First Photo Shoot for Oliver

It was Oliver’s first photo shoot with the agency yesterday and i had no idea how he would take to it all! Oliver is full of energy and loves to make people laugh, but he never really sits still and when asked to smile he pulls the most funniest face ever.

We got the call late Friday afternoon asking if Oliver could make it to Putney for an hours photo shoot with a photographer, I didn’t have any more details of the shoot but was told that i could get him there at any time of the day, so because i was working we agreed that we would aim to get there for about 4.30. I was told the shoot would last for an hour, this was ideal for Oliver as he can get quite bored very quickly of doing one thing.

An hours train journey on the underground took about 2 hours due to signal failures and delayed/suspended trains, it was very hot on the tube and we was all very hot and bothered, Oliver was getting restless so when we arrived at the location all Oliver wanted to do was run around the studio and jump up and down, after 5 minutes cool down and acting a little silly the photographer asked Oliver to stand still on a white piece of perplex so he could take some pictures. I really didn’t think that he would listen but he took direction really well, being told to move back a little and to step to the left a bit, he even understood when told to tip a box of cornflakes up over his head! Although he did the last direction he did struggle as the box was huge compared to him and his little arms just wouldn’t reach up over his head, so instead of the cornflakes going on top of his head they went over the back of him lol

Oliver had lots of fun making a mess with cornflakes, thank god i have safety locks on my cereal cupboard, as Oliver might just decide to carry on making a mess with them at home!

The photographer got some lovely shots of Oliver and even took some silly ones of Oliver and his big brothers pulling faces and rolling around the floor, promising me that he will send them on to me via email.

Although Oliver had lots of fun at the photo shoot, it was a tiring day, what with all the trouble with the trains we didn’t get home until 8 o clock. Oliver slept well last night, probably dreaming of emptying his morning cereal all over mummy’s kitchen floor đŸ™‚