Creating Skylanders

Ever since hearing about Skylanders the boys have been transfixed with them, they only had the figures and enjoyed playing with them but since they received a PS3 from Santa they now get to play the game properly. I have limited there time to 30 minutes a day as they could sit on it all day long.

Britmums are running a competition at the moment where every day until January 9th all you have to do is tweet a pic of their little ones enjoying playing with their Skylanders, or a drawing or even a moulding of one for a chance to win some new figures from the Giant Skylanders characters.

So Jak got to work with creating a brand new Skylander, first he jotted down some ideas and then he decided to make one from clay.
He chose to create the Deathitor Lander which a Cyborg Cowboy whose powers are using a fire whip chain and has a staff of eternity.
(I have no idea where he gets his imagination from!)

Jak has spent 3 days on his clay creation and today he eventually finished it! He had trouble with the clay drying up due to it being a bit old I think! He painted the Deathitor and it even had a special power (pssss! It glows in the dark!)

What do you think of his Skylander Creation?






Colour Me In Rice Krispies project with Britmums #ColourMeInRK

Design your own Rice Krispies Box

BritMums has teamed up with Kellogg’s to host a fabulous competition for our children to unleash their creativity and to make breakfast time a bit more fun. Kellogs have replaced the regular front of its Rice Krispies boxes with a colour-in Snap, Crackle and Pop, so children can decorate the characters and personalise their breakfast.

We was sent a large box of colour me in rice krispies and a bumper colouring case which includes 58 different pens, pencils, glitter glues and markers, all the boys had to do was decorate the box with their own personal touch.

Jak and Joseph quickly got stuck in colouring, stamping and glueing. Joseph’s favourite part was putting all the glitter glue all over the box as he really enjoys the messy part of art. Jak has been doing pop art in school so he decided he wanted to test what he has learnt on to snap, cackle and pops faces. My boys really enjoy doing art and i am always encouraging them to do some drawing or painting so this competition was right up their street. They stuck on jewels and put glitter all over the box now our breakfast in the morning couldn’t be more sparkly and colourful. The boys had lots of fun colouring and designing their own personalised breakfast cereal box, Joseph now wants to eat Rice Krispies every morning and they now look forward to waking up to their bright breakfast.

So here is our entrant into the Britmums and kellogs competition

We even made some yummy Rice Krispies marshmallow cakes, they went down a treat especially after all the hard work the boys put into colouring in their box.

Made with 75grams of melted butter, 150grams of melted marshmallows and mixed into 100grams of Rice Krispies and decorated with lots of undred and thousands, chocloate stars and edible glitter.

This is our entry into the competition to be in with a chance of winnign £500 cash and the boys design printed on to a t-shirt.WOW!

Thank you to Kellogs for sponsoring this fab comp for the children and Britmums for hosting it.