Capture The Colour

I love to take photographs to me they are precious memories that tell a story, they are moments that i have captured not just to store in my photo library but also to store in my heart and my memory. Every photograph is special and remarkable in its own way they can be taken at a happy or sad time in your life, they can bring tears to your eyes and make you laugh or smile. I am always grabbing my camera and snapping away at everything that means something to me or just at a scene that i adore thats why when i was tagged by the lovely A Boy With Aspergers to take part in a fabulous photograph competition I sat and trawled through my many photos that i had taken to see what i could come up with to enter.

The competition is hosted by the well known brand and online site “Travel supermarket” and it goes by the title Capture The Colour Competition“.

Travel Supermarket’s ‘Capture the Colour Competition’ is aimed at bloggers who will need to choose 5 pictures they have taken to match 5 different colour categories which are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow and White. Pictures could feature natural landscapes, buildings, cityscapes, landmarks, foods, animals and anything else that’s been mega colourful that you’ve snapped on your global travels! Bloggers are then required to post the images and a little information relating to each telling everyone about the moment the photograph was taken onto their blog (linking to the competition). Once complete bloggers Nominate five more bloggers to participate. Prizes are awarded for each colour as well as over all prizes given to an overall winner. There are iPads and travel vouchers up for grabs.


This photo was taken this summer in Cornwall, its a view from the Minnack theatre of Porthcurno Bay down below. It was the most beautiful sight i had seen, it took my breath away. The sea was a gorgeous bright blue and so clean and refreshing to look at. The sun was shining and there were lots of greenery and flowers around. I do not like swimming in the sea but this view just gave me the urge to dive in.


This was taken in the Easter holidays this year. As a family we always take a trip to Wales every year so we can hike up Mount Snowdon, this shot is off the view from the Llanberis track. It had snowed the day before so there was lots of snow around although the day we climbed the mountain it was sunny so it was shockingly white. I had to wear my sunglasses as the sun gleamed off of the snow and it was really bright.


I struggled to find a picture with the colour red in it of a stunning view of somewhere we have been but i did find this photograph that i took of my son walking through a red tunnel, it may not be a shot of travels in some exotic country but its of my 12 month old travelling through a tunnel.


I am sure that i have many more photographs of the colour green but this one is a personal favourite of mine. It was taken again this year in Wales on a day out to see Devils Bridge. The River Mynach drops 90 meters down a steep ravine, there is a nature trail that can be taken so you can see the whole of the waterfall. Whilst walking around i noticed the smell of pine trees, it was really fresh and it was so silent you could hear the crashing of the waterfall against the River below.


Finding a picture with yellow in was very hard and after searching through years of albums I eventually found this snap taken at Wastwater in the Lake District. It may not look very yellow but there is a hint of the colour in the mountain face and reflection on the water.

It would be too late to tag other bloggers as like normal i have left it too late as the closing date is today so I’m
Going to hope who ever I tag will be able to get their entries in ASAP