Horrible Histories Battle Arena Review

The Boys are pretty Horrible Histories Mad, they have the books, the games, they watch the programmes, sung along to the songs and always talk about it, I think that it’s the gore and the weirdness of it all that they enjoy. Now their is a New series 2 Horrible Histories toys to add to their collection including the long-awaited Horrible Histories Battle Arena.

Horrible Histories fans have been building their armies ready for battle, collecting heroes, troops, leaders and catapults, not to mention weapons, pigs, scoring spikes, groats and game cards since the range launched earlier this year.  These can now all be brought together with the awesome Battle Arena playset to create the ultimate clash between the Egyptians and the Romans.

Horrible Histories gameplayers’ who want to stage a battle of superior size will be able to using the Battle Arena filled with explosions, gruesome and gory manoeuvres and some seriously sneaky battle tactics.

You can use the Arena as one big Roman or Egyptian battleground or it can be separated into two pieces so that you can battle against each other. The Arena comes with a sticker sheet so you can decorate your arena to suit you ready for battle. You can bring the most terrible tactics into play. An Egyptian army can drag dead characters back to their embalming tomb and bring them back from the dead! The Roman army can hold characters in jail and turn them into mighty gladiators, found nowhere except in the battle arena! Or if your not interested in reading and following the rule book you can just set up your troops, take it in turns to fire at your opponent, keep going until a leader falls, whoever has the most men left wins! If you do want a real battle them you must place your troops and aim pigs wisely.  The exploding pillars hold a platform for your leader to oversee his troops, If the leader falls 3 times they loose the game.

If kids want to grow their armies, they’ll be pleased to hear that Series 2 of the Horrible Histories Hero Collectables, Battle Packs and Horrible Heroes Specials this summer, providing players with Legatus the Roman General and the jackal-headed Egyptian God Anubis, a special hero Mummy and awesome Gladiator, not to mention extra soldiers, peasants, hero weapons, game cards and pig ammo!

The boys were really excited when a big box was delivered to our door, they ripped it open and to their surprise inside was a Horrible History treasure!

20130806-220149.jpgAlong with the Battle Arena and Roman and Egyptian Starter packs there was also Horrible Histories Blind bags and Battle packs.


The boys quickly went off to their room to set up a battle, Jak read through the rotten rule book, whilst Joseph sat and opened up all of the boxes and started to set the Arena up. They spent hours setting up their armies ready for battles sticking to their strategic game play, Joseph’s was to protect his Emperor as much as he could with his army being close by and Jak’s was to spread out his army hoping that if they got knocked down by the flying pigs they wouldn’t take each other out. They disappeared into their room for hours playing with each other and I even got told off for putting it all away and ruining there set up, boys eh!



Here is what the boys thought of the Horrible Histories Battle Arena and Armies:

How long did it take to set up the Arena ready for battle? 15-20 minutes and it was easy to set up

What is the best part of the game? You don’t have to stick to the rules, you can make it up as you go along giving you freedom to create a whole new game.

Are the rules easy to follow?  The rules are simple to follow for ages 8 and upwards but my younger brother had to be explained to a lot and reminded of the rules

Would you recommend the game to your friends?  Yes, Definitely. My friends like imaginative games and I am looking forward to inviting them over for a battle

If you could improve the game what would you do? Improve the catapult with fire power so pigs can fly further


What would you rate this game? Joseph: We’re not going to give it back! Jak: 8/10

What’s Your overall opinion of the game? A big thumbs up! And would like to carry on collecting more figures to build up our armies to make it an Epic battle.


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Battle Arena                                                                 6+                               £39.99

Carry Case                                                                     6+                               £14.99

Hero Collectables                                                          6 +                                  £1.99
Hero Collectables Series 2                                           6 +                                £1.99

Horrible Heroes Specials                                             6 +                                £6.99

Horrible Heroes Specials Series 2                           6 +                                 £6.99

Battle Pack  – Egyptian & Roman                            6 +                             £9.99

Battle Pack – Egyptian and Roman Series 2        6 +                                £9.99

Starter Set                                                                    6+                                £14.99


We was supplied with the Horrible Histories for the purpose of this review, no payment has been received.