The day a real life Santas Elf visited the boys

December is here and we are just getting into the festive season; putting up the Christmas decorations, booking trips to see Santa and opening the doors of our advent calendars.

The boys are getting excited, writing up their christmas wish lists and sending letters to Santa Claus. The lists are no longer made up of cute little wooden gifts, they are now full of technology and expensive gadgets. My boys are getting older now but we still like to keep the magic alive by believing in the Christmas spirit.

My friend recently booked a little surprise for her child and my boys, a visit from one of Santas elves!

Could you imagine the children’s little faces when a real life elf walked through the door? It was priceless! They wasn’t expecting it and it took them completely by surprise.

They had spent the previous hour running around the house, playing with cars and enjoying each others company. When they heard a knock on the door, they could hear that someone was coming down the hall way but they had no idea that it would be an elf. As she entered the room, they jumped about in delight

The face of one child has been blurred out, hope this doesn’t ruin the pictures!


The children were in complete shock and all sat down on the floor as the elf introduced herself to them. Minty the Elf explained that she had been given the day off of working in the toy workshop, so that she could visit them and bring them a little gift from Santa.

sketch-1449427267066_optThey talked about how many sleeps it was till Christmas day and what they were hoping for from Santa. Minty was even introduced to the house elf ‘mouse’ who was sitting behind the living room door keeping an eye on all of them. Minty asked all of the children if they had been good, they all agreed (Oliver looking at me as he shook his head, waiting for agreement)


Minty had a look through her little hessian bag and gave the children all a gift. They couldn’t believe that they could open it there and then. Paper was ripped and thrown everywhere, as they opened up their gifts. Two children received a book and the other two got a plastic design your own mug with reindeer food and hot chocolate inside.


Joseph received the book and I think he had his little eye on the mug so he mentioned that the book was a little too easy for him, Minty then said that she would read it for them as it was a lovely story. They all shuffled forward and listened to the story

sketch-1449427578213_optJoseph was engrossed and listened as Minty spoke. She had a lovely story telling voice.

After the story, Minty asked them what their Christmas wishes were. They all told them to her and then she reached inside of her sack and pulled out a bottle of special water and some Christmas wishes (magic snow) She asked all of the children to hold out their hands and she dropped a sprinkle of the christmas wishes on to them


Minty then said that when the water is added if the Christmas wishes grow then Santa will know if they have been good. They watched in amazement as the snow grew in their little hands.

DSC_3010_opt (1)We placed the Christmas wishes into a cup so that the children could throw it on to the floor on Christmas eve.

I have never seen my little one Oliver so mesmerised before, he was well-behaved and just sat still the whole time.

It was time for Minty to go so we got one last shot of them all in front of the tree



We said our goodbyes and our thank-yous and promised Minty that we will behave. The children had a magical evening full of Christmas cheer and it really got them into the festive mood. They are now really looking forward to Christmas day.

I would definitely recommend a visit from an Elf, our experience was booked through Littlebird.

This is not a sponsored post, we had a lovely experience so I thought I would share it.