Real Mum Confessions with Cussons&Me #RealMumConfession

Confession Time

Cussons MumAndMe are currently
running a campaign to discover ‘Real Mum Confessions’. As a Mum there are often little handy cheats or clever ways of doing something so that we can get some more time to ourselves or a way of getting our children to do something they wouldn’t normally do, MumAndMe are calling these a #RealMumConfession.

For example:

Telling your kids the ice cream van only makes a noise when it has run out of lollies (this is a favourite of mine, only now the children are getting older and start to ask questions like “why are there people walking away with ice creams then?”)

Pretending broccoli is mini trees, in order to get the children to eat veggies. We also say that Cauliflowers are clouds, eggs are sunshine and sweet corn turns you into a giant.

Saying that the smoke alarm is Santa’s special camera and when it flashes, it’s him watching to see if you’ve been good or bad. (Now this is a good one, I like it!)

Cussons Mumandme are calling parents to join in and share their #RealMumConfession on their Twitter feed (@Mumandme_UK) to help mums feel better about these little cheats and shortcuts that we all use. They are also really good and interesting to read and can give us all some new ideas. They will be picking one confession at random to win a luxury spa day for two at The Sanctuary Spa in London, plus three runners up will win a selection of our products.

The competition is running until Friday 2 November.
Take a look at BBC’s Sarah Cox video here of her talking about the shortcuts she does in parenthood.

I told my eldest boy when he was younger that blackcurrant juice was coke cola to keep him away from drinking fizzy drinks, it wasn’t until he started to attend friends parties at the age of 6 that he started questioning why the drink that he got from the party was fizzy and tasted different to the one I have given him at home.

Another one of my cheats are to store a secret stash of chocolate in my bedside cabinet and high up in the kitchen cupboard behind the pasta so I can have a nibble when they are asleep and I do not need to share (Badmummy)

– The competition is open to UK residents aged 18 or over
– The main prize is a Time For Two Gift Voucher at The Sanctuary Spa in Covent Garden
– The cost of travel or any accommodation is not included in the prize
– Three runners up will receive a range of products each
– Winners will be picked at random
– No cash alternative will be given
– The prize is non-transferable
– Cussons Mum & Me has the right to withdraw the competition at any time
– The competition is live from Wednesday 10th October until 5pm on Friday 26th October 2012
– Winners will be announced within seven days of the competition closing

Good Luck 🙂


Bath Time with Cussons Mum&Me Review

Oliver loves the bath time, he enjoys splashing around and playing with his bath toys that he has especially the mini boats. He loves having a bath that much that when he sees me hold up the towel ready to get him out and dry him he tries to crawl away from me. When i was given the opportunity to review some products from Cussons Mum&me after attending a blogging event that they held up London recently.

Cussons Mum & Me have created a brand new exciting range of products to help you through all the amazing ups and downs of becoming a mum, right from Bump to New Mum to Baby.

Cussons didn’t want Mum & Me to be just another mum and baby brand, so to get under the skin of what women really need, they listened to over 1,200 real mums. The new range has been designed by mums and developed by experts. Their research showed that mum’s just wanted to be the best mum that they could be, that their was no such thing as a super mum and it was impossible to be a perfect mum so Cussons developed with the knowledge that they have gained over the years a range that is practical and simple to use for mum and baby during all the changes that are to come.

Mum&me range has been specially created to help mums through all the amazing ups and downs of becoming a mum. That’s why you’ll find products like Dry Shampoo and Stretch Mark Fader, as well as Sleep Easy Baby Bath and Ultra Mild Emollient creams for baby.

Oliver and I was sent some products to test, for Oliver there was the ultra mild head to toe wash and the sleep easy balm from the baby range and for me there was the calm and soothe bath soak from the new mum range.

I ran Oliver’s evening bath and squirted in some of the head to toe wash, i noticed the smell of camomile straight away, which is known to relax. Oliver was enjoying splashing around in the water and a lot of it was going into his eyes but he just blinked away the water and his eyes were not showing any signs of redness or soreness. I washed oliver’s hair and body with the wash and noticed how is skin was becoming soft, the lotion didn’t lather too much and wasn’t too creamy, it also didn’t leave Oliver’s skin or the bath slippy which helps me out heaps as Oliver is a little rascal for wriggling about and trying to walk in the bath tub. I like that the lotion is dispensed by a squirting motion as it can sometimes be a struggle holding onto the baby with one hand and with the other trying to tip or squeeze out the wash, also the fact that it’s a head to toe wash saves time and space having to buy two products and comes in a 500ml bottle so there is plenty to use and should last a while. After Oliver was out of the bath and all dried up rubbed some sleep easy balm onto his pulse points, this will help the release the calming fragrance of camomile. The balm contains a blend of natural oils and camomile which together shall help to relax the baby. The fragrance isn’t strong and rubs nicely into the skin absorbing and leaving a nice soft feeling to the skin, it’s not oily nor sticky. Oliver is a good sleeper and has slept through the night from the age of 4 months but he does occasionally have troubled and sleepless nights due to illness, irritableness and teething so I can not say whether his routine has improved but what i can say is that he smells lush and his skin is now lovely and soft and as Oliver still sleeps next to me at night time in his cot i can still smell the camomile aroma from him and it is probably keeping me all calm too.

Both products are allergen free fragrance and pediatrician approved.

Oliver enjoying his Mum&me bath

The calm and soothe bath soak that i received is from the new mum range, it is a gentle low foam formula that is fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Bathing is essential after childbirth so using a mild bath soak is important to help the new mum relax and cleanse, the lotion contains arnica which is known to reduce bruising and as a mum i know how painful and sore it can be to bathe with a soap that can sting especially if you have received some cuts or stitches to due to giving birth. I have not recently had a baby as Oliver is now a year old but i did use the bath soak and found it to be soft to my skin and soothing to a bruise i had received due to a fall on some rocks at the beach. I am a huge fan of arnica and always keep an arnica stick in my handbag for the boys as they are always in the wars and receiving some bumps or bruising daily. Again with this lotion just like the head to toe wash for baby it doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky even when rubbed onto the skin with out water.

You can find more information on the Cussons mum&me range at

You will find the range for sale in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Boots stores