A nice find on a miserable day!

Today hasn’t been a very good day, we spent all morning out in the wet miserable weather all because I fear getting into a car and driving us all a few miles down the road!

Jak had a football tournament to attend and we had to be there for 10:40 so we set off at 9:30 which should have been plenty of enough time to get to our destination but as we got to the train station (we was going 3 stops) I noticed that the station was closed for works so I decided that we would have to catch a bus half way and walk the other half, there was a light rain but it wasn’t too bad. As we got off of the bus I noticed a pathway heading off into a park in the direction that we was going, I looked on my maps app on the phone and it looked like the address we was going to was at the other end of the park.


So me thinking I was being clever told the boys “look boys! A cut through!” So off we went!

20130316-211941.jpgI had never been into this park before as it the otherside of town to where we live but the path looked long so I was sure it was going to take us either directly to the football fields or pretty much near by to it, Oh How I was wrong! So wrong!

We was walking along side a lake but as it was raining and it seemed to getting heavier there was another lake being formed on the fields beside us and then the path came to an end! There was no way we was going to get over the marshy land to where we wanted to get to, We was being teased by my bad mistake, we could hear children shouting and playing and we could see the main road but with a buggy and a 5 year old in tow it was going to be impossible to get over to them.

It was now 10:45 so I gave up in trying to get there, defeated and soaking wet we decided to turn back and head back home, on our way back through the park we saw what looked like an air raid shelter, it was pretty in a mysterious type of way but such a shame that it was full up with empty lager cans and rubbish! There was an hexagon shaped concrete slab ontop of the ground which was raised up and at the side was a stone stairway going down to doorway which had a steel bar door, the door was open and it looked like it went off into a room of some sort. It may well be a pillbox but im not sure!

20130316-211951.jpgI really wanted to have a bit of explore but we was all so cold and wet and to be honest I was a bit scared as to what I might have found down there! Knowing my area it could have been anything!

I have decided to take the boys back in better weather as the park was an ideal place to go for a lovely bike ride with a perfect wide flat path so hopefully I will get to explore it then    🙂