’s chosen charity which is Chrons & Colitis UK.

His first training session is on Thursday, he is so excited!

I will keep you all posted on his journey 🙂

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