Air Heads Review-npw


My boys and I was recently given the great opportunity by NPW to review a new product that are selling on there website

NPW are an online shop that sell a collection of gifts for every occasion. There items are original, fun and stylish for any age group from young children to adults.
They offer gifts in many categories to suit a vast variety of people like sciencey, body art, creative, body art, funny, games and well being are to name but a few.

Air Heads consists of 6 balloons and everything you need to create charming animal heads. Each balloon animal has a stick to hold them up plus pre-cut colour noses and ears which you attach with sticky pads provided. Also included are coloured eye stickers and instructions. They are priced at £7.95 p/box

We received the Air Heads this morning, it was packaged well in a box, protected by bubble wrap so there was no way it would have got damaged in transit.
Pack size 293 x 215mm


I let the boys unwrap the box, it looked so pretty all wrapped in red tissue paper that Jak didn’t want to open it so Joseph said he would help


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The boys were really excited as they had been looking forward for the Air Heads to arrive after looking through the choices Joseph decided quickly that he wanted To make the Kaola balloon head and Jak wanted to do the Rhino. They also do a rooster, tiger, pig and a bear


We took out the pieces we needed to make our animals, each sheet tells you clearly what animal it is


It clearly shows on the ears and nose cut out pieces numbers that you slot together to make the 3d shape. Once the shape is done place the double sided sticky dots onto the shape ( also shown where to go) and your all set to stick on to your balloon.

Ok so we followed the instruction which I must add was simple, making the 3d shapes was a bit fiddly but not hard to do and the end product was superb.
The balloons are not thin, they are good quality so will take quite a bit of bashing to them as my boys decided to have a balloon fight prior to making the heads. The shapes are are on good quality coloured paper and are easy to press out.

Adult supervision is needed to children under 8 years old and the little ones would need help to make there animal but definately not to play wiith them.

And here is our end product



The boys named there Air Heads, Joseph called his Kitty the Kaola and Jak called his Ruffy the Rhino. They spent the whole evening running round playing with them, joseph even took his to bed with him.
The Air Heads make a good craft session for the children and adults to do, also would be great for a children’s party or if you have someone who has a birthday coming up why not buy them a fun and exciting gift.

They make great entertainment and the boys and myself thouroughly enjoyed making and playing with them after.