Christopher Robin: Afternoon Tea with the Voice of Pooh and Tigger – Jim Cummings

Just over a week ago we were invited along, by Disney, to celebrate the upcoming release of Christopher Robin for an afternoon tea with Jim Cummings.

It was truly a magical experience.

If you are anything like me and you grew up watching/reading Winnie the Pooh, then you will understand how excited I was to be able to meet Jim Cummings and listen to him read a short extract from the book of the film. Winnie the Pooh was the first teddy bear that I bought for my eldest boy when he was a baby, you which he still has now.

Christopher Robin is a heartwarming film about a young boy, who on embarked on countless adventures with loveable animals, who has now grown up and lost his way. It is now up to Christopher’s childhood friends to help him remember the loving playful boy that he once was by venturing into our world.

‘Sooner or later your past catches up to you’

The afternoon tea was being held at Claridges. We arrived and was quided to a room that was full of Pooh themed food, tea (obviously, as it’s afternoon tea), face Painting, colouring in tables, old fashioned games, biscuit decorating and a lovely big chair – hmmm, I wonder what that was for!

The boys quickly made themselves at home, grabbing some of the delicious cakes and sitting down in the corner on the cushions to eat them whilst cuddling their Winnie and Tigger teddies.

They designed some balloon shaped cookies with lots of sugary items and ate some ‘beary’ ice cream.

I’m not sure what this design was but he assures me it tasted nice.

As the children enjoyed getting their face painted us adults sat down to tea and cake.

It wasn’t long before we were joined by Jim Cummings, he sat down in the chair and the children gathered around him on the cushions. Clutching on to their Pooh bears, Tiggers, Eeyores and Piglets they say mesmerised as Jim read an extract from the book to them.

The room was silent.

Adults and children around the room were quickly joining Pooh and Christopher on their adventure, getting lost in imagination as Jim brought the characters to life.

I couldn’t help but smile.

I looked around the room, I could see the magic I the children’s eyes as the story was coming alive. It definately was a wonderful thing.

Once Jim finished he kindly waited around for photos and chatted to the children.

We had a wonderful time and are very thankful for the invite. The boys came away with a plush teddy and a memory that they will cherish forever

Christopher Robin opens in the Cinemas on 17th August.

We can’t wait to watch it! How about you?


Disney Pixars Cars 3 Franchise review

We love a bit of Disney in our household, especially after our recent visit to EuroDisney. The boys have a newfound love for it and are enjoying it even more. They are spending more of an interest in Disney films and the characters; from the old ones to the new.

Disney isn’t just all about tiaras and marrying princes there are also many of the old classics like Lion King, Bambi and Pinocchio – also not forgetting the high-speed, blazing fast racers of Cars.

One of the latest Disney films to be released on 14th July, 2017 is Cars 3. The legendary Lightening Mcqueen strikes again and finds himself out of the game when a next gen- racer Jackson Storm hits the Piston Cup. Hoping to get back in the game, Lightening seeks the help of a young technician Cruz Ramirez.

Disney have announced an exciting new product collection that will bring the high-speed action of the highly anticipated Disney•Pixar film Cars 3 to households nationwide.

The boys already have the previous DVDs of Cars and a few of the franchises to play with. So they were all revved up when they were sent some of the latest products to review.


Jackson Storm Remote Control Car RRP £17.99 (disney store)

Lightening McQueen Speed Launcher By LEGO Juniors RRP £7.99 (disney store)

Cars 3 Drinks Bottle RRP £6.99 (disney store)

Cars 3 Book of the Film By Parragon RRP £5.99 (asda)

Lightening McQueen LEGO Launcher – The youngest couldn’t wait to get stuck in and as his older brother – who absolutely loves LEGO – was away he took the chance to start with the speed launcher. He doesn’t normally show an interest, as much as his brother, for Lego but he was really excited to build the car. The sets are ideal for children aged 5-7


It was easy to build – just as the box says with simple to follow instructions. He started with the car first and then on to the launcher.


The instructions are picture related, so he found them easy to follow and keep up with. Each page showing you what pieces were needed for that particular part.

Whats great about this set is that it is a usable toy after it is built. The wheels turn and the launcher actually works. It doesn’t launch the car very far but it is still fun to build and play with. It also gives the children a sense of achievement and pride, having built something by themselves. He would normally take sets apart once he had built them but this one has stayed by his bedside and is being used every day. He was very proud of himself for putting it together.


Jackson Storm Remote Control Car – Get the feel of what it’s like to race in the Piston Cup with this remote control car. It may be small but it is very powerful. The car is a designed in detail with some impressive artwork and comes with a steering-wheel controller. The controller is easy to use; it drives forward and backwards, steers left and right. It is the perfect size for little hands and simple to use

20170622_070613The actual size of the Car  is L15 x H5 x W7cm approx.

Any child that loves Cars would fall in love with this little beauty. It is rear wheel driven and very responsive. It is turned on by using the middle button on the centre of the wheel control. We found that If it is not used for a while it tends to turn it self off and all you have to do is press the button again to get it working.

The design is sleek and very eye-catching, It is a solid and sturdy car. We took it to the garden to see how well it would drive over the patio (excuse the weeds)

The boys have had so much fun with this car. I do believe that there are more to collect, so you could hold your own Piston Cup and see who could be the winner.

Cars 3 Drinks Bottle – These drinks bottles are ideal for little racers to keep hydrated, with detailed artwork of Lightening McQueen and Jackson Storm, they are bright to look at and perfect for pack lunches. They have a rubber tyre detail around the bottom of the bottle giving little hands that extra grip when drinking from the bottle, but also keeps them sturdy when placed on to the table.


The lid also has the tyre detail with a button to open it. Once the lid flips open it has a flexible straw hidden within.

The bottle holds 12oz and is only designed for cold drinks only. They are easy to come apart to wash and store well in the cupboard. The size of the bottle also makes them perfect to fit into lunch bags.

I found that with the fun designs the boys were asking for their bottles to be filled up more than normal, they make drinking cool!

Cars 3 Book of the Film – This 144 page paper-back book with an 8 page full colour insert is excellent for any budding reader. Once you have watched the film you can relive it again and again in this book.

‘When the legendary Lightening Mcqueen is suddenly pushed out of the sport he loves by a new generation of blazing racers, he needs to get back in the game, and FAST! Can #95 prove that he isn’t out of the game yet? The next Piston Cup will test the heart of a champion on racing’s biggest stage!’

With seven Piston Cups wins under his belt and an undying passion for motor sport, can Mcqueen ride carry on riding high with the new generation of blazing racers?

There are many new characters in this new book, including Jackson Storm and Cruz Ramirez.

I have been trying to encourage my youngest away from books that have more picture than text and this book certainly meets that criteria. Apart from the 8 page full colour insert there are no more illustrations throughout the book. This means that he can concentrate on the story without being distracted by the pictures. Although the illustrations that are in the book are very colourful and good, which does help with the imagination.

He is really enjoying reading the book and it is keeping him engaged.


The book is ideal for young readers who are developing their reading skills.

These Cars 3 products have helped the children carry on with their newfound love of Disney. We are carrying on the magic at home.

We was sent these products for the purpose of this review


Disney Junior Play app review


Preschoolers to interact with their favourite Disney Junior characters like never before

Disney UK have launched the new iOS app Disney Junior Play. Home to Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Disney Junior fans can now get even closer to their favourite characters on the go through a variety of activities including fun games, engaging video-clips and a digital sticker book.

Free to download, Disney Junior Play comes with the “Disney Junior Favourites” pack, featuring four multi-level games and a digital sticker book featuring Doc, Sofia, Jake and Mickey. Additional packs based on Disney Junior’s smash-hit shows Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are available to purchase from within the app, each containing four games, a short form video and a digital sticker book.


Although the app is free to download and you get a free pack of games, you can purchase more in-app games, 1 game costs £1.99, 2 game bundle costs £2.99 and a four pack bundle costs £4.99. It is worth purchasing the four pack bundle as your child gets to play with all of the in-app games that are available.


After creating a simple profile, it is simple and easy for children to navigate their way around the games. The games are created to encourage creativity, nurture problem solving skills, develop dexterity and help with hand-eye co-ordination. Stickers are rewarded and collected during gameplay and can be saved in the sticker book; each pack having its own character themed sticker book and 25 stickers to collect.  Each pack features a set of adventures and stimulating play topics that transport kids into the world of their favourite Disney Junior characters; from helping Doc choose the right clothes for the weather to helping Jake and his crew design a sand castle for a pirate king.

Themed Packs within the app:

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse ‘Farmyard Fun’
  • Doc McStuffins ‘Here to Help’
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates ‘Island Adventures’
  • Sofia the First ‘A Royal Party’
  • Each game has three levels

Key Features:

  • Jigsaw games to encourage problem solving
  • Catching games to reward fast fingers, for example the apple catching game in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Dress up games to inspire imaginative and creative play
  • Placement games to encourage Logical thinking, using the finger to drag and drop, rub, swipe and press.
  • Hide and Seek games to reward observation skills
  • 25 stickers to collect in each pack to stick in your book
  • The app can support up to 4 profiles

Disney Junior Play has been designed to keep little ones busy with fun, challenging games that feature everyday themes, but while a lot of fun for kids, the app has also been developed with parents in mind.  Purchases within Disney Junior Play are both safe and secure with payments facilitated only after parents have correctly passed through the child-protection screen.

Boel Ferguson, VP & GM Disney Interactive EMEA & UK, said: “Disney has an incredible breadth and depth of beloved stories and characters and, more and more, their first experience with our content is now a digital one. Mobile has become an important canvas for storytelling and interaction with some of our most popular shows. The Disney Junior Play app offers an unparalleled line-up of high-quality, popular mobile entertainment content that brings some Disney magic to mobile devices for both kids and parents alike.”

With fun games, colourful animations, favourite characters, this app can only be a hit with young children. My two year old has not put it down since downloading it, he loves to sing along and dance to the ‘Hot Dog’ song in the Mickey Mouse in-app and  even though it only lasts for 52 seconds with one little tap of the finger it can be repeated over and over again. Each of the apps have a short little song for the children to sing along to. Another favourite of Oliver’s is Cubby’s map mix up where you have to fit pieces of the map together to form one big one. You have to drag and drop the pieces in to place, which Oliver finds it easy to do and especially loves the fact that he is awarded a sticker once he fits them all together.


placing sticker in his book
placing stickers
Fitting together the map

I feel comfortable leaving Oliver with the ipad playing with this app as there are no in-app advertisement interruptions and he can also find his way around the game without any help from myself.

Disney Junior play is available to download on the iphone, ipad, and ipod touch, it also requires ios 6.0.

We was provided with a bundle for the purpose of this review


Spending Quality Time With The Disney 365 Stories For Boys Book

With the recent family benefit cuts The Works are looking to promote ways in which parents can save themselves cash and yet still spend quality time with their children. Buying books is a much cheaper way of entertainment than buying the latest game for a console. Evidence suggests that reading books is actually better for young children’s development than watching the Television

The Works has interviewed professionals in the field, including children’s literacy expert, Dr Sandra Williams, and the National Literacy Trust, to establish the benefits of reading books.

Dr Sandra Williams said: “Reading a book, together with the tactile turning of the page is pleasurable and a good picture book has qualities that may not be found in electronic media.  What is important is the construction of the child and many good quality picture books invite active participation and involvement.  Significantly the authors/illustrators leave gaps for the readers to fill. There is a tension between text and picture which invites consideration.””

Reading books leaves room for the imagination and aides children with their imagination. My eldest boy loves to read books and is always recreating a story that he has read with his younger brother in a play, reading stories help him with his English and has widened his vocabulary. He has written a few stories himself and has amazed me with his imaginative words which he would not have if he didn’t read so many books.

My boys have their own book shelf full of a wide variety of books, fact and fiction. Having such a vast amount gives them a choice of stories to read at the snap of a little finger. Although my boys are aged between 10 and 1 years old, they all seem to enjoy the same type of books which saves me money as they can be passed down and shared between them. My middle son Joseph is 5 years old and is just beginning to enjoy reading books as he can understand and recognise the text in them.

Reading together with all my boys is something special, it’s the only time that they still together with no bickering and jumping around, I get to cuddle up close to them and we all enjoy the story together.

We was sent a copy of Disney 365 Stories for Boys to read as a family, the book is action packed with stories for every day of the year, each page is a calendar.


We spent 10 minutes a day reading a story from the date that it was, we talked about the story and what happened in it, we discussed the characters and even though on each page there is only one little picture the boys wanted to sit and look at it.

20130226-062652.jpgThe book is beautifully set out with cute little pictures which help the stories come to life for the children.

The boys have really enjoyed reading this book together, they keep the book by their bedside and get the correct page ready for me to read it to them, even the toddler who is 19 months old comes running up to us to listen in on storytime. It is not often that i get all of the boys sitting quietly together for a length of time for something that they all enjoy and plus i get lots of snuggles as they all want to see the book which means they have to come closer 🙂

We experimented on reading a story from the book and watching a TV programme together but it just didn’t go as smoothly, the eldest sat still on the sofa but my middle boy, Joseph’s attention soon became a lack of, he was constantly moving about and fidgeting with whatever he could get hold off and even began to climb all over his older brother making the toddler thinking it was funny to do so and he joined in, it was mayhem! You see, my boys fight for my attention and with them just having to sit still and watch something on TV (they don’t all enjoy the same programmes either) they couldn’t do it as I was focusing on the what was on the box rather than them, so in order to get my attention the whole sitting comfortably and relaxing on the sofa becomes unbearable!

I love the quality time that is given to you when you read stories together and I know that my boys will pay attention to the story as it is something that they are interested in and to be honest it really doesn’t matter if it is fact or fiction as they will show an interest in any book.


The book is also available for Girls and can be bought from The Works.

We was sent a copy of the book for the purpose of this post.