Conkers bonkers

My son is mad for Conkers
You could say he is pretty much bonkers

He runs from tree to tree
Looking and searching frantically


He looks up high to the branches in the tree
His eyes scanning desperately

For a spiky little ball
That when ready will fall

He then runs around on the floor
Hoping to find some more

Some lay on the ground unopen
Awaiting to be stamped upon


Then out will come a shining brown conker
Ready for my son to ponder


Will it be strong or will it be weak?
He will soon find out it if in the game it will break

He’s gathered lots together
Ready to play conkers with his big brother

Joseph says he’s bonkers
Because he loves a game of conkers.

The Game

Drill a hole in a large hard conker all the way through.

Take a piece of string or a shoelace and thread it through the hole, tie a knot at one end to secure the conker.

Now take turns with a friend or big brother/sister to hit each others conker, one player lets their conker dangle whilst holding into the other end of the string and the other player swings their conker to try and hit the others.

The player whose conker breaks is the losing one.


You can harden you conkers by soaking them in vinegar or baking them briefly 🙂