Make your own Yoda Costume for World Book Day and A Star Wars Books Giveaway

World Book Day is closely upon us and it’s time to start thinking about what costume your children will be wearing on the day. My boys normally like to make up a costume from clothes that they find from in their wardrobe but this year my middle boy has requested a rather different costume. Which was perfect as we have been challenged by Egmont publishing to create a Star Wars themed Costume for World Book Day.

Last year we made a last-minute costume by raiding the wardrobes, particularly looking for clothes that were in neutral colours and created Luke Skywalker. This costume has been used many times over the past year and didn’t cost us a penny.

This year, the boy has requested Yoda. This year I am prepared. I ordered some fleece material from Ebay and once it arrived I got out my sewing machine and stitched away.


You will need:

  • Beige Fleece Material- mtr depending on how tall your child is. and the width of the material. We ordered a metre at 150cm wide
  • Emerald Green Fleece Material – 1/2 mtr 150cm wide
  • Brown long sleeve t-shirt
  • Dark coloured trousers
  • Sewing machine or needle and cotton to hand sew
  • Green Facepaint
  • White chalk or material pen
  • Pins
  • Scissors


I found a pattern online from that I adapted to fit my son. I used his dressing gown as a guide for the measurements and just adjusted the pattern where it needed it. The pattern can be printed out and stuck together to make one big one.

Yoda Robe

  1. Place the material down on the fold and put the pattern on the top. The back needs to be cut on the fold to create one piece and you need two pieces of the front. Use pins to keep it in place and draw around with your chalk. This is where I adjusted the pattern and moved it about to the length and width I wanted. Cut out the pieces. You will only have one back and two fronts
  1. Place the two fronts down on to the back. Tack into place.
  1. Stitch along the under arm and side seam and the sleeve to secure the front and back together. Turn inside out. You can finish off the edges with a hem but I just left ours as the material will not fray.
  2. Cut out a long piece of the fleece for the belt.

Et Voila! You now have a jacket fit for a Yoda

Yoda Head and Ears:

I used an old wooly hat to draw around and to get the size of Yodas head.

  1. Lay the green fleece material down on the fold and place your ear pattern on top. Secure in place with pins. Draw around with chalk and cut out the pieces. You should have 4 ear pieces and two head pieces.
  1. Stitch around the edge of the ears
  1. Turn them inside out so that the seams are on the inside
  • Now you need to give the ears a shape by pinching in the straight edges and stitching in place
    1. Place the ears on top of one of the hat pieces, facing inwards.
    1. Place the other hat piece on top to form a sandwich. Secure all in place with pins
    1. Stitch around the edge. Turn the right way round.
  • I stitched a band of fabric along the bottom of the hat as it didn’t quite fit my son’s head and we wanted it to be bigger
  • 20170215_144301

    We found that the ears go a little lopsided like a dogs but this can be corrected with a little bit of starch or adding in some wadding when stitching the ears together.


    The last thing we needed to do to finish off the costume was to paint his face green.


    I painted his face green and then added on some lines to make him look a little older.

    We was asked by Egmont Publishing to choose a Star Wars Character to dress up as on World Book day to celebrate the release of the new book The Cold. The book is due out in March and is the latest to be published in the series of Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space books. Read about the first two that were released last year here

    ‘The Adventures in Wild Space takes place in the period betweenStar Wars: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars: A New Hope. Star Wars fans can meet a whole host of new characters, including a new droid, CR-8R, and a new villain, Captain Korda. It follows the Graf family Mum, Dad, Daughter and Son whilst they tour wild space as galactic mappers.

    It is a time of darkness. With the end of the Clone Wars and the destruction of the Jedi Order, the evil Emperor Palpatine rules the galaxy unopposed. After their parents were kidnapped by the ruthless Imperial Captain Korda, young explorers Lino and Milo Graf set out to find them’

    The Cold is the fifth in the series of the exciting junior novels written by Cavan Scott. Siblings Milo and Lina have picked up the trail of their kidnapped parents – but an ambush in the depths of Wild Space leaves them stranded on a desolate planet. With an old enemy out for revenge can they survive THE COLD?

    The series is ideal for any young Star Wars fan out there. My boys are aged 9 and 5, both have really enjoyed reading the books. They are full of adventure, action packed and fun to read.

    I find these Star Wars books are always good for those reluctant readers as they are so gripping and adult like but simple enough for children to understand and read. The illustrations are in black and white and simple but just right for the books.


    The books in the series are ideal for children from the age of 8. Although, my son is 5 and he enjoyed reading them, just occasionally asking for help on a few words and for explanations on what some of the words meant. The characters are fun and make the stories exciting. The books are quite short which helps keep the child’s attention and with few illustrations they are ideal for those readers that are moving away from stories that are highly illustrated. They help children make predictions about the future content without looking at the pictures to help them.

    Egmont are offering one of my readers the chance to win a full set of Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space books

    Three of the five from the series


    p class=”x_MsoListBulletCxSpLast”>The Cold

    The Dark

    The Steal

    The Nest

    The Snare

    All book available to buy from Amazon on the links above

    To be in with a chance enter via the rafflecopter below. Competition ends 19/03/2017

     a Rafflecopter giveaway

    Looking for more Star Wars Fancy Dress inspiration for World Book Day Take a look at Princess Leia by We Made This, R2D2 by ET Speaks From Home, Hans Solo by A Strong Coffee and a Storm Trooper by Ickles Pickles.



    How to make an Owl Costume

    Looking for an outfit for a fancy dress party, school curriculum day or world book day?

    Take a look at this easy to do Owl Costume.

    I made this last year for Curriculum day in School. Our theme was Harry Potter. I didn’t want to go as Hermione or Harry Potter, I wanted something a little original. So I came up with Hedwig the Owl.


    Once all of the feathers had been cut out it was easy to put together. I promise.

    You will need:

    • 2 mtr thick white felt
    • 2 A4 piece of grey felt
    • Scissors
    • Glue Gun
    • White cotton thread and needle


    • Measure the length of your arm, from the middle of the nape of your neck to your wrist.
    • Using a metre of the white felt, cut out two wing shapes.

    wing 1

    The measurement along the top being the measurement of your arm. The measurement down is the measurement of the length of your back from the nape of the neck

    • Draw out a scalloped shape on a piece of card as a template for the feathers

    wing 2

    • Draw around the feather template on to the remainder of the white felt, you will need roughly about 200 feathers depending on the size of the wing. Keep some of the white felt to one side to make some straps. Draw around the template on the grey felt, until gone.
    • Cut them all out.
    • Starting from the bottom of the wing, begin to glue the feathers on. Glue along the top of the feather. Overlapping as you go on.

    wing 3

    • Place a grey feather oddly in amongst the whites ones.
    • Repeat for the other wing.
    • Slightly overlap the two wings at the top and stitch together but Only at the top. The wings should be able to open up.
    • Cut out two long straps for your shoulder and two for the wrist.
    • Place the wings along your arms to measure where the shoulder and wrist strap should go. Looping the strap material, stitch them into place.


    • Straighten up the edges by folding any feather that is sticking out over to the back of the fabric and gluing into place.

    For extra security pin the top of the wings onto the shoulders of your t-shirt or vest

    I finished my outfit off with making a little a-line skirt from some white fluffy fabric

    owl skirt

    owl skirt2

    I drew out the template of a skirt in the fluffy material. I stitched the fluffy fabric onto the back of some white felt to give it some added stability. Next I stitched the front of the skirt to the back.

    I didn’t need to add in a zip as the material was quite stretchy, so it easy to get on and off.

    I wore this costume all day, whilst at work. It was comfortable and I was able to get on with my role as a class TA with ease.

    This costume will work for Owl Babies, The Owl who was afraid of the dark, Owl Howl and many more.