Mum! My heart hurts!

Yesterday we travelled to Gatwick airport as a family of 5 but returned home as a family of 4! Our eldest son, Jak, has travelled over to  Amsterdam with the English National Opera to perform in Death In Venice in the Music Theatre over there.

Jak was very excited about the adventure he was about to embark on, he has been abroard only once before when he was 4 years old, so he was looking forward to flying on an aeroplane as much as visiting an new country and city. He has gone with the whole of the production team who he has become quite close with a few of since beginning to rehearse with them back in May, that chaperones that were with him in the west end productions and rehearsals are the same ones that he has travelled with.


This is an amazing experience for Jak and his acting career, which he is adamant he wants to pursue, he loves acting so this is a brilliant opportunity for him. Ever since he was a little boy at the age of two years old and he walked up onto the stage at a holiday site, he has never looked back, he has become hungry for the attention and the light that shines on him.

Yesterday was an emotional day, it was hard to wave him goodbye at the departure lounge, i know he will be back in 6 days and that he is good safe hands but i still had that urge to just grab him and hold him back to keep him with me.

Joseph found it very hard to handle, he wouldn’t let go of Jak’s suitcase and attached himself to it, shouting and crying for him not to leave him, It was so hard to watch. As much as the boys argue and fight they love being with each other and are always cuddling one another. By the time Jak was ready to walk through to the departure lounge Joseph was sobbing away and was trying to grab him over the barriers.


20130702-164359.jpg 20130702-164424.jpg

One last wave and this was the last i saw of my smiling excited sons face



As it was also Joseph’s birthday, we took him as a treat to Partyman World at Lakeside, it took his mind off of not having his brother around for a while but he was soon sitting down in the corner of the play area on his own, Daddy and I tried to replace the space that Jak has left and ran around with him, throwing balls at each other, sliding down curly slides, crawling through tunnels and pretended to drive space ships through the air but it didn’t work, he was soon missing his bog brother again and we was tired out.

We bought Joseph his favourite food, chinese noodles, but he wouldn’t eat them, saying that his belly aches! He went to bed upset and empty, he awoke at midnight asking for me to sleep with him, i laid in his bed and cuddled him for hours. He awoke this morning complaining of a belly ache still, i asked him where it hurt and what the pain felt like, he replied

“My tummy and heart hurts! I feel sick but i’m not!”

I think what my little boy is feeling is emptiness from missing his big brother. He has gone off of his food and he is not sparkly at all today.

Since coming home from school he has just sat on the sofa (unlike him) and watched TV.

Only 5 more days to go!



#366 My favourite Giggling pic by far

Jak and Oliver were playing together earlier this evening and Jak was tickling Oliver while he was laying on the floor on a cushion. Oliver was in fits of giggles and they was both laughing at each other, it was a beautiful sight to see.
Oliver is teething at the moment and won’t let me look or feel inside his mouth so I took the chance as his mouth was wide open, with him giggling so much, to have a look and you can just about make out the bumps of new teeth cutting through on the side.

I love to watch my boys playing together 🙂



The funny things they say and do

Whilst on our weekend away the other week we was sitting in the campsites club house and the children were all on the dance floor dancing to the disco music, the compere decided to stop the music and go out on to the floor to ask the children if knew any jokes to tell. Joseph piped up with this joke:

3 toads entered a hotel and asked for a room, the man said sorry but we don’t have any left but you are welcome to sleep in the bathroom.
They all said yes and off they went.
The next morning the toads were asked how their night was so the toad who slept in the toilet said “well first it went dark then it started raining and finally a log fell me!?!?” …..

Joseph version had lots of uhmms and errrs and quite a bit of giggles too.
He sounded so cute over the microphone, but I’m not sure anyone understood the joke .

Joseph was sitting at the table waiting for breakfast, when I put his bowl down in front of him he said to Jak
“I’m having cackle pop for breakfast”
Think he meant coco pops…

I was ill this week and laid up in bed so the boys spent some time laying on the bed with me watching TV. Joseph was playing on the iPad so Jak started rubbing my feet and told me he would give me a foot massage to make me feel better. Aaw!!!!

I have been teaching Oliver some names of colours and everytime I say blue he repeats with the word ‘Bum’
Not sure where he has got this from but having two big brothers probably haven’t helped.

What have your children been up to this week? Have they said or done anything that have made you laugh or smile?
Please leave a comment below..

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The boys singing Living on a prayer- video

The boys asked me to video them today singing ‘Living on a prayer’ by Jon Bon Jovi.
Jak has been practicing the song for a. Competition he has entered this weekend, he tried his best to concentrate in the video but Joseph was just being his usual silly self and having fun. It was nice to see Jak having fun with the song rather than being serious about it, he has practiced so much lately that I’m sure by Saturday night he will probably have lost his voice.
At one point in the video Joseph decides to stick his bottom in the air, this seems to be a normal thing for him to do lately every time I video him he always does it lol. (See if you can spot him doing it in the video)

What I also like about the video is that it shows off their really close relationship, how much they love each other and their lovely bright personalities. They both hold hands during singing the song and when I noticed them doing it I couldn’t stop smiling. They make me so happy and brighten every day for me.

Watch their video below, don’t be shy and leave a comment below.


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