Creating the Solar System – School Project

On the last day of the Autumn Term in school, my youngest came out with a little slip of paper telling us all about the holiday homework. The youngest is in  Reception at school and the subject he will be learning about in the new term will be Space. So his homework is to produce a 3D object to do with space ie; an astronaut or a Rocket.

Living so close to London meant that we could board the underground and take a trip to the Science Museum. We had a day planned just before Christmas to visit Santa at Westfield ,White City, so we decided to extend our day out to visit the museum.

We had a lovely day at the museum and saw lots of interesting things but there wasn’t much for what we was looking for. We was hoping to see a model of the solar system and what planets are that make it up. But we didn’t find much, unfortunately. It was mostly about how we explore space but not what makes it up, so there were plenty of astronaut suits and rockets to look at. We did find a little display on the planets

Oliver wanted to make the Solar System, so after looking in the museum and on the internet at what the planets looked like and there names, he was ready to start making his project.

We bought some polystyrene balls in Hobbycraft, all different sizes, so these will represent the planets.

We found an unwanted box to present the solar system in and painted it black. We used blackboard paint as this worked far better than childrens paint

DSC_3232_optOliver painted all of the inside of the box, we left it to one side to dry. It dried pretty quickly as it was blackboard paint, it also gives it a matt look rather than a glossy one.

Whilst we waited for the box to dry, we researched the planets; their colours, size and where they were in the solar system. With our information at hand we was ready to paint the balls and make them into planets.

DSC_3226_optWe found that sticking a tooth pick in to the ball made it easier to hold onto and paint them. Once they were painted, we placed the other end of the tooth pick into some playdough for them to dry.


To make Saturn, I drew out a hoop onto a piece of card and Oliver cut it out

DSC_3227_optWe then pushed the ball through the hoop into place and then painted it

DSC_3228_optI had to mix up the colours for Oliver to paint the balls, but he is very good at following instructions and managed to paint them with no trouble.

Once all of the planets and box was dry, it was time to put it all together and create the Solar System. We had bought some glow in the dark stars in the sale from Debenhams and thought they would be perfect to add to the project. Oliver began sticking them in the box

DSC_3254 - Copy_opt

Using some black wire and strong super glue (only for adults) we attached the planets to the box. Oliver needed help with this as he couldn’t make the holes in the box and use the super glue. So using some wire cutters I cut the wire into different lengths. I stuck one end into the polystyrene planet ball using some glue and padding it out with blu tack. I pierced some holes at equal distances along the top of the box and then Oliver poked through the wire, to the outer box. We secured it on the outside with some sellotape.

DSC_3256 - Copy_opt


DSC_3258 - Copy_optThe project took just over a day to make and Oliver is so proud of what he has produced. Yes he had a little help from Mummy. I had to guide him in what to do and mix up the colours and stick the wire in the balls but he done the bulk of it. He now knows the planets that are in the solar system by looking at them and from the colours.

Thank you for stopping by and reading 🙂


Cravendale Epic Straw Challenge

My boys love a glass of milk especially when it has that funny powdery stuff mixed into that changes the colour slightly and tastes very yummy No! what you like! I mean Milkshake! I don’t need to push them into drinking milk as they already know how important it is to have an intake of calcium to acheive healthy strong bones and healthy teeth. Adequate Calcium can decrease a child’s chance of getting osteoporosis later on in their adult life.

The recommended intake for :-

1 to 3 years old — 700 milligrams of calcium daily

4 to 8 years old — 1000 milligrams

9 to 18 years old — 1,300 milligrams

Cravendale have come up with a fabulous new way of making sure our children get the appropriate calcium intake they need by making it fun to drink.

Be a Milk magician with EPIC STRAWS!

Get 10 Epic Straws Codes and redeem The Secret Slurper

Once you have Collected The secret slurper you can then go on to collect the other two!

Get 10 more codes and then choose your set

There are three Epic straw sets to collect The Secret Slurper, The Cereal Snaffler and The Bottle Burglar. Each one comes with an easy to follow picture instruction sheet that is colourful and simple to look at, with step by step pictures it won’t be long until you have built your creation and are ready for your calium intake with Cravendale.

Let The Slurping Commence!

Putting together the Secret Slurper

The Boys had lots of fun with the straws and easily drank a whole glass of milk each! Even daddy had to have a go as he can never miss out on any fun activity the boys are involved in. All i could hear was “It’s my turn now” “You’ve drunk all the milk” “Let me have a go now” and lots of giggles so i know that they really enjoyed it. They are pretty much hands on boys and like to design and build things together, they are forever in there bedroom building the next big thing with the lego or gluing things together to make new buildings or trains, so i set them a task to build a new Epic Straw set!

This is what jak came up with!

He is very proud of his little creation and calls it The Super Spy Set as he says that you can look through it like binoculars while drinking at the same time.

Why not join in on the fun and sign up with Cravendale, save the voucher codes on their 2 litre bottles and get slurping yourselves, you will never want to drink milk normally again!

Thank you to Britmums for sending us our Epic Straws to test out 🙂