Olly the Little White Van Series 3 Review


The letterbox tinkled, the boys rushed to the front door! Joseph had been anxiously awaiting for the arrival of the sample DVD of Olly the Little White Van Series 3. He already spends his time playing on the App that is available on the Iphone and Ipad and he loves to replay the clips that are on YouTube too.

“Olly the little white van, helps his friends as much as he can

Olly the little white van, always around to give a helping hand..”

Olly the little white van is always scooting around the road running errands and doing useful work for his friends. He doesn’t always get things right but tries his best and the show points out how important it is to be helpful and to be kind to each other. Olly is voiced by the one and only Justin Flecther, who is best known as ‘Mr Tumble’ in ‘Something Special’ and he brings that extra special sparkle to the character. There are many bright and colourful characters in the show such as Bazza who is Olly’s best friend and is always getting up to mischief, Bessie who is a worn out burgervan and has a low self-esteem and Olly helps her to see her potential and Royston who is a bit of a hero and finds fun in everything he does, there are more characters to learn about in the series.

Joseph had a friend over after school one day so to keep them occupied and out of mischief i put on the DVD of the Series 3, they both instantly recognised the theme song and was soon running and dancing around the living room and singing along to the theme song, which may i add is very catchy. Once the show started they stood still, eyes transfixed, gazing at the television, even Oliver who is 11 months old loved watching it. To be honest i never normally see him standing still as he is a little handful himself and always on the move but whilst he was watching Olly he just stood there in front of the television, bobbing up and down and watching the show. Both Joseph and Oliver love watching the series and kept them quiet for ages. Each episode is 5 minutes long and promises fun and enjoyable storylines, each story as energetic as the last one and all teaching children that we should be sensitive and caring to others and to help out our friends.


Episodes of Olly the little white van can be watched on CITV at 9:45 and 12:45 every weekday. You can find out more about the series on their website at www.ollythelittlewhitevan.co.uk where you will find plenty of games and news about Olly and his friends.

Olly the little white van also has an education system in place called ‘Olly’s little helpers club’ which is aimed at educating children in schools on why helping is good and also shows them how to do so, you can find out more information about this scheme at www.ollylittlehelpersclub.com


Dioctipoid Puzzle Review


I love puzzles and when i was given the opportunity to test and review these puzzles I couldn’t wait to get stuck in. As a young girl i had a rubix cube and used to really enjoy playing about with it, but i must admit i did cheat and i used to peel off the coloured stickers and place them all back into the correct places, tut tut!

I was sent a Dioctipoid 1.0 and a 2.0, the latter being the hardest of the puzzles.

The puzzles are of a sphere shape and come already set up, in a box sitting on its own little stand. The object of the puzzle is to slide the shaped segments around the sphere and soon the pattern that was once there becomes lost and that’s when the puzzle becomes challenging.

Dioctipoid 1.0 has 6 coloured different star shapes, light blue, dark blue, yellow, red, green and purple. Each star is made up of 5 pieces and there are 12 white diamonds of which do not slide.


The Dioctipoid 2.0 has 6 different coloured shapes made up of 7 pieces, unlike the level 1.0 their are no white diamonds.


I like that it comes with its own stand because once you have had a little play you can place it safely back onto the display on your side ready for later on in the day when you fancy another little go with it.

Myself and my son who is 9 years old have been both playing about with it for the past week and still to no avail have we managed to solve the puzzle and get it back to its original shape, and there is definitely no cheating with this one as each shape have NO stickers. The puzzle is made of hard-wearing good quality plastic and the slide is smooth. The colours are lovely and bright and very attractive. It fits just right into your hand, roughly being the size of cricket ball, it’s not heavy and comfortable to hold. My son found it a bit fiddly at first but soon got the hang of it and has really enjoyed trying to solve the puzzle.

It is a great little puzzle to take on long car journeys.

It is very challenging, involves concentration and good stimulation.

The Dioctipoid  is a great brain trainer for children, as we know children’s brains are like sponges and they have the ability to pick up new skills, it is helping them to problem solve which is a skill that they will benefit from when they are older.

This puzzle reinforces critical thinking, fine motor skills, and very challenging.

The Dioctipoid is designed for ages 8+ and can be bought at here for the 1.0 and here for the 2.0, currently being sold at £9.99 which i must add is a sale price.

There is currently a competition running with Dioctipoid where you can enter to win the swiss bank account. All you have to is to solve the puzzle in the shortest amount of time. To find out more about the competition take a look here.

So why dont you take on the challenge and see if you can do better than me!