Vitamin D Day 31 March 2013


Vitamin D Day to shine spotlight on vitamin D

 At the dawn of British summertime 2013, launches the UK’s first Vitamin D Day (31 March) to raise awareness about the importance of the vitamin for toddler development. I recently wrote about how we get our recommended dose of the sunshine vitamin Here

With a recent survey highlighting that the majority of UK mums (91%)  don’t know the recommended daily intake of vitamin D for toddlers, Vitamin D Day has been created to address misconceptions, and educate the nation’s parents, about the role of diet in providing the essential vitamin.

Health expert and ITV’s This Morning regular, Dr Chris Steele, who is backing Vitamin D Day, stressed the importance of dietary intake of vitamin D for toddlers. He said: “Many parents don’t know how much vitamin D is needed for the normal growth of toddler bones and teeth.

growing up

He added: “The low levels of vitamin D in toddler diets is a growing health concern and we need to ensure that our toddlers are getting the best from their diets. Presently, the average British toddler is only getting 27% of their recommended daily dietary vitamin D intake ii and the sun cannot be relied upon alone to fulfil a toddler’s vitamin D needs.”

Vitamin D Day aims to educate Brits on the food sources, like oily fish, liver and eggs, as well as foods and milks fortified with vitamin D, such as fortified breakfast cereals and Growing Up Milk, to help top-up vitamin D levels in our little ones’ diets.

To support Vitamin D Day has launched its new website which includes vitamin D rich recipes for toddlers and expert health advice and tips, as well as a vitamin D Q&A video with Dr Chris Steele.


For more information on the importance Vitamin D and toddler nutrition, visit


8/365 First day back at Childminders

After two weeks off of work, today was back to normality. I was back to work, boys were back at school and Oliver was back to his days being dropped off at his childminders house.
When he noticed her door he got all excited an started to kick his legs but then he went all silly and started to frown at me, so I unclicked him from his stroller and let him knock on her door.
When he saw her he looked away, she picked him up for a cuddle telling him that she missed him! He just kept staring at me and then he moved his eyes towards her direction without moving his head as if he was checking her out.
He was so funny!

He settled in well and it was like he was never away from her, running around her living room and showing off!



Kiddicare Opens in Lakeside

Europe’s biggest baby store opened its doors last months in Lakeside Retail Park, Essex stocking more than 3800 products, the store has appx 350 prams on display and around about 150 car seats to choose from, covering 50,000 sq ft. It is one of ten new Kiddicare stores to open this year. The shop features cutting edge technology such as electronic shelf labels to keep up with the changing prices and also tells you how many of the products are in stock.


The main aim of the new superstore is to offer parents and families everything under one roof, Kiddicare is all about offering great range, incredible value and brilliant service, community will be a key focus for the store. Among the many services that they have to offer there is an event room which can be booked free of charge for children’s parties or parent and toddler groups. To make the shopping experience easy and fun Kiddicare offer a whole host of family friendly features-

  • Pushchair servicing area
  • Try before you buy ‘Walk in the Park’ testing track
  • children’s play area which is in the centre of the cafe
  • KiddiCafe which has big community tables and supplies lovely healthy tasty food (tried and tested)
  • Private breast feeding area
  • Free car seat fitting and safety checking
  • Parent and me toilets, which includes toilets that are big enough to fit buggies inside (big gripe for me) and toilets small enough for the little ones that are being toilet trained
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • VIB (Very Important Baby) free personal shopping area
  • Touch screen browse and order screens around the store
  • Baby gift list service
  • Free gift wrapping service
  • Kiddi Clothes with family appropriate changing rooms
  • Let’s play area

The store officially opened on 12th December 2012 and we was invited along to see for ourself what the store has to offer on the 21st December. We was not disappointed, the store is big and spacious with banners made from bibs that the store employees decorated themself.


Upon arriving we found a seat in the Kiddicafe just next to the Children’s play area, which is full of lovely toys to play with and very safe with soft flooring and a gate that has the lock on the outside and little peep windows around the walls so that you can see through and spot your children playing.


Once the boys had a little play we went off to the event room so the boys could have fun and join in with Jo Jingles a Music, singing and movement class where they got to experience musical instruments and dance and sing along to action songs.


The event room big and bright with lots of natural light, the room is big enough for a small party for the little ones with lots of soft seating and event board placed on the wall to tell you when the room is free to use and what is on and when!

After dancing around the boys worked up an appetite and we all sat down in the Cafe for a light lunch and something to drink, the tables are nice and big and we didn’t feel squashed in at all! Oliver sat in one of the many highchairs available to use and enjoyed his kiddies meal. Once we was all full up we went off on a tour of the store starting at the front where all the car seats are and with so many to choose from there is help at hand from the staff. I found that the aisles were big and spacious and didn’t feel closed in whilst browsing the products. Everything can be tried and tested before buying, next to the car seat area is the safety area where stairgates are out and set up where you can try them out opening and closing finding one to suit your needs perfectly. The store offers a selection of baby and maternity clothes and even a fitting room which has a special entrance for the little people, what a brilliant idea! and fun for the children too! The room is spacious and big enough to fit the whole family in.


The boys had lots of fun using the ‘Walk in The Park’ testing area as running track, running up and down giggling away to each other and when they found the ‘Let’s Play’ area i couldn’t get them away, they loved playing with all the toys and i got to see what type of toys and ride ons that they enjoyed playing with. I like to see items out of the boxes as you get to see the quality of what you are buying and how it looks when fitted together.

Oiliver testing out the Car
Look at all the toys and walkers to choose from!

The store has so much to offer and is very family friendly, the staff are always on hand to help with any questions about the products, brilliant range of products with unbeatable prices and offers a high tech retail shopping experience which is truly a fabulous place to visit. It is a perfect place to meet friends, drink coffee and shop!

Kiddicare currently are offering up to 80% off hundreds of products! in their new year sale. I took advantage of this offer and ordered a Kiddicouture highchair which was reduced from £149.99 to £27.00 thats a massive 81% off! We ordered our high chair on friday and it was delivered on the following monday morning, we was kept up to date with the delivery by text and email, i couldn’t fault their service one bit!


Visit Kiddicare on line at or why not try out the store for yourself! We will definitely be visiting again.

Thank you for reading my post! All pictures and words are of my own and we received no payment for this post. Thank you Jennie for inviting us along and for Oliver’s little goody bag


TEN Baby Gentle Massage Oil

TEN Skincare range offers a selcetion of skincare products dedicated to the well-being of your skin for mums and babies. -TEN-™ skincare has formulated a new range which is high in natural key active ingredients. –TEN-™ like to think of us as intelligent individuals, who would like to know more on the way ingredients actually work to promote better skin. Finally a skincare range that explains it all! Anti-aging, dry skin, oily skin, mums and babies, will find a true skin partner with -TEN-™.

“TEN philosophy is to inform our consumers on the key ingredients contained in each formulation and why these are used. Our range is a boutique skincare range, which comes with all the attention that you would expect from a premium range.” Combining Science and nature to rejuvinate, protect and nourish the skin.

Massage Oil - Gentle Baby Massage Oil by TEN Sound Skincare Science



Oliver was sent a bottle of TEN Baby Gentle Massage Oil by Scrubsuk to test out. The Oil is ideal for baby’s delicate skin, being effective, safe and gentle to baby skin. The oil comes in a 125ml plastic bottle with a pump-action spout. The smells gorgeous and lingers for a long time after using. I found the oil to leave Oliver’s skin soft and supple and it absorbs really well, it leaves no oily residue on the skin which can be transferred on to the baby’s clothing. I really liked the fact that Oliver’s skin was not oily and slippy after using it and unlike some oils I don’t have to wipe my own hands after massaging him too. The oil is specifically formulated to hydrate the skin apply it after a bath to help retain the moisture within the skin. I have always enjoyed the special time Oliver and I have when its massage time, we have done the routine since he was 2 months old after attending a course together where I was taught special techniques. A good massage helps baby to keep calm and comforted, it also a good time to bond with your baby. Oliver suffered with really bad wind and I found a massage helped him and as he is a very active baby a nice calming massage is just what is needed after a hectic day of running around the house and playing with all of his toys.

The key ingredient being Sweet Almond Oil which is a natural ingredient rich in oleic acid. It softens delicate skin and acts as a humectant to help prevent loss of moisture, keeping your baby’s skin hydrated and soft. The oil is also reputed to help relieve dry, flaky or itchy skin. Since using the Oil I have noticed that Oliver’s eczema patches on his legs have become less aggravated and reduced in size.

I would recommend this product to anyone and it is definitely an oil that I would continue using on Oliver. It has kept his skin lovely and soft and smells divine.

To find out more about the range Of TEN Skincare products for mum and baby visit there website

I was sent a bottle of baby massage oil for review purposes only, the words and opinions are of my own.


#366 Fridge Phonics

Oliver loves to play with his big brothers Fridge Phonics, he can spend a long time just moving the magnets around the fridge, taking them off and putting them back on. He knows that pushing the letter magnet in makes it sing a song and he giggles when he does it. His favourite song is the alphabet one, he goes all quiet and really concentrates when you sing it, the fridge phonics plays the song when you press the button so he is always standing at the fridge listening to the song.

Another thing that he takes pleasure in doing, mostly because I think he knows that it annoys me is that to remove the magnets completely from the fridge and shove them underneath the fridge, in the mop bucket, in the drinks box and into the washing basket.

I am forever picking the darn things up and out of boxes and putting them back into the fridge.