My Cat Pip App Review for ipad

If your child loves doing puzzles they are going to love this new app (available for download on the ipad only) The app features a massive 24 puzzles!

My Cat Pip is a charming new app based on the little black card character cat created by Karen Bendy and published by Over the Moon Ltd. My Cat Pip is the story of a mischievous and adventurous little black cat and his friends.

Game Features:

  • 24 different themed jigsaws
  • 3 different levels to suit abilities and age on each jigsaw
  • 1400 object to be found within the puzzles
  • Fun scenes including the park, farm, space and circus
  • 24 sticker backgrounds to be used for picture making
  • 240 stickers to be unlocked
  • Creates good hand to eye co-ordination


When you download the app the first thing you do is to choose a fun character to go set up your profile, four profiles can be made up each with a different name and character. Once your profile is created then you can start playing the game. Each puzzle has 3 different difficulty levels easy, normal and hard, each level changes the number and size of the jigsaw pieces and the number of hidden items you need to find. On the easy level, which is the one that my 2 year old played on, there is 9 pieces to the puzzle and once the puzzle is completed you need to find 2 hidden objects with in the puzzle, once found you are rewarded with a sticker that you can place onto a scene to make a picture. Once you have finished with sticking your chosen stickers down on to the scene you can take a photo of it which will be saved to your camera roll ready to be shared with friends.

The more puzzles you complete, the more scenes you can unlock and the more stickers you can collect. Each puzzle has a time limit on it, the harder the level the shorter the time.


The puzzles can be put together by a simple touch and drag motion with the finger. The game is colourful with lots of fun characters and can be played by all ages, even the hardest of puzzles can be enjoyed by older children/adults. My youngest loves fitting the puzzles together but can sometimes get quite upset when the time runs out on him as it is quite short, even i had trouble finishing puzzles within the time limit. Children love to be rewarded with stickers and this is Oliver’s favourite part of the game as he likes to make funny pictures with the characters.

My Cat Pip can help develop problem solving skills, children have to figure out how to fit the shape and picture together.

The app cost £1.99 and is currently only available on the ipad to download

We was provided with the app for the purpose of this review, opinions and words are my own




Find Britains Best Skylanders Player

This August, GAME stores up and down the country will be hosting a competition to find Britain’s Best Skylanders Player! Each entrant (who must be aged between 6 and 12) can bring along their favourite Skylander and play in the knock out tournament, with the winner determined over the course of three battle mode games. The winning individual from each regional GAME store will be automatically entered in to the final taking place at this year’s Lollibop Festival at the Olympic Victoria Park, London on 16th August.  The winner of the grand final will then be given the coveted title of Britain’s best Skylanders Player as well as win a host of special Skylanders goodies!


To take part, parents must register their children in advance. They can do this by either popping in to their nearest participating store, or tweeting the store’s twitter handle to register their child for the event. The full list of stores and dates are below:


Location Date
Edinburgh – 32 St James Centre, , Edinburgh, Lothian, EH1 3SL


7th August 2013
Swansea – Unit 2, The Pod, Morfa Retail Park, Swansea, SA1 7DF


7th  August 2013
Manchester – Unit 59, Arndale Centre, Manchester, Greater Manchester, M4 3AB


8th August 2013
Bristol – Unit LR53, Cribbs Causeway, Bristol, Avon, BS34 5GG


8th  August 2013
Nottingham – Unit 308A, Victoria Centre, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG1 3QN


9th  August 2013
Southampton  – Unit SU8, West Quay Centre, Southampton, Hampshire, SO15 1QD


9th August 2013
Birmingham – Unit SU312, Bullring, Birmingham, B5 4BU


10th August 2013
London (Hamleys)  – 188-196 Regent Street, London, W1B 5BT


10th August 2013
Watford – Unit 38, The Harlequin Centre, Watford, Hertfordshire, WD17 2TH


11th August 2013
Thurrock – Unit 106, Lakeside Shopping Centre, Thurrock, Essex, RM16 1WT


This is not a sponsored post, I am sharing with you as my boys love Skykanders and will be taking part in the competition for fun.


Conkers bonkers

My son is mad for Conkers
You could say he is pretty much bonkers

He runs from tree to tree
Looking and searching frantically


He looks up high to the branches in the tree
His eyes scanning desperately

For a spiky little ball
That when ready will fall

He then runs around on the floor
Hoping to find some more

Some lay on the ground unopen
Awaiting to be stamped upon


Then out will come a shining brown conker
Ready for my son to ponder


Will it be strong or will it be weak?
He will soon find out it if in the game it will break

He’s gathered lots together
Ready to play conkers with his big brother

Joseph says he’s bonkers
Because he loves a game of conkers.

The Game

Drill a hole in a large hard conker all the way through.

Take a piece of string or a shoelace and thread it through the hole, tie a knot at one end to secure the conker.

Now take turns with a friend or big brother/sister to hit each others conker, one player lets their conker dangle whilst holding into the other end of the string and the other player swings their conker to try and hit the others.

The player whose conker breaks is the losing one.


You can harden you conkers by soaking them in vinegar or baking them briefly 🙂


More Tea Vicar

Here is a great game for young and old to play.

Quite a few years ago while holidaying in Feuterventura, at the hotel we stayed in they had a game for children to play every night called ‘More Tea Vicar’, my son who was 4 at the time absolutely loved it, he still talks about it now 5 years on.
Every night at 6 o’clock he would hear from our apartment the compere welcoming the other hotel guests into the clubhouse and announcing that bingo would be starting in 15 minutes, he knew then that the game would begin after bingo so he would look at me and his dad, with his little puppy dog eyes and ask us if we could take him downstairs to watch ‘More Tea Vicar’. And every night when they asked for a challenger to take on the King or Queen (whoever won from the previous night) his little hand would shoot up, after about 8 days he got his chance. He didn’t win unfortunately but he had loads of fun and had everyone in the room cheering him on.

“well, what is this game” I hear you say.

What you will need

1/ 2 Participants to play the game
2/ A pot of tea
3/ Cups or Mugs
4/ A selection of Biscuits

Object of the Game

To dunk your biscuits into your cup of tea and outdunk your opponent, the person with a FULL Biscuit left is the winner!

1/ Place your two participants at a table opposite each other
2/ Pour out 2 cups of tea and place them in front of them
3/ Select 2 biscuits from you biscuit barrel, they must be different and give them to the game players


4/ Hold the biscuits above the cup of tea and at the count of 3 dunk them fully into your cup of Tea, count down from 5 ( if children playing just check that the tea isn’t too hot)


6/ 5 4 3 2 1 pull the biscuits out if the cup of tea, see if the biscuit is intact, if they both are give them a bit of a wiggle, if no change Dunk again From the count of 5. Keep doing this until there is a winner



We played our game with a Rich Shortie versus a Custard Cream.

Winner : Rich Shortie

Why don’t you play the game and tell me what biscuit is your winner?