Flashback / Dog Attack

Today we walked a route that as a family we have been on many times before, but today must have been the first time since September 2010 that we actually past it by foot. There is a particular spot about a mile away from our house that holds terrible memories for our family, memories that we don’t really like to talk about, that caused us to have nightmares and changed our family statue. We have passed the spot by car and by bus hundreds of times and I alone have walked by it but not with the boys. As we walked over the spot Jak started breathing heavily and tears welled up in his eyes, his cheeks went red and he started crying ‘There’s still red on the floor mum, the blood is still there’ I turned to him and held him tight, reassured him that it was just a mark on the floor and was not what he thought it was. You see 2 years ago we was walking the same route with our 6 month old puppy Snowdon to take Jak to his weekly Drama class. As the sun was shining on that day and the drama group was near a park i thought it would be nice for the boys to take Snowdon to the park before his lessons started, they loved to run around with him and Snowdon was very energetic and enjoyed running around in the park. As we was nearing some shops we saw two dogs up ahead crossing the road they was not on leads but they was near a few young lads so i assumed that the boys were the owners. I was wrong. The dogs were on the street without no owners and no lead, they had spotted us with Snowdon and zoned in on him, crossing the road they came up towards us. I instantly wasn’t sure of them so i picked up Joseph who was 3 at the time, within no time at all the two dogs were circling Snowdon and us I tried to pull him away with his lead but one of the dogs chose that time to snap and attack him, he grabbed him by the throat and locked his jaw on him. I was screaming for help, cars were passing by but no one was coming to help I shouted at the Jak to take Joseph away, he grabbed his hand and ran towards a lady that had just jumped out of her car to help. She held on to Joseph but Jak came running back to me, He was a little 7 year old boy who was trying to protect his mummy and puppy, he jumped onto the back of the dog that had held of Snowdon, I don’t know what he was thinking but i pulled him away and told him to go. Snowdon was yelping, there was blood coming from his neck I was pulling and yanking at the other dog trying my best to get him off of my dog. Snowdon was that scared that he pooped on the floor while he was being thrown about by this bigger dog. The sound coming from the two dogs was ferocious, they were snarling and growling. I was till screaming for help and a man came over from the so he grabbed at the dogs jaws trying to pry them open, more people was now coming out of their houses trying to see what the commotion was all about. At this point the other dog bit onto my leg, me left calf, i felt the sharp pain and shook my leg hitting the dog with my fists. The man who had the other dog had managed to get him off of Snowdon and i do believe that this was the only reason that the dog let go of my leg. The man led the dogs back to a house on the opposite side of the road, he must have known who they belonged to, maybe that was the only reason they stopped attacking us. Everything was a blur, Snowdon was shaking and blood was teaming from his neck, he had two puncture wounds and animal faeces smeared all over his white fur. Now that the scene was safe the boys came running over for a hug, at this point i had no idea i had been bitten i just thought that the dog may have bruised me it wasn’t until the lady said she was calling an ambulance along with the police that i looked down and saw blood on my leggings. I thought that maybe it was Snowdons but then i felt pain shoot through my leg, i sat down with the boys around me consoling them and our puppy. We was all shaken up, the boys were crying uncontrollably and Snowdon was shivering. I called my brother and a family friend for help and they arrived just as the ambulance did. My leg wasn’t too bad and wrapped up but i didn’t go with the ambulance to the hospital as i didn’t want to upset the boys even more than they was so i promised them i would make my own way there once i settle the children down and get Snowdon seen to.

The above pictures were taken 4 weeks after the attack, bruising and swelling stayed for 4 months

Jak and myself suffered terrible nightmares for weeks even months, It took a while for me to pass other dogs in the street. I never thought it had affected Jak as much as it has done until today. The whole experience was horrific, heartbreaking, frightening, causing us to fear other dogs and even my own. It has left us with scars externally and internally. My scars are on my leg but Jaks are obviously in his heart and head. So many questions went through my head that night of the attack What if Joseph was standing there? What if it was Jak that got bit? What if it was worse than what it was? The bite to my adult leg was nothing to what it could have been if it was a 7 or 3 year olds leg or arm.

A good thing did come from me being bitten and that was how the antibiotics had zeroed out my pill and how i fell pregnant and eventually gave birth to my Oliver.