Goodnight my little 1 year old

As I pear over the top of your cot and look down at your cute little angelic face, I hold your chubby little hand and whisper
“Goodnight my little one year old”
Tonight will be last ever night you will go to sleep as a one year old, For tomorrow (at 11:10 to be precise) you will 2 years old!


Every second I spend with you, I smile, I adore every bone in your body and I love to be close to you.

You are my past, my present and my future

This year you have learnt to walk, run, climb, talk, feed yourself, count, sing songs, draw, play alongside your big brothers and go to bed by yourself.

So as I lean over into your cot, I gently kiss your forehead and say
“Goodnight little man”
My last time to you as a one year old!

I love you Oliver

Happy birthday