Searching for Fairies

It’s week 3 into the summer holidays and the boys have had done so much so far, they have been away to Cornwall for the week, been into London, had a day out at a theme park and spent some time at Nanny’s house. When they are not out and about they have been enjoying the sun in the garden by playing in their new play area that we built at the bottom of the garden and also spending hours in the swimming pool, from the moment that wake up til lunch time they just play together in the pool, swimming up and down or making up games to play.

The other day we went to visit great Granddad who obviously isn’t used to having young children around so doesn’t have any toys or books to keep them occupied but what he did have was a magnifying glass that he uses to read his paper with and a lovely spacious landscaped garden. A while back the boys watched a film about two young girls who had found fairies at the bottom of their garden and since then Joseph has been searching our garden but much to his disappointment he has yet to find some. With the magnifying glass in hand off he went out into Granddads garden in search again for Fairies, this time hoping that with his new tool that he will be able to see them.



They searched behind bushes, under flowers and shrubs, at the bottom of fences, behind the garden shed, around the pond and under stones and slabs but unfortunately they didn’t have much luck, the fairies obviously didn’t want to be found!




Joseph was quite upset that he still hasn’t been able to meet areal life Fairy but after explaining to him that if he actually got to see one he would then ruin the fairytale of them being real, I told him that if he met a Fairy and then went off and told his friends then they would all want to meet one and they would all come flocking to Granddads house and scare them away and he didn’t want to do that! Did he! Joseph looked worried “No Mummy, I want to look after them and keep them safe!”

He carried on looking around the garden with his magnifying glass, creeping and tip toeing everywhere just in case he startled a fairy and scared them, i really enjoyed watching him play, i love that he uses his imagination.

Unfortunately we didn’t find any fairies but we did find some lily’s in the pond and saw some fish 🙂




At one point Joseph said that maybe the fish were hiding the Fairies, I just shook my head and said “Maybe”



We may never find fairies but we will definitely have fun and adventures in searching for them 🙂