Blowing Eggs!

Today i have been showing the boys how to blow an egg, I know that it sounds funny to blow an egg but this is how you remove the inside of the egg with out cracking the shell.

The boys have a egg decorating competition in school where they have been asked to decorate an egg, however they want to, the eggs can be boiled ones or blown out!

You will need:


An awl or a small screwdriver

A long needle

and lots of air in your lungs!


First make a small hole at the end of your egg by gently boring your tool into it, be carefull as you do not want to crack the shell, only use a small amount of force.

Once you have done one end turn the egg upside down and do the same to the other side

Using the long needle (anything that is long and will fit into your hole) poke it into one of the holes and move it around, this is to break up the yolk inside making it easier to blow out.

Hold you egg over a bowl or cup and then put your whole mouth over the hole that is on the top and blow through the egg, the yolk and white should come out of the bottom hole, once it is all out it will only be air that will be coming through.

Now you ready to decorate as you please ­čÖé