Matt Hatter Chronicles Season 3


We was recently invited along to an exclusive screening of the New CITV Premiere of Matt Hatter Chronicles

On Saturday 30th August 82 VUE cinemas across the UK screened a never been seen before awesome extended episode of Matt Hatter Chronicles, to celebrate the return to CITV this September.


Matt Hatter Chronicles is An animated action adventure TV show aired on CITV. Matt Hatter is a school boy who has just moved to London from New York to live in Cornet Movie Theatre, which is owned by his Grandpa Alfred. Upon arrival, along with his Mum and Dad, they quickly realise that Grandpa is missing…but where is he? Matt soon discovers the family secret when he falls across the Chronicles. The Hatters are guardians of another dimension called the Multiverse, access to the Multiverse can only be reached through the cinema. Villains from the movies that were once screened at the Coronet have now escaped into the Multiverse and are now answer to the bad Lord Teneroc.

With Matt as the new Hatter Hero along with his friends in the multiverse, Roxie and Gomez, working together they battle and capture the villains and save Grandpa Alfred.

Here is Jak’s video review of the extended Matt Hatter Chronicles that we viewed at the cinema

We even got to meet the Nigel Stone, the creator of Matt Hatter Chronicles. Jak managed to win a prize for receiving the most points on a game prior to the screening and he was presented it by Nigel Stone

Nigel Stone
Jak receiving his prize from CITV presenters and Nigel Stone
getting a high score with quick response
getting a high score with quick response

We had a wonderful time at the VUE cinema, even I enjoyed the animated cartoon!

The boys got to dress up as Matt Hatter

Cool Jak Hatter
Cool Jak Hatter
Awesome Oliver Hatter
Awesome Oliver Hatter
Super Joseph Hatter
Super Joseph Hatter

“To continue the Matt Hatter adventures at home, Simba Toys UK has just launched an all-new Matt Hatter Chronicles toy line. Kids can bring their favourite Matt Hatter scenes to life with the brand new range of toys. True to the popular CITV show, the must-have toy collection allows kids to re-enact Matt and his friends’ quest to rid the Multiverse of Lord Tenoroc’s fearsome Super Villains! Who will become the ultimate Hatter Hero as kids re-live the awesome adventures of the Matt Hatter Chronicles?

The Matt Hatter Chronicles toy range features actions figures, vehicles and role-play toys that encourage collectability and engage kids in interactive play patterns derived directly from the show – a true extension of the Matt Hatter universe.”


The debut toy range is available from all good retailers now. For more information please visit

Watch Matt Hatter Chronicles every Saturday Morning at 7:55 on CITV from 13th September.

We was invited along to the Premiere screening of the new CITV series for the purpose of this review, Thank you Jess.

Watch WatchALL-NEW episodes of ‘MATT HATTER’ every Saturday morning on ITV & CITV at 7:55am from Saturday 13th September!


Olly the Little White Van Series 3 Review


The letterbox tinkled, the boys rushed to the front door! Joseph had been anxiously awaiting for the arrival of the sample DVD of Olly the Little White Van Series 3. He already spends his time playing on the App that is available on the Iphone and Ipad and he loves to replay the clips that are on YouTube too.

“Olly the little white van, helps his friends as much as he can

Olly the little white van, always around to give a helping hand..”

Olly the little white van is always scooting around the road running errands and doing useful work for his friends. He doesn’t always get things right but tries his best and the show points out how important it is to be helpful and to be kind to each other. Olly is voiced by the one and only Justin Flecther, who is best known as ‘Mr Tumble’ in ‘Something Special’ and he brings that extra special sparkle to the character. There are many bright and colourful characters in the show such as Bazza who is Olly’s best friend and is always getting up to mischief, Bessie who is a worn out burgervan and has a low self-esteem and Olly helps her to see her potential and Royston who is a bit of a hero and finds fun in everything he does, there are more characters to learn about in the series.

Joseph had a friend over after school one day so to keep them occupied and out of mischief i put on the DVD of the Series 3, they both instantly recognised the theme song and was soon running and dancing around the living room and singing along to the theme song, which may i add is very catchy. Once the show started they stood still, eyes transfixed, gazing at the television, even Oliver who is 11 months old loved watching it. To be honest i never normally see him standing still as he is a little handful himself and always on the move but whilst he was watching Olly he just stood there in front of the television, bobbing up and down and watching the show. Both Joseph and Oliver love watching the series and kept them quiet for ages. Each episode is 5 minutes long and promises fun and enjoyable storylines, each story as energetic as the last one and all teaching children that we should be sensitive and caring to others and to help out our friends.


Episodes of Olly the little white van can be watched on CITV at 9:45 and 12:45 every weekday. You can find out more about the series on their website at where you will find plenty of games and news about Olly and his friends.

Olly the little white van also has an education system in place called ‘Olly’s little helpers club’ which is aimed at educating children in schools on why helping is good and also shows them how to do so, you can find out more information about this scheme at


What is a lay-in?

Lay in bed

As a mum of three boys i can not remember the last time i got to have a lay in bed in the morning. Even if i have had a drink the night before and i am too tired to be up or even if i am ill, a lay in is not allowed for me.

My boys do not know the meaning of sleeping in in the morning, they are like alarm clocks, without fail they are up by 7:00 wether it be a school day or a weekend.

GONE are the days where i get to wake up to silence and just hear the birds chirping out side

GONE are the days where i get to sleep till 9:00

GONE are the days where the only sound i hear are birds chirping outside

GONE are the days where the pillow is just for my head


…. I get woken up to my boys arguing and shouting at each other

…. I get woken up to the sound of CITV blaring out from the downstairs television

…. I get woken up by a hungry 5 month old who wants his milk

…. I get woken up by a 4 year old trying to push me off of my own pillow

…. I get woken up by a 9 year old singing on the karaoke (this morning it is ‘Last Christmas’)

Dont get me wrong i wouldnt be me without my boys and i absolutely love the sound of their voices, even when they are not up early i get worried and i am in their bedroom checking on them.

My other half (Paul) and myself had the chance of a very RARE night out together at the weekend ( by rare i mean maybe once every year and a half) . It was a works Christmas Do and it was in Peterborough so we got to stay in a hotel for the night. We had been looking forward to it for months, especially having a bit of a lay in in the morning. But guess what we was up by 6:00 and could not get back to sleep as it was TOO quiet. We missed the boys, we missed the noise that we woke up to in the morning, it just didnt feel right.

So i have come to the conclusion that i will no longer get a couple of extra hours sleep in the morning, because i love waking up to the noise and their smiles and i wouldn’t want it any other way.