Thomas & Friends: Dinos and Discoveries DVD Review

 Roar into Adventure

If your children are anything like mine and they adore Thomas the Tank Engine, then they may like the new Thomas and Friends DVD.

Thomas and Friends is an adventurous, fun and imaginative world that children love to explore. My son just needs a small little train in his hands and he can make up wonderful stories all about exciting adventures, his little mind is full of imagination and creativity. He loves to watch Thomas and Friends and reenact the scenes that he has just seen on his own train track sets, I love to watch his enthusiasm about play.

In Dinos and Discoveries something exciting is happening. The engines are filled with wonder at the fantastical new sights and sounds on the Island of Sodor. Volcanoes sizzle and dinosaurs roar as the engines help the Earl of Sodor with a special surprise.

DSC_1141 (1)_opt (1)

Samson in introduced to the Island and the other engines when he brings in The Earls Deliveries for the surprise, Samson is invited to stay by the Fat Controller.

The DVD introduces 6 new monster size episodes, new friends and full of surprises.


  • Marion and the Dinosaurs
  • Millie and the Volcano
  • Timothy and the Rainbow Truck
  • Samson at your Service
  • Emily Saves the World
  • Samson Sent for Scrap

Bonus Features:

  • Really useful engines
  • Mr Perkins’ postcard
  • The Earl’s quiz
  • Mr Perkins’ story time
  • Who’s that engine?

My boys favourite episode is Samson sent for scrap. Samson has been sent by the Fat Controller to collect track side scrap whilst scruff is being repaired. Nothing is safe on the Island as Samson soon starts to collect everything he can see, including a postman’s bike, a bus stop sign and the fat Controllers car!  Lucky for Samson, Scruff notices what he is doing and he saves the car from being scrapped. Soon everyone is laughing about Samsons antics (Including my boys)

Watching the DVD has inspired my boys and they have recreated the scenes from Dinos and Dinosaurs with their very own toys

The DVD is available to but now from all good retailers

RRP:                                       £9

Running time:                    70 minutes

Certificate:                          U

Stockists:                            Available online at and in all good retailers nationwide

Find out more about Thomas on the Thomas & Friends website You can keep track of all the latest Thomas & Friends news on Twitter and Facebook.          @ThomasFriendsUK

We was sent a copy of the DVD for the purpose of this review.


Team HotWheels: The Origin of AWESOME! DVD Review


Discover the ultimate speed, power and performance with HotWheels: The Origin of Awesome! Available on DVD from 8th September 2014.


Last week after a few days away as a family we arrived home to some exciting post for the boys, A DVD for them to watch and review.

My boys are typical boys, who like anything loud, fast, powerful and Metal, also with boxes full of hotwheels tracks I kind of had a feeling that they would enjoy watching the DVD.

Buckle up, and get ready for a new Hot Wheels adventure, as four lucky kids embark on a mission against mysterious monsters and villains in an attempt to save the sleepy town of Hilly Woodlands.

Gage, Wyatt, Brandon and Rhett are kids born to ride. Separately they are seriously skilled racers, but together they become the ultra-speedy and unstoppable Team Hot Wheels®, realising that life in the sloooooowest town in the world is much better in the fast lane.

The boys Gage, Wyatt, Brandon and Rhett wished for something awesome to spice up their sleepy town, and when a mysterious black car roars into town with purple exhaust, creating a wild mess of orange track, it’s just the kind of awesome they wanted! However, it also creates some surprise crazy transformations of rampaging monsters, which is not so awesome!

It’s down to the boys as Team Hot Wheels® to work together and stop this masked villain, battle the monster madness, and save Hilly Woodlands from becoming a desert of destruction.

I wasn’t sure that my 11 year old would like it as much as the younger boys would, I got the ‘uh! do I have to watch it’ response from him, but as soon as the DVD started he soon sat down and started to watch it. With the odd giggle and smile, I knew that he was enjoying it.

Here is what he thought:

What was your favourite part of the movie? When the engineer, Larry helps the boys defeat Rev, the mysterious black car by turning go-carts into awesome race cars by using a mega impressive cloud engine.

Did you like the DVD?  Yes, of coarse. It’s full of action and funny, like the bit when one of the boys was trying to put his helmet on over the top of his huge quiff. The movie has a moral to it and that is: when you work together anything is possible. The characters are cool, fast and fun.

Who would you recommend it to? Ages 3-9, although i enjoyed watching it I’m not sure all 11 year old would.

Would you watch it again? Yes.

Team Hot Wheels are made up of:

Gage: Speed Demon

Rhett: Car Guru

Brandon: Gadget guy

Wyatt: Stunt Man

DVD Extra features: 

The making of Team Hot Wheels: Origin of Awesome (5mins)

A first hand look under the hood at how Team Hot Wheels was brought to life including exciting interviews with the creators and rare glimpse at early sketches of the characters.

Team Hot Wheels Anthem

Official Music Video

Since watching the DVD, the younger boys have now made my sofas into cars and constantly carry around their hotwheel cars with them.

The DVD lasts for about 74 minutes and to me that’s a long time to get some peace and quiet whilst the boys eyes are glued to the TV.

We was sent a copy of the DVD for review purposes only


Shaun the Sheep: Shear Heat DVD review



The troublesome farmyard gang is back as Shaun the Sheep™ returns on DVD on 21st July 2014. From Aardman, the acclaimed creators of Wallace & Gromit, Shaun the Sheep™ Shear Heat follows Shaun and his pals as they get up to yet more mischief!

Comprising of ten short episodes, viewers are welcomed back to Mossy Bottom Farm to follow Shaun, Bitzer and the rest of the gang as they embark on a series of fun-filled adventures. Including hilarious episodes such as Shaun the Fugitive, Bull Vs Wool and The Hang Glider, this animated series promises to keep the kids laughing all summer. As well as a range of exciting behind-the-scenes features, the DVD also includes the teaser trailer for Shaun the Sheep The Movie, which is being released on February 6th 2015, and an in-pack colouring sheet.

Episodes included on this DVD:

·         Shaun the Fugitive

·         Mission Inboxible

·         The Rounders Match

·         Film Night

·         Bull Vs Wool

·         The Piano

·         The Snapshot

·         Prickly Heat

·         The Hang Glider

·         The Shadow Play

Extra Features:

·         Behind the Scenes: Rigging

·         Behind the Scenes: Animating Shaun

·         Behind the Scenes: Sheep Maintenance

·         While the Animator’s Away

·         Shaun the Sheep: Movie Teaser Trailer

About Shaun the Sheep

Shaun the Sheep, Aardman’s family favourite TV series, is recognised the world over for its slapstick humour, distinctive look and strong, quirky characters and enjoyed across multiple media platforms. First appearing in Nick Park’s 1995 Academy Award winning Wallace & Gromit film ‘A Close Shave’, Shaun then went on to star in his own series which launched on BBC One in 2007.   The first Shaun the Sheep Movie is currently in production with feature film partner Studio Canal and scheduled for release in Spring 2015.

Comprising of 10 short episodes of the well loved British Animation it promises to be 70 minutes of pure laughter. My youngest enjoys the theme song and in between each episode he dances around the living room to the music, as soon as the episode starts he sits down and giggles away. Their favourite episode on the DVD is Film Night, where Shaun and Bitzer the dog are sitting down in a shed watching funny clips of themselves getting hurt or embarrassing moments in which the other is not amused at!

There are many appearances from the best loved Shaun the Sheep characters including Timmy, Bitzer, The Flock, The Farmer and the naughty pigs throughout the 10 episodes. The relationship between Bitzer and Shaun the Sheep is friendly and fun to watch. Bitzer is often found in the farmyard with a clipboard taking his job as sheepdog quite seriously when the farmer is around but once in the company of Shaun he will join in, if it suits him, with his wayward antics. Shaun the Sheep does not follow the Flock and is quite mischievous. Shaun often finds himself in tricky situations like the time in ‘Shaun the Fugitive’ when he tries to pinch cake for all the Flock but gets caught out by the Farmer and Bitzen as he is covered in cake. With his fun Nature it proves hard for the Farmer to stay mad with him.

Oliver, my youngest, is 3 and says that Shaun is naughty but funny.

This DVD is ideal for children aged 3 to 10, although with no words and only music the older of the age group would most probably under stand the humour a bit more than younger children. As a parent i would happily enough sit down with the children and watch the DVD with them as each episode is short and funny.

Be sure to join in the fun this summer as Shaun the Sheep – Shear Heat arrives on DVD on 21st July.

We was provided with a promotional copy of the DVD for the purpose of this review.


Shaun the Sheep Spring Cleaning DVD Review

Shaun is baaaack…and creating havoc once more



“Everyone’s favourite farmyard friend is back, as Shaun the Sheep™ returns on DVD on 7th April 2014. From Aardman, the acclaimed creators of Wallace and Gromit, Shaun the Sheep™ Spring Cleaning follows Shaun and pals as they get into more mischief than ever before around the farmyard.

Featuring ten short episodes, viewers are welcomed to Mossy Bottom Farm to follow Shaun, the leader of the flock, Bitzer and the rest of the gang as they embark on madcap adventures. In the comical episodes, the flock run into skateboarding trouble, take on a vicious pet rabbit and try out window cleaning on the farm. As well as a range of exciting behind-the-scenes features, the DVD also includes one episode, never-before-seen on TV, where Bitzer gets into trouble for trying out graffiti art!

Episodes included on the DVD:

  • The Shepherd
  • Hard to Swallow
  • Bye Bye Barn
  • The Skateboard
  • The Rabbit
  • The Stand Off
  • The Coconut
  • You Missed a Bit
  • Let’s Spray
  • The Crow

Extra Features:

  • Shaun the Sheep: How to Animate Shaun the Sheep using Animate
  • Behind the Scenes: Animators
  • Behind the Scenes: Directors
  • Behind the Scenes: Golly

We was sent a copy of the DVD to review, we was away over the Easter holidays so the boys have spent the past week watching the DVD and have now become big Shaun the Sheep fans, especially the youngest one who asks to watch the DVD every day.

Shaun the Sheep first appeared in the Academy Award winning Wallace & Gromit film ‘A close shave’, Shaun then went onto star in his own series which was launched on BBC one in 2007. The characters are quirky and funny and are very loveable.

When the boys watched the DVD the house was in complete silence until they erupted in laughter, every episode is comical and fun for all the family to enjoy.

My eldest’s favourite part of the DVD is in the the first episode when Shaun is training up for the sheepdog trials; when they turn up to the trials, it is pouring down with rain and they are the only ones their to enter, they quickly think that they are going to be awarded with the giant trophy but instead are presented with a little tiny one. Jak thought that this was hilarious and says that it is definitely his type of humour. The youngest likes the baby sheep, Timmy, who is always spitting out his dummy, he is in fots of giggles each time he sees it

The DVD runs for 70 minutes, with 10 episodes each running for about 7 minutes each long. It seems quite long but my youngest who is 2 and a half managed to sit through it without losing interest in the DVD.

I have been given a few Shaun the Sheep activity sheets for you to download including

  • Blitzer dot to dot
  • Colouring in sheets
  • Shaun’s face mask
  • Timmy’s face mask
  • Shirley’d face mask

You can download them here to print off Shaun The Sheep Spring Cleaning Activity Sheets

We was sent a copy of the DVD for the purpose of this review


Postman Pat makes a special delivery to DVD

The nations favourite postman has been signed, sealed and delivered to the shelves of the shops in the shape of a DVD box. For the first time, you can now join Postman Pat and Jess the black and white cat in new digitally enhanced episodes from the complete 1980s and 1990s original TV Series. Postman Pat is also back in brand new episodes of ‘Special Delivery Service’ from series 2, with deliveries more challenging than ever before!

Postman Pat loves to help out his friends and family, strangers and even animals, he always has a smile on his face and is very friendly. He lives at Forge Cottage with his wife, Sara and son, Julian. Postman Pat delivers mail through out the busy village of Greendale but is almost always relied upon to resolve a problem or two.

The complete Series of One and Two have been released on to DVD, so you can now watch the first ever episodes of Postman Pat

Episode Synopses 

Series One: Postman Pat’s Finding Day, RRP: £6.99

It’s Katy and Tom Pottage’s birthday and there are many parcels for them, but Katy is distressed as she has lost her favourite doll, Sarah-Ann. During his rounds, Pat asks everyone if they have seen Katy’s lost doll, but without success. Finally, Pat stops off at Sam Waldron’s mobile shop and decides to buy Katy a box of chocolates to cheer her up, and there on the shelf is the missing doll. Pat and Jess return the doll to Katy and stay for her birthday party, where Pat has tea and cakes and Jess has a saucer of milk.

Series Two: Postman Pat in a muddle, RRP £6.99

Pat puts his glasses down on the Post Office counter just as Ted Glen brings in a huge parcel and puts in down on the counter – right on top of Pat’s glasses, breaking them. The glasses are now bent and crumpled and Pat does not have a spare pair! He borrows an old pair from Mrs Goggins, and Ted offers to drive him on his rounds but everything gets muddled, and Pat delivers the wrong letters to the wrong people. He accidently delivers a catalogue through the wrong door – into a barn – and then clambers up a ladder and drops through a trapdoor! Luckily Ted and Alf hear him and get him out. Back at the Post Office, Mrs Goggins finds that the glasses were broken and were not Pat’s but the Reverend Timms’ old ones which he was not going to throw away anyway. Pats glasses are safe and he can clearly see again.

Special Delivery Service; Series Two : Chinese Dragon, RRP £6.99


It’s ‘Chinese Day’ at school and the children are really looking forward to a day of special Chinese themed celebration, helped by Michael. As a special surprise Michael has ordered a real Chinese Dragon costume which Pat picks up at the sorting office to deliver to the school. On the way though, naughty horse Pumpkin gets the dragon’s head stuck on his own and as he canters off into the fields the locals are terrified that there’s a REAL dragon on the loose. Thank goodness Pat is there to calm everyone down, bring Pumpkin home AND deliver the dragon to the children.

The boys and I were invited along to a special screening of the Postman Pat DVD’s, where we got to watch an episode from the first ever production of Postman Pat along with some newer versions. I knew the youngest would love watching it but wasn’t sure about the eldest, but I needn’t have worried as he sat there as still as the younger children did and after he said he thoroughly enjoyed them. Jak said his favourite was the SDS episode (newest versions) as it has an helicopter, quad bike, 4×4 and a very modern sorting office making the episodes all the more exciting. I found myself smiling and laughing away with the other children in the room as I watched helpful Pat save the day.

All DVDs are available at Amazon

we was invited along to the screening for the purpose of this post, no payment has been received