We’re going on a leaf hunt!

The boys went leaf hunting today, in search for different colours, sizes and shapes and to see how many they could find.
On our walk through the park there were lots of leaves laying on the floor so they starting collecting as many as they could.
Joseph found one leaf and said that they looked like Reindeer Antlers which gave Jak the idea of making an Autumn picture made of leaves but to look like a Reindeer, so off they went searching and rummaging for other leaves that could be part of a Reindeer.


Jak found a humongous leaf that was bigger than his head, which he said he is going to paint lots of colours.

The boys had lots of fun out in the park and have come home with a fabulous selection of leaves ready to go some autumn crafting with. They found big ones, small ones, long ones, fat ones, spiky ones, round ones, brown, red, yellow, orange and green ones! And now we have a little bit of Autumn in our living room ready to be stuck onto paper 🙂

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258/366 Autumn Leaves

Old and Dry

These are some of the words that the boys described the autumn leaves that were on the ground this afternoon went we went out for a walk.
They enjoyed running through them and kicking them up into the air and listening to all the sounds that they made when they stamped on them.