Salt Dough Santa Handprint Decoration

Do you like making your own christmas decorations at home?

Why not try this Santa hand print made from salt dough.


If you’re like me then you may have tons of home-made christmas decorations in the loft that have been made by the children at home or in their classroom at school, I have paper ones, felt ones and card ones but i do not have any salt dough ones. I don’t like to throw any of the decorations that the boys bring home as most of the time they have a photograph of them on it, a piece of writing or a handprint. Every year along with the shop bough decorations out come the home-made ones too, I love looking back and remembering when they brought them home with a big smile on their face, proudly showing me what they have made.

I have never used salt dough before (we are big fans of play dough) so after scrolling through the internet i found a recipe from Red Ted Art, she has a page set up of 30+ salt dough crafts for christmas.


  • 2 cups of flour
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1 cup of water
  • I added glitter into my dough, but it’s not needed

Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl, if you want to add colouring add it into the water as you mix it into the flour and salt. Add the water a little at a time as you may not need it all.

Now you are ready to create some masterpieces!


The boys made many tree decorations but the one that we are going to share today is the hand print santa. I found out about this idea whilst roaming through the internet and thought that it was really cute and would make lovely gift ideas to the Grandparents/family

  • Roll out your dough to about 0.5 mm thick
  • Make sure that is big enough to place your hand onto
  • Press your hand firmly down onto the dough, so that there is a clear hand impression
  • Cut around the hand print, leaving a 0.5mm border all the way round
  • Make a hole at the bottom of the hand so that you can thread through some cotton once its hardened
  • Place into an oven to bake for about 1-2 hours on a low heat, 100 farenheit. Keep checking on the decorations, making sure they don’t burn.
  • Take out of the oven and leave to cool.
  • Once cooled, your santa is now ready to paint
  • Paint the whole of the decoration with white paint, leave to dry. Use some good quality paint as i found using the cheaper option paint, it flaked on the dough.
  • Paint the face pink
  • Using a black marker pen, draw in the outline of the santa hat and face, Write down the year and name of the child’s hand print
  • I used red felt pen to colour in the hat and nose
  • Now you can thread through some cotton or lace.


Your personalised santa christmas tree decoration is ready to be proudly placed onto the tree.



Our Very Special Christmas Day! A TV Cameo x 2

Christmas day was very special to us this year as we had our little Jak making appearance not once but twice on the television!

On Christmas morning the boys woke up early to find that Santa had came and left a present on the bottom of their beds, they came running into our bedroom with big wide smiles and eyes a sparkling – probably from the lack of sleep they had had the night before – they opened the present and found out that they had received a book each from Santa!

We sent Joseph downstairs to see what Santa had left downstairs, we heard the oohs and the aahs and then he shouted ‘Santa has been and he has left a mess Mum’ we all followed him downstairs to find that santa had left his footprints on the floor and crumbs from eating his mince pie, Joseph was tutting and said that Santa wasn’t nice doing that, we all laughed!

The boys opened a few present’s from their stockings, it was lovely to watch Oliver open his presents this year as last year he was only 5 months old and didn’t know what to do, he loved ripping at the paper and truth be known i think he enjoyed doing that more than playing with his new toys. I spent the morning running around after him picking up his mess lol. After opening a few presents Daddy went into the kitchen to begin making our Christmas morning pancakes, it’s what we have every year! I began to get a move on with the preparation of the dinner, i had prepped the turkey the night before and made the stuffing so all i had to do was the veg and the little extras that go with it. The boys were enjoying opening their present, Joseph was going through his pretty quickly, i knew what he was looking for so out i got the large wrapped box from the back of the tree. Joseph ripped away and found that Santa had brought him exactly what he had asked for a Lego Police Station! He was so happy and Daddy and I spent the rest of the day taking it in turns to fit it together.

The day was going like all the other christmas days had gone before but we was especially excited to be sitting down to watching tv later on in the day. Jak kept checking his watch for the time and as the time got to 7:30 we all sat down to watch ‘Call the Midwife’ Jak had landed a part as an extra back in the summer and had spent 5 days filming for the Christmas Special Episode, it was to be on for 75 minutes so we was sure that we would get to catch a glimpse of him. His role was a cub scout in the Nativity scene! We had spent the past 5 month looking forward to watching him and we wasn’t let down, it was brilliant! The episode was sad and joyous and even better that our little Jak was in it, we watched it along with 7.3 million viewers and saw Chummy place Donkey ears on Jak, we saw him laughing with his friends and singing in the choir. If their ever was a moment where my heart ached with pride it was then!

20121229-134249.jpg 20121229-134307.jpg 20121229-134325.jpg 20121229-134333.jpg

I felt like running outside in the street and shouting That’s my boy! That’s my boy wearing the donkeys ears! My Jak, My gorgeous Jak!

Jak has attended theatre school for 4 years now and loves every minute of the singing, drama and dancing that he does. Acting is something that he wants to get into and has been for years he says his ambition is to be on Eastenders 🙂 I believe that one day he may well make it to the big screen, he is very ambitious with a lovely nature and he tries his best in whatever he does, there is nothing that he doesn’t put his mind to and can’t do!

After watching Call the Midwife we switched over to Channel 4 ready to watch the Rude Tube Christmas Cracker where Jak was going to make a cameo appearance dressed as a Tiny Tim. Rude Tube isn’t something that we would normally watch but as Jak was in it we was definitely going to make an exception. We had to sit through 45 minutes of the top 50 funny christmas clips from YouTube until we got to see Jak walk onto the screen with his crutches in his hands and say his first ever words on Television  – ‘What the one bigger than me?’ Aah bless my little boy! He was then on the end shot with Alex Zain sat around the table wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

20121229-140237.jpg 20121229-140251.jpg 20121229-140309.jpg

It certainly was a very Merry Christmas to us and a very special one indeed, It’s not often when you can say you made an appearance TV twice on Christmas Day and especially as a 10 year old boy!

Photo’s Courtesy of taking screen shots from BBC iPlayer and 4OD.

Hope you like reading about our special christmas day and i hope yours was just as special as ours was 🙂

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