Three things to do in Autumn

We love Autumn! The crispness of the leaves under our feet, the Autumn sun beaming down on through the undraped trees. Nothing is better than a walk in a country park or a forest on a cool crisp afternoon.

We have teamed up with 9 other bloggers and Forest Holidays to bring you our top three things to do in Autumn, 30 Days of Autumn project. There are lots of fun things to do in Autumn, take a read of our 30 days of Autumn checklist  you may find something new and exciting to do yourselves.

Here are three of our top ideas on what to do in Autumn:

1. Leaf fun

Why not take a walk in a country park and search for the biggest pile of leaves for some leaf crunching fun.


My boys love to jump in the leaves and listen to the crunching sound that they make, even better is to have an Autumn leaf fight

Just watching the boys run around, breathing in the fresh air and enjoying some outside fun is priceless, although be careful as to where you are picking up the leaves as some animals like to mark their territory!


leaf fight

Why not collect some of the leaves and take them home to recreate an Autumn picture.

2. Leaf rubbing

This activity is ideal if the weather is slightly wet outside, my boys love to do leaf rubbing/etching.

All you will need is some leaves that you have collected, try and select a different range of sizes and shapes and some crayons/colouring pencils and of coarse some paper.

rubbing 2

Leaves with texture and features are best.
We like to pick a similar colour to the leaf to use for the rubbing. Place the leaf under the paper (veins upwards) and holing the crayon at an angle (close to the paper) using a little pressure rub the crayon over the paper. You will see the leaf print start to appear, just like a drawing.

rubbing 1

rubbingTry not to use a leaf that is crunchy/old as it will make it more difficult to do the leaf rubbing as you will need the leaf to lay flat under the paper.
Why not do a leaf rubbing with autumn colours, red orange and yellow.

3. Autumn Art – Pine Cone Frame

Children love to hunt and what better way to do it is to visit the park and search for some Autumn items.

After a lovely day playing in the park the boys went off in search of some sticks and some pine cones to take home with them so we could make some Autumn art. We had seen a picture somewhere on the internet of a frame made out of sticks. The boys thought that this would be a great Autumn craft to make.

You will need:

  • Some sticks of similar sizes
  • string
  • pine cones of different sizes
  • Strong glue
  • nylon clear invisible sewing thread
  • scissors


Gather the sticks together, cut down any to make similar sizes

pine 4

Tie the corners together with the string and reinforce  with some glue. Trim down any string that is hanging loose.

Tie corners with string
Tie corners with string
corner close up
corner close up

Leave to dry for about an hour.

Carefully tie some of the invisible string around the top of the pine cones, once secure measure how long you want the pine cone to hang and then tie the other end of the thread on to the top sticks

attaching the pine cones
attaching the pine cones

Once finished hang up on the wall for everyone to see

pine 5 finish
finished frame

Why not try and do a frame with different artefacts found from your autumn walk, like leaves or helicopters from Maple trees. You could also spray your frame or paint it a different colour but we like it the natural way.

Take a look at Forest Holidays 30 Days of Autumn project web page, where you will find all of the fun ideas and suggestions that other bloggers have shared about what you can get up to in Autumn.

Thank you for reading. This post is our entry into the 30 days of autumn competition

N.B please excuse our photos of the leaf rubbing we have done this activity whilst abroad on holiday


30 days of Autumn checklist

Do you like Autumn?

We’re just over halfway through our third season of the year, Autumn. The weather is changing, turning cooler and becoming wet and windy. Mornings are often misty and the days are becoming shorter. The trees are losing their leaves and falling to the ground.

There are many reasons to love Autumn, without the obvious of snuggling under a duvet on wet days and drinking hot chocolate but we get to wear our wooly jumpers and warm boots. In fact i have just bought a lovely pair of Ugg shoes that are lined with fur, perfect for Autumn. The children love to put on their rain coats and Wellington boots and go out into the rain to splash in puddles, Autumn rain is ideal for this as it’s not too cold and they enjoy all the splashing.

Here is our 30 days of Autumn checklist

Screenshot (33)

As you can see we have already managed to tick a few off all ready. Last week we went hunting for caches locally, you can read about it here and the other weekend we went on a bicycle ride along the seafront with the boys and they climbed a tree.



If you want to join in with us on our Autumn bucket list, download your checklist here autumn checklist

Forest Holidays want to compile a list for there customers 30 different forest experiences to enjoy at this time of year. To make the list as fun and diverse as possible they have asked ten bloggers from different specialisms to provide three different autumnal ideas of things to do in the forest and outdoors that relate to their niche. We have been invites along to share our three top froest ideas. They will be compiling our suggestions into a ‘30 Days of Autumn’ inspiration list that will be hosted on the Forest Holidays blog Forestipedia,

Keep an eye out next week when we will be sharing our 3 ideas 🙂