No more SAHM for me

Ten years ago i worked as a sales administrator for a building firm, i loved my job i enjoyed getting up in the morning knowing that my day ahead would be an eventful one, every day was different and i got on so well with all my work colleagues. I always thought that nothing would stop me from working that was until the 4th Sepetember, that was the day that my eldest boy was born. All through out my pregnancy i was adamant I would be returning to work, I looked into finding the right nursery near to my work place, I didn’t believe that there was anything that could replace the buzz i got from working, the buzz of sealing a deal and getting praise from the boss.

I went into labour on the 4th September 2002 and my little Jak was born at 6:45 in that precise second that i caught a glimpse of him i knew there was no way on this earth i was going to be able to leave him, I instantly fell in love with him and just wanted to hold him and be close to him at all times. It was then that i realised i wouldn’t be returning to work. In the past ten years i have had 2 more children, all boys, who i love and cherish eternally, they are my world and i have enjoyed every minute of being a stay at home mummy but the time has come for me to do something for myself.

After volunteering for the past two years in the boys school i have been offered a part-time job there to be a teaching assistant in the nursery, I was somewhat gobsmacked when i was called into the head teachers office and was offered the role I thought i was in trouble at first especially when i got pulled to one side and asked to go with him to the office for a quiet word. I felt totally humbled that they had even thought of me as a possible person to recruit, of coarse i jumped at the chance and said yes.

So on the 4th September 2012 i return to work, ironic really that that is the date as 10 years ago it was then that i decided not to return to work.

I am looking forward to working with the children and helping them with particular subjects, it is something that i thoroughly enjoy doing. I am though slightly concerned with leaving Oliver, I know he is 13 months old and lots of women return to work after having a baby alot sooner but Oliver is very much a mummy’s boy and never leaves my side. He hangs around my legs all day long, follows me everywhere and cries when i exit the room. I have never left him for more than a few hours a week so i am not sure how he is going to react to me leaving him with a childminder for 20 hours. I am also feeling nervous about leaving him with someone i don’t fully know, i have met the lady a couple of times now and she does seem to be lovely and friendly enough and i am sure that they will both get on well with each other but i still worry.

I adore being at home with Oliver and enjoy doing drawings, playing and exploring with him and I like the feeling of having him close to me but i also think that it would be good for both of us, it will help him to learn how to interact with others and become less reliable on me. The job is only for term time so i get all of the holidays off and i as it is only part time i still get the afternoon to take him to the park or to attend the play groups with him.

So heres to the 4th September my eldest boy turns 10 into double figures, i return to work and It’s Oliver’s first day away from his mummy, wish us luck 🙂