TinyTigs Review Crafts To do with your children

I love to do crafts with my boys but I find it so hard to find the time to do so as I am either busy with the housework or looking after the baby. My boys enjoy crafting and sometimes just get on with it themselves, they are always asking me to go to the shops to be specific things for the to make stuff with and Joseph, my 4 year old, loves to go down my recycling bag to find boxes to paint and make into something. So when TinyTigs were asking for reviewers of their craft packs and was very happy to try them out.

TinyTigs send out a craft pack to yourselves on a monthly basis with each one being seasonal. In each pack there will be a choice of a minimum of three projects to get stuck into, talking about sticky stuff, you are provided with everything you require to make the project but not the glue as they are worried that they will provide enough or that you will be left lots of little pots half filled with leftover glue but it does come with small scissors.

We received the My pack which is inspired by summer garden parties, playing outside and warm sunny days, The pack contained

  • Make your own Union Jack Bunting
  • Decorative Wall Vase with Flowers
  • Make your own Royal Crown

TinyTigs believe that make and do should be fun and easy and aim to make creative packs for those families which perhaps do not have the time, space or a creative head to do it themselves. The packs are designed to be as un-daunting and accessible as possible and aimed at children from 3+.

Each pack comes in its very own plastic sleeve with everything in side it that you will need along with a simple and easy to follow step by step instruction sheet on what to do. On some parts of the activities an adult will be needed as it can be tricky to cut out some shapes and fiddly pushing shapes out.

The first pack we attempted was the Royal Crown one. The boys really enjoyed doing this together and whats great was there was two crown to do and they could decorate it the way they wanted to do. The activity took them about 10 minutes in total and they were really happy with their end products, Joseph wore his crown all week until it got ruined in the garden. We used sticky dots for our crowns as we found that the jewels and fluffy balls stuck down well with them.

The next one they tried was the Union Jack Bunting, the boys had been making these in school so was really happy to be having one for themselves to have at home. My eldest had to cut out the Union Jack prints as Joseph found this quite hard. We used double-sided sticky tape on this one. I find that if we use glue they get upset as they have to wait for it to dry. Both of the boys found it very tricky to feed the ribbon through the straws so I had to this for them. They both thought that this was a lovely activity and they have hung it up on the door in out living room.

The last project we did was the decorate your own wall vase, now this was hard to get the boys to do as they said it was a bit girly but after saying to them they could make it for me so that i could hang it on the wall in the kitchen, Joseph jumped up and said he would make it. This was probably the hardest project of them all to do especially for Joseph as he is 4 years old and finds it hard to cut out shapes. he enjoyed colouring in the vase and liked choosing the coloured tissue papers to make his flowers. I had to make the flowers for him as he found it quite tricky with his little fingers. He was very proud of the final picture though.

My boys really enjoyed doing the activities provided and it really helped me as the eldest just read through the instructions and got on with it, leaving me to look after the baby. Their favourite was making the crowns as it was something that they could wear and show off.

The price for receiving these fabulous craft packs is £11 per month with free P&P, that’s just under £4 per project and that’s if you receive the minimum of 3 activities, A steal I think! There is no minimum contract and every month if you send in a picture them of your child with their make and do then can be entered into the kid of the month, the winner will receive a surprise gift in the post.

TinyTigs are doing a special deal at the moment where you can get a 6 month subscription for the fantastic price of £39, great eh! Hurry though as the special offer ends on the 15th June 2012.

Find TinyTigs on www.tinytigs.co.uk or follow them on twitter as @tinytigs