Behind the scenes of a Cow & Gate Commercial

I recently blogged about Oliver’s audition for the Cow & Gate Commercial -read here – After thinking that he didn’t do very well as all he did was walk around the room and climb all over the other children as they was sitting down nicely playing with the musical instruments, Well I’m pleased to announce that he was selected to attend the final shoot. πŸ™‚

I couldn’t believe it when i received the ‘Congratulations‘ email informing me of the good news, my little Oliver might just be on television and not any normal commercial it was one for a very well known baby brand, i love their TV adverts with the cute little ones giggling away and climbing onto furniture.

Once organising a Child Performance licence with our local borough we was given a Call Time for Oliver, we had to be in Islington at 9:30 in the morning, I think we were one of the first group of children to be filmed on the day.

Oliver didn’t have his normal morning sleep on that morning and by the time we arrived at the studios and after sitting in his stroller for the past hour and a half he was definitely in the mood to just run around and not listen to his mummy but just to get up to mischief. Once he was seen by wardrobe and changed into his filming clothes he decided that it would be fun to run away and make an exit for it by running through the door and down the hallway (I think he wanted to join the mother and toddler group that was being held in the other room). We didn’t have to wait long when we was called over along with another little boy to walk over to Angel studios where all the action was going to be filmed.

I had tried to settle Oliver down but that wasn’t going to happen, who was i kidding? all this commotion and lots of new faces and new objects to look at he wasn’t going to sit still so when it was our time for Oliver to make his debut appearance in front of the cameras he all hyper and couldn’t wait to go off and explore the new room he was being taken to.

I had been told that they wanted Oliver to walk into a recording studio, look around, touch things and be generally inquisitive. Oliver had to walk in on his own at first which was ok as he had no idea what he walking through the door to until he toddled in and looked up and saw about 8 grown up faces, cameras and lights all staring back at him, well what do you think he did? Yep! He just turned back round again and ran out the way he came in, out to me saying ‘Mum mum mum’ straight into my arms. He didn’t cry he just wasn’t sure of what he walked into so we tried another way, I walked in and once i was at the other side of the room Oliver followed me in. I had a tear in my eye he looked so small and so lost but he did smile and he seemed to be happy so they carried on filming. oliver sat on the Chair in front of the controls and sat and played with all the buttons, looked at all the flashing lights and even tried to climb on top of the control panel to get a closer look at everything lol.

Picture taken from the Angel Studios website

Oliver really enjoyed sliding the buttons up and down but unfortunately as much as i shouted his name and banged against things to make noise so he would look up so they could get a full view of his little face but he just wouldn’t look up, he probably didn’t understand what was going on and what 13 month old can take direction? I know my Oliver can do some things but telling him to ‘Look over here but keep playing with the buttons’ he just doesn’t understand lol.

After 15 minutes of climbing playing with the controls, putting on head phones, swivelling around on the chair and listening to music the shoot was over. We all went back to the first building where all the other children was waiting for their turn in front of the cameras, we had something to eat and sat around in a huge gymnasium hall where there was lots of toys set out for the little ones to play with. Oliver was now very tired and i couldn’t get him to sit down to eat let alone sit down and calm down to play all he wanted to do was run around trying to make everyone else laugh, he was loving the attention he was getting.

i’m not sitting still
look at all these children mummy?


Their was lots of little ones at the shoot aged from 9 to 36 months old all from different child modelling agencies and a few that Cow & Gate had auditioned privately, I do believe that all of the children had to do the same things but obviously the older they were the more directable and being able to take orders they was. Because of Olivers age they was only able to keep him for 3 hours and they had one more shoot they wanted him to do so off we went back to the studio for some more filming but this time he was teamed up with an other little boy and placed into the studio to sit on the floor and investigate all of the musical instruments that was placed around on the floor, the first thing oliver did was to place his hand right down the bell of the brass trumpet and giggle because he got it stuck lol he had no idea that he had to push the valves down and there was no way he was going to be able to pick it up as it was very heavy. He had a play with the bongos and the mouth organ and stared at the other little boy while he played with the organ and made noises with it.

After 3 hours it was a wrap

It’s not a definite that Oliver will make it to the final cut of the commercial, i will keep my fingers crossed but if i was to honest to myself there was lots of other children there for the shoot and not all of them will be picked and as Oliver didnt do what he was meant to do i’m not expecting any more Congratulation emails.

I am very pleased that oliver got this far and i am very proud of him πŸ™‚ and I can not wait to see the final Advertisement I think it’s going to be another cute and catchy one just like the others

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Nervous Mummy / First day of Filming for my Son

I couldn’t sleep, I felt sick, my stomach was turning and turning and it felt like a washing machine doing a spin cycle. I couldn’t relax and was tossing and turning trying my hardest to get comfortable. So many things was going through my mind, I was finding it hard to focus on resting and sleeping. I checked the clock 3:45, my alarm was set for 4:45 so i had another hour of this uncomfortableness to go. I tried to get back to sleep, I closed my eyes but i just couldn’ relax, I had that feeling in the pit of my tummy, I was worried! I was scared! But what of? I’m not pregnant nor am i Ill! No, it had nothing to do with me. It was my eldest sons first day of filming on set of the ‘Call the Midwife’ show. I was scared for him not having mummy by his side, i was worried that i wouldn’t get him to set on time for his call. Would he get on with everyone else and how was he going to cope being filmed? would he clam up and all of a sudden become too shy to be filmed? and is it going to be too much for him? All these things were running through my head after all he is still my baby at 9 years old he will never stop being my baby and all i want to do is watch over him and do my best for him. Thats one of the reasons I got jak into a performing children’s agency, he enjoys acting and being on stage but i wanted to give him a chance of having a good start in acting, you see he wants to be an actor when he grows up. Performing is brilliant for his confidence and he is never too shy to walk up onto stage in front of hundreds of people and i do believe that this will help if he ever gets a job in an office if he has to give a talk in a board room, hopefully he would be less nervous because of the experience he has had whilst he was younger through his acting.

Jak’s call time to be on set was for 7:50, it is only 23 miles away from our house, but them miles are the other side of London to where we live which means either is it a 40 minute drive in the car or a 1 and a half hour train journey travelling through the city of London. The car journey would take us on a very busy road jam-packed with commuters going to the big city for work so I was advised by the OH not to drive especially as I am not a very confident driver and not knowing the route so it was the train that was going to transport us to set. I had worked out the journey the night before but i was slightly worried that i had worked out the wrong route and what if the lines that i wanted to travel on wasn’t running or running late! I had planned the journey so it was the quickest route but also as i would have the baby in the buggy i wanted to make sure that there were the least steps at the stations for us to carry him up and down.

So after tossing and turning most of the night and having a restless sleep with all these thoughts running through my mind i decided to get up. I made myself a coffee, hoping it would settle my nerves plus i think i am going to need as much caffeine i can intake to get me through the day. There was going to be alot of waiting around for me and as there was licensed chaperones on set i wasn’t even sure that i was going to allow me to stay there so that was another thing that i was worried about, What would i do all day long?

We left the house at 5:15 caught the bus to the Train station to catch the tube into London, Once in London we had to catch another train which was an overhead fast one. Once we arrived at our destination station we had another short journey on a bus to get to location. We arrived at 6:30, not bad really! I booked Jak in and we was taken to a big trailer style bus that was there for the children to sit on, Jak quickly started making friends and left me sitting down on my own. When the runner called him to set along with the other children that was there for the filming too, he went off without saying goodbye to me. Why was i nervous and worried for him, he was getting on just fine. I took this time to have a little wander around with Oliver, the location was set amongst some gorgeous countryside surroundings and in a stunning building, so off i went with camera in hand to take some snap shots. Jak came back about an hour later, grinning from ear to ear and full of energy, he was loving it! He had really fitted in with everyone, children and adults and was having lots of fun and what an experience for him, he even got to meet some stars of the show which i think he may have pestered for their autographs. Jak was not nervous at all in fact he was the total opposite full of confidence and not even worried about all the rush that was going on around him.

He was released from set at 4:30 so it was a long day for him but i think he was running on adrenaline through the excitement. He has another 3 days of this, so I think this time next week he is going to be shattered, bless him! he still has school to attend when he is not on set and also has a performance at the local theatre this weekend for his drama school. I would love to share with you all what the show was about but unfortunately I can not but what I can say is it will be on at Christmas and I for one will be one very excited mummy sitting in front of the television set watching Call the Midwife desperately scanning the screen for my
Gorgeous little boys cheeky face. He may only be seen for a second but that second will be one huge proud moment of mine, one that I will never forget.

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