‘Friends’ a 9 year olds opinion

My son 9 year old son came to me yesterday and asked if he could write something for my blog. I thought he would write about Super Heros or Pokemon, which is what he always writes about, but this is what he came to me with.


Some people have lots of friends because they are popular and others might have only a few because they are shy and don’t want to show there self.
Rumours might keep people apart because another person might feel lonely and want someone to play with. If I see some one in the playground who is crying, alone, sad or doesn’t have any one to play with I would offer to play with them. Sometimes I would even play games that I don’t like, just to make the other children comfortable and happy.

You might not talk to your best friends for a while there’s always a way you can make up again.
If you want to have a strong relationship with your friends you can make up a handshake or go round each others houses.

By Jak Wright 9

I have always known that he was a caring boy but this makes me see how grown up he is aswell.

What do you think?

This is Jak with his friends