Why We Love Haven Holidays

Every year we holiday in Great Britain and we always go to a Holiday Park. These type of holidays are ideal for our family as there is something to suit everyone. With our children ranging from 2 to 11, they are never short of anything exciting to do!

Maybe I am slightly biased with preferring to holiday at Haven as I used to work at Blue Dolphin in Yorkshire when I was 19, I did two summers there whilst I was studying at University and made some fabulous friends, of whom some I am still in contact with now. I always wanted to work at a holiday site, ever since i watched Dirty Dancing lol, My experience was nothing like the movie, No one stole my heart, but i liked the idea that I was part of making someone’s holiday a special one.

The eldest favourite part of a Haven Holiday is the evening Disco where he gets to dance and enter the many children’s competitions that they have to offer, he always likes to make friends and once he does I never see him. He meets up with them throughout the day, either at the multi sports pitch where he kicks about a football with them or at the park where they play add.

20131231-113545.jpg 20131231-114050.jpg 20131231-113641.jpg

The middle boy also likes the evening disco, he loves to get dressed up into his special going out clothes (dickie bow and all!) But most of all his top most favourite thing ever about holidaying at a Haven Holiday site is to meet and greet Bradley Bear! He has a Bradley teddy bear that we bought on his first ever haven holiday which he sleeps with every night and on every holiday Bradley has to come with us.


DSCF6794 20131231-113432.jpg



The youngest loves the whole experience of sleeping in a caravan, as soon as we enter our new holiday home he runs off in search of somewhere to hide, opening up every door and cupboard and telling us what he sees. He also likes to run around the club house with his light up toys and can always be found on the dance floor strutting his little moves.

20131231-113614.jpg DSCF6687 DSCF6705 DSCF6770

Dad likes to spend time with the boys in the swimming pool and to explore the area that we are holidaying in. He particularly likes the sites in Cornwall and Wales.




And me, well i just love to see the smiles on my boys face when they arrive on their holiday, them smiles stay until the very last second of our time away and then we do get some tears as they never want to leave, but they are happy tears as they are coming away with some wonderful memories.



This year we visited two Haven Sites; Perran Porth surrounded by the magnificent sand dunes in Cornwall and Golden Sands in Lincolnshire. Haven has 35 holiday parks dotted around the coast, there is a park perfect for you! Our favourite park to visit has got to be Perran Porth, we have been twice now and will be booking again for next summer.

Why we love Haven Holidays

H – Having Fun! Haven Holidays are fun packed for all the family.

A – Awesome! Lots of leisure activities to take part in, they are always lots of things to do like swimming, archery, football, miniture golf and climbing walls

V – Valuable! Create memories that will last forever.

E – Excellent Entertainment! The evenings are full of entertainment put on for you by the Funstars and members of the Seaside Squad and visiting acts.

N – Nothing! Because nothing beats a Haven Holiday



Exploring the Cornish Beaches #countrykids

Last week we had our summer holiday in Cornwall, a complete surprise for us as Daddy booked it on our last day at work/school. We were to spend a week at Perranporth on a Haven holiday site.

The boys absolutely love Cornwall, Jak the eldest is always in the sea on his bodyboard, splashing around in the waves, Joseph and Oliver love to play in the sand and the many rock pools that are on the beaches.

We normally visit a beach a day whilst we are in Cornwall but as the weather was typical english weather and the rain clouds took over the sun we only managed 3 which was pretty good really.

The first beach we went to was the one on the door step to the Haven site at Perranporth, the beach is wide and long and ideal for a bit of fun in the sea with the bodyboard. We spent quite a bit of our time at this beach and sometimes went down early evening just for a little walk and to look out to sea and watch the sun set.



Jak out on the waves

Oliver really enjoyed running up to the waters edge and then running away from the waves as they neared him, he squealed with delight as the water touched his toes



The beach was full of washed up jelly fish, Joseph spent a long time looking at the closely as he had just done a topic of the beach at school and chose to make a jelly fish from paper mache


On Thursday we packed up a lunch and went out for the day visiting two of our favourite beaches, Porthcurno and Gwithian.

Porthcurno as got to be one of my favourite places, not just for the covey beach but for the Minnack Theatre, it’s so beautiful and has stunning views from the cliff tops. Unfortunately the day we went to Porthcurno the sea was very choppy and Jak didn’t get much time in the sea, so we spent an hour playing in the sand and burying our feet, Oliver really liked doing this and kept jumping into the hole and saying ‘my feet my feet’

The next beach we went to was just near Hayle at Gwithian, the beach is right at the end of a dusty cliff top road which is run by The National Trust, it cost us £5 to park for the day. Parking here means you can enjoy the beach as well as exploring the cliff tops too. We found a good spot on the beach and set up our wind breaker and tent, then we sat down and dug the biggest hole ever to bury Dad in



This beach has many rock pools to play in, some of them are even deep enough to swim in, once the tide is out, so many places are exposed to explore, Joseph went off in search of crabs and bought back some rock with muscles attached to it lol. We went for a walk along the rocks and done some exploring of our own, finding some gorgeous stunning little beaches and coves.






The views were amazing and a perfect place for an evening barbecue





All of these photos were taken on my I Phone but i have so many more on my camera (but can not find the computer lead, very upsetting)

We had such a brilliant time at the beach and everyone enjoyed themselves so much, we have come home with some lovely new memories to add to our memory jar of our time in Cornwall.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall




Capture The Colour

I love to take photographs to me they are precious memories that tell a story, they are moments that i have captured not just to store in my photo library but also to store in my heart and my memory. Every photograph is special and remarkable in its own way they can be taken at a happy or sad time in your life, they can bring tears to your eyes and make you laugh or smile. I am always grabbing my camera and snapping away at everything that means something to me or just at a scene that i adore thats why when i was tagged by the lovely A Boy With Aspergers to take part in a fabulous photograph competition I sat and trawled through my many photos that i had taken to see what i could come up with to enter.

The competition is hosted by the well known brand and online site “Travel supermarket” and it goes by the title Capture The Colour Competition“.

Travel Supermarket’s ‘Capture the Colour Competition’ is aimed at bloggers who will need to choose 5 pictures they have taken to match 5 different colour categories which are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White. Pictures could feature natural landscapes, buildings, cityscapes, landmarks, foods, animals and anything else that’s been mega colourful that you’ve snapped on your global travels! Bloggers are then required to post the images and a little information relating to each telling everyone about the moment the photograph was taken onto their blog (linking to the competition). Once complete bloggers Nominate five more bloggers to participate. Prizes are awarded for each colour as well as over all prizes given to an overall winner. There are iPads and travel vouchers up for grabs.


This photo was taken this summer in Cornwall, its a view from the Minnack theatre of Porthcurno Bay down below. It was the most beautiful sight i had seen, it took my breath away. The sea was a gorgeous bright blue and so clean and refreshing to look at. The sun was shining and there were lots of greenery and flowers around. I do not like swimming in the sea but this view just gave me the urge to dive in.


This was taken in the Easter holidays this year. As a family we always take a trip to Wales every year so we can hike up Mount Snowdon, this shot is off the view from the Llanberis track. It had snowed the day before so there was lots of snow around although the day we climbed the mountain it was sunny so it was shockingly white. I had to wear my sunglasses as the sun gleamed off of the snow and it was really bright.


I struggled to find a picture with the colour red in it of a stunning view of somewhere we have been but i did find this photograph that i took of my son walking through a red tunnel, it may not be a shot of travels in some exotic country but its of my 12 month old travelling through a tunnel.


I am sure that i have many more photographs of the colour green but this one is a personal favourite of mine. It was taken again this year in Wales on a day out to see Devils Bridge. The River Mynach drops 90 meters down a steep ravine, there is a nature trail that can be taken so you can see the whole of the waterfall. Whilst walking around i noticed the smell of pine trees, it was really fresh and it was so silent you could hear the crashing of the waterfall against the River below.


Finding a picture with yellow in was very hard and after searching through years of albums I eventually found this snap taken at Wastwater in the Lake District. It may not look very yellow but there is a hint of the colour in the mountain face and reflection on the water.

It would be too late to tag other bloggers as like normal i have left it too late as the closing date is today so I’m
Going to hope who ever I tag will be able to get their entries in ASAP



Our holiday to Cornwall

We have just got back from a week away in the beautiful Cornwall. We stayed at a John Fowler holiday site in ST Erth near Hayle. Then site was set amongst trees and was a picturesque setting, the grounds were well-kept and it was always very clean. The entertainment was brilliant and the children loved visiting the club house of an evening to enter competitions and enjoy some dancing to the party dances. Joseph was picked for the first time ever to go up onto stage to enter a competition sadly he didn’t win as he had to run out to the audience and gather certain items and he was too slow to get back to the compere but he was chuffed to pieces with his certificate he received which now has proud of place on his bedroom wall. Jak won the talent contest for singing he had in the bag though as there was no other child that entered lol. Our accommodation was adequate, very clean and big enough for all of us plus we had an extra bedroom to store all of our luggage i The sofa could have been a better one but we wasn’t going to be staying in the chalet too much as we planned on spending our days out visiting beaches and local sea-side towns.

Day 1 – It was Oliver’s first birthday, we celebrated with friends who moved to Cornwall two years ago. Oliver opened his present’s with the help of his older brothers. Once settled in to our accommodation I took the boys up to the club house where they enjoyed some party dances, Oliver spend the whole evening just running around the dance floor following all of the lights and walking in between people’s legs.

Day 2 – We visited one of the local beaches at Godrevy which is next to a national trust walk. It was Olivers first time on a sandy beach, he wasn’t sure at first of the feel of the sand on his bare feet but soon got used to it and spent the whole time walking around on it. He wasn’t too keen on building sand castles but the boys sat down with him and had a little play. Jak and Joseph found some rocks to climb on and went off exploring with their dad, they soon came back with lots of stories to tell. There was lots of rock pools to splash about in as they found the sea water just a little too cold (they forgot their wetsuits).

We treated the boys to a nickerbocker glory each as they had received such good school reports, it was Joseph’s first time in eating one, he did well but unfortunately didn’t finish it all and left it for daddy to finish it off.

Day 3 – Daddy got slightly burnt the day before so we had a day out of the sun Firstly the boys enjoyed a craft session on the holiday site where they got to do lots of painting, they had a play in the park and then we got into the car and off we went to St Ives where we walked around the cobbled streets looking in the shops, listened to the many artists singing songs and playing musical instruments and sat next to the harbour and enjoyed an ice cream. The boys enjoyed playing in the sand while Daddy and I watched the seagulls pinching food from everyone sitting down eating their lunch, it was very funny they definitely know what food they want. We had a lovely walk from the harbour to the beach, where the boys found some rocks to climb on.

St Ives Bay in the background

Day 4 – We decided to spend the day at Sennon Cove, which isn’t too far away from Lands End. We found a lovely spot near some rocks, knowing how much the boys have been enjoying playing in the rock pools and how much they like to climb. We set up the beach tent, which i would advise anyone to have they are brilliant when it comes to wanting some time out of the sun. The boys spent the day building a sand castle and making friends.


After we had spent a few hours at the beach we drove round to Porthcurno which was about 10 minutes away to see the theatre in the cliffs, Minack Theatre. We wasn’t sure what to expect but when we got there we was very surprised to find the most beautiful scenic views of the beach down at the bottom and a very spectacular theatre that was built by one extraordinary woman, Rowena Cade. Not only is it a spectacular rocky theatre with an emotional story but it also has gorgeous gardens to look at too.

In the evening we met up with some friends for a fancy meal in a lovely restaurant that was attached to a farm. Before dinner we walked around the farm to look at the animals and had a stroll through the PYO fields. After dinner we went back to the holiday park and the boys enjoyed some more dancing.

Day 5 – Today we went back to Porthcurno Beach as we liked the look of it so much from the day before when  we visited the theatre. To get to the beach from the carpark there is a short walk down a sandy pathway and then some stone steps. We had to carry the stroller down the steps and just at the bottom before you stepped onto the sand there are some big rocks, as we was carrying the pram down i slipped on the rock and fell whacking my back onto the stone step. I was very embarrassed as it had happened in front of a beach full of people. It took me a few minutes to pull my self together (and straighten up my skirt, which was now half way up my stomach), the lifeguards were very helpful and came over to help me. Apart from a very bruised bottom and a sore wrist i was fine and ready to enjoy the day ahead of us. The water seemed to be warmer here and the boys enjoyed having a splash in the sea, Jak spent time body boarding, Daddy went off for a long swim and Oliver and I played in the sand, burying my feet.

Jak Body boarding

It was the talent competition in the evening at the holiday site and Jak had entered himself into it. He sang his little heart out and won first place (he didnt have any competition as no-one else entered), he now has to go back to Ilfracombe in November to enter the park finals. Lucky boy!

Day – 6 Daddy went off for a few hours for a cycle ride, he has entered himself into a triathlon in September in London and has been training for months for it and the holiday away wasnt going to stop him from getting some training in. The boys and I went for a walk down into Hayle and had a look around the shops and i treated them to a toy each, Jak bought a sticky alien and Joseph chose a Thomas the Tank engine character. We had a lovely walk along the river and Once Daddy was back we all went to a town called Helston in the car, where there was a lovely little park for the boys to play in just next to a lake and i went off into the town and had a little mooch around. Back at the holiday site and it was Joseph’s first time ever to be picked to go up on stage without his brother to participate in  children’s competition where they had to run out into the audience to collect specific items, Joseph didn’t win but received a certificate for taking part.

Jak being silly

Day-7  This was our last day before we left for home. Jak went off with Dady and some friends they made for some go karting which was just down the road in St Erth and Joseph, Oliver and I went swimming in the parks swimming pool. It was only small but just right for us and wasnt busy at all. Oliver loved it and cried when i had to take him out. It was our last day on the beach today so we went to a beach down in Hayle. It was quiet and was a very big beach with lots of little caves to explore.


My favourite picture of Oliver

It was the opening ceremony night for the Olympics so we watched it on the television screens on the holiday site in the Bar area. I dressed Oliver up in his Team GB outfit and we enjoyed the ceremony with friends who we had met whilst on holiday.

Day 8 – It was the day of leaving and heading home but not before we dropped by to Newquay for a little walk and the chance to buy some Cornish Pasties. It was sports day in the harbour and Daddy entered the mens swimming race where he came first.

Daddy in the lead

We all had a fantastic holiday and can not wait to go back next summer but this time for 2 weeks as 7 days just isn’t enough time to do everything we wanted to do. Next year i’m hoping to go on a boat trip down the river Falmouth, visit Eden and spend the day in Padstow.

Tahnk you for reading my post, hope you have enjoyed it 🙂