My Little Dude

I Love shopping, especially if it’s for one of the boys.

Last week I bought some clothes for Oliver from Next, as soon as i saw them hanging on the clothes hangers I knew that I must buy them for him. The boys have a more fashionable selection of clothes hanging in their wardrobe than I do in mine.

They have the nautical feel to them and I absolutely adore the print on the shirt



The shirt is blue and white striped with a print of sunsets, camper vans and palm trees, reminds me a lot of our summer holidays in Cornwall.

The trousers are blue and white striped cotton, with an elasticated waist which makes them very cool and comfortable to wear



Apologies for the terrible photo’s, they were taken on the phone.

The outfit has that summer feel to it and just makes me want to smile.

Oliver also has a gorgeous tweed blazer from Next that we bought last year from the heritage range


Whenever Oliver wears this jacket he reminds me of a young man. The blazer is quilted on the inside and has a fake silk handkerchief in the pocket as decoration



He wears it as a smart jacket and I must admit he certainly looks the gentleman in it!



Boys All In One Fun with Next!

With Christmas almost on top of us i have been doing a bit of browsing on line for a few little gift ideas for my boys. I love the idea of them snuggling up together in some lovely warm onesies on a cold winters day. They look all cuddly and comfortable. I always like to buy the boys pyjamas and clothes as gifts for christmas presents as i know they will definitely get some use out of them.

Next have a gorgeous selection of clothes and i would like to share with you a few that i have put onto the boys christmas list.

This Polar Bear All in One would look absolutely adorable on my little Oliver, it comes in sizes from 9-12 months to 5-6 years and costs £17-£19.


The next one is for Joseph, this Blue Star All in one is perfect for him as he is my little star! I love the bright blue colour and Joseph really likes to wear hoods at the moment too. It comes in sizes ranging from 9 months to 6 years and costs £11-£13.

And lastly this Angry Birds All in One suits my Jak to a tee. He loves the idea of wearing onesies but he gets too hot in them and can only last half hour before jumping out of it saying he cant stand no more. As this item isn’t fluffy like the others he should last longer in it. It comes in sizes ranging from 3-16 years old and costs £21-£26.

What do you think of my selection? Do your children like to wear onesies?

Thank you for reading 🙂



Bright colours for boys

I met up with my sister-in-law today, fir a little chat, cuddles withy adorable little niece and just for a little mooch about around the shops.
I didn’t intend on buying anything but fell in love with the gorgeous bright coloured clothes that are in the shops the moment.
As I have all boys I like to dress them smart casual clothes with a slight edge and a bit different to the tracksuits, jeans and t-shirts.
My children are not shy of wearing bright colours and Jak often asks if I can buy him pink or orange shirts.
Anyway, on my little mooch around I came across these and couldn’t resist!



The photo’s really don’t do the clothes justice, honestly they are adorable and so bright. Both jeans are soft denim so i know the boys are going to be comfortable.
The orange shirts are from Next and come in at £10
The blue skinny jeans are from Next and cost an unbelievable £14
The green skinny jeans are from H&M and cost £5.99, I know great eh!
What’s even better is that my Boys are quite small framed and they have adjustable waist lines, so I can adjust them to fit them.
They are such lovely spring colours, they have brightened up my day.

I absolutely love Shopping in H&M and Next for my boys clothes, they are best shops for affordable, trendy and fashionable clothes. I find that they wash up well too.

I showed them to the boys when I picked them up from school and they whooped with delight and can’t wait to wear them.
We are off to the LoliBop on Sunday so I think this will be the outfit they will be wearing 🙂
Oh I do love shopping for my boys!

Where do you buy your children’s clothes from?