Trendy Toddler / Braces and Shorts

We have been on our holidays for the past week, so I have plenty of cute little photos of my boys in there trendy clothes or what they would call their party clothes.
The boys love to put on their best trendy clothes and go out down to the club house at the holiday park to strut their stuff on the dance floor. It’s a big part of the day for them as they like to enter the competitions and go up on the stage so looking their best is important.

For this weeks trendy toddler I thought I would share with you all what my 8 month old, Oliver has been rocking.


The orange T-Shirt is from H&M and cost £4.99
The denim shorts are also from H&M and cost £5.99. The best thing about these shorts are that they have braces, they are just the cutest thing ever. The shorts are three quarter in length with turn ups, they can be adjusted around the waist and the braces also can be changed in length on the back. The quality of the clothes are brilliant and have lots of detail on them.
Over the top of Oliver’s socks he is wearing some sock-ons, these things are amazing. I have used them since birth as Oliver has little skinny feet his socks always fell off leaving his feet very cold. I have them in dark blue, light blue and White and they cost me £4 from babycare shop.