An Amazing Experience for my Young Animal Enthusiast at Colchester Zoo

It was my sons 1oth birthday and I wanted to get him something a little different, as I was strolling through the internet I came across an animal experience at Colchester Zoo. This would be perfect for him as he absolutely loves animals and is always talking about becoming a zoologist when he is older.

The Zoo academy introduces children from the age of 10 – 15 to what it is like to work with animals. It gives them a behind the scenes experience with a few of the animals from the zoo. With expert tuition from the keepers, the children get to meet some incredible animals and enjoy a ‘hands on’ lesson that they will treasure forever!

The experience includes: 2 hours with the animals and keepers, a whole day entry into the Zoo and a souvenir pack which includes a certificate.

The programme is designed to introduce children to a broad range of keeper skills. The Cadets go behind the scenes and learn how to carry out health checks, train animals, complete water tests, design enrichment and more! From the coatis and owls to our tortoises and stingrays.

It was a morning experience starting at 10am which meant that we would have the rest of the day walking around the zoo with the family after he had finished being a Zoo Cadet.

It was a lovely hot day and we was all very excited especially the birthday boy. I got to go along with him as he had to have an adult with him and what was even better was that he was the only child booked onto the experience so he had 1-1 time with the animals and keepers.

We was introduced to the keeper who would be showing Joseph around for the first half of the experience. And was walked on over to the first part of the behind the scenes to prepare some enrichment for the Parrots.


He was shown what to do and then Joseph began making some of his own. He wrapped up the food in paper, then he hid the paper inside some card and then wrapped it all up again in an egg carton. Enrichment teaches the Parrots to forage for their food and challenges them

Meet Gizmo, Isn’t he a cutie! He loved the attention he was getting from us and went absolutely mad when we walked away, when we turned back to face him he whistled at us.


After we said our goodbyes to Gizmo, Joseph was introduced to A ring-tailed Coati, a medium-sized mammal that is from the Racoon family. He was an excitable little fellow and was keen to come see who was visiting her in her home. The keeper placed a lead onto the Coati and asked Joseph if he wanted to take her for her daily walk. Obviously, he said yes. It was like walking a dog.


The keeper kept some treats for her in her pocket and when she was behaving on the walk, she was given some. The Coati was very much like a dog and was well-behaved.

After the Coati had her walk we said goodbye again to Gizmo, as we was passing and was led on over to the bird of prey where Joseph was introduced to some Owls. He was told that the barn owl needed to be weighed and that would be his job. They keep a diary of how much the birds weigh so that they feed them the correct amount of food.


Joseph had to keep his hand still as the owl was perched onto the glove on his hand.The owl got a little fluttery as he was adjusting himself and managed to scratch Joseph with his talons. This didn’t faze Joseph, he was just more determined to walk along with the owl.

Once in the weighing shed, he placed the owl onto the scales and using small weights he had to balance out the weight.


If a bird is under weight then it will have little energy to fly

Once the weighing was done, Joseph walked along with the owl through the wild display area where we met the next zoo keeper that would show us around on the rest of the behind the scenes experience.


He had a smile constantly on his face throughout the whole morning, he was so happy. It was lovely to see him doing something that he totally loves. He looked so at home and comfortable with the animals.

We was taken into the butterfly enclosure and again behind the scenes to see the cocoons of some butterflies and to release them into the enclosure

He was very careful as he carried the butterfly gently within his hands to let it go through the hatch

After he had released a few butterflies we made our way over to see the Tortoise. As we have a pet tortoise at home he was very excited to get close to a much bigger one.


He wasn’t allowed to pick him up but he did get to stroke him.

The whole time he was walking along with the zoo keeper he was told information about the animals. Joseph was full of facts and told the keepers a thing or two too. He knows a lot about animals and is always watching videos, documentaries and reading books about wildlife, animals and nature.

I didn’t even know that he knew as much as he did. He amazed me. I was so proud of him.

The next place we went was behind the scenes with a creepy crawlies. I’d say they were mini beasts but they wasn’t quite mini, they were huge!

I even had a little stroke of the hissing cockroach, they are so smooth.

Did you know that cockroaches are cleaner than humans? They are always washing themselves I’ll remember that next time I see one whilst abroad lol

The last part of the Zoo Academy was to test the water for bacteria and animal poo in the stingray enclosure.

With glasses and gloves on he was ready to do the experiment


Using a syringe he sucked up some of the water that had been collected from the stingray pool and he squeezed it out into a tub where he added in some drops from a bottle that would check the N02 and PH levels


Once he had checked the levels it was then on to the last job and that was to feed the stingray. He sat on the edge of the pool and lent over with a big rod and handed over the food to stingray that swam past


It was an experience that he will not forget in a while. A truly memorable day

His words “It was amazing!” He wants to work with animals even more so now.

The staff was friendly and the whole experience was very well organised.







Sunset Safari at London Zoo

Ever wanted to experience the magic of the zoo after hours?

London Zoo have a special after hours summer evening event running every friday until 17th July 2015, where visitors get to watch the sun go down amongst the company of many of the 750 animal species from around the world. Listen to many of the fascinating talks that are being held around the zoo, learn about the animals at special times of the evening from their keepers.

The zoo opens up at 6pm and closes at 10pm, with most of the exhibits closing between 8:30 and 9:30. Everyone needs their sleep, even the animals!

As the sun sets visitors are invited to relax at the Safari Base Camp in one of the many comfortable chairs and beds that are scattered around the Lawn, with an acoustic guitar performance providing an idyllic end to what promises to be an unforgettable evening. And if you are an adult, there are plenty of waterholes to grab a glass or bubbly or a pint of lager from (your even allowed to roam around with glass/plastic in hand)


The middle boy and I visited the zoo on Friday 3rd July, it was a birthday present to my son as he absolutely loves animals. He was really excited to meeting all of the animals but I was a little worried that it was going to be a late night for him. I didn’t plan on staying until closing time as we had to travel back home using public transport and didn’t want to be out too late with him. I planned on leaving at about 9.

We arrived at the zoo for about 6:30 and the first place that we went to was to go and see the Lemur. The animals are in an enclosure that you can walk through so if you are lucky enough the Lemurs can come up close to you.

PicMonkey Collage lemurs

As Joseph was posing in front of some of the Lemurs, one of them came right up behind him. He was a little scared at first but the Keeper told him to stand still and just let the Lemur come close. He was very happy to see them up so close and couldn’t believe he got the chance to be within breathing distance to them.

We went off through the Nightlife and Rainforest area on our way to see the Otters. We saw Fruit Bats, Mice, Rats and Meerkats.

We were very lucky to see the Otters being fed at the Otter Holt. They were very noisy and it seemed that one of them took a fancy to Joseph as she just kept screaming at him, and he was mimicking the noises back at her.



We couldn’t wait around as we had lots of areas to cover in such a short space of time.

We made our way along the canal to ‘Into Africa’ my favourite place! Giraffes I adore them!

The Giraffes are so graceful and beautiful, with their long slender legs and smooth fur. As we stood on the bridge looking over at them, one decided to gallop over and take some feed from the basket that was just hung up on the bridge in front of us.

Hello there!
Hello there!

So beautiful!

PicMonkey Collage africa

Just next to the Giraffes are the Zebras and Pygmy Hippos



There are plenty of statues scattered around the zoo to pose with and play areas to explore

PicMonkey Collage animal


Lots of photo opportunities around the zoo too

With so much to see and do, we hurried round the Aquarium and the Reptile HousePicMonkey Collage reptiles

And went off to Tiger Territory to search out some Tigers, we saw them laying down up high on a balcony in their enclosure, probably time for bed!

The next place we went was to meet the Monkeys. As we walked through the enclosure, I heard a rustle within the trees. Joseph and I searched through the leaves with our eyes and was greeted by this little dude



He was nibbling away on some of his food but was happy enough to run down a branch to say hello to us and then run back into his hideaway amongst the branches.

We was almost to the end of our night at the zoo, but not without a visit to Joseph’s favourite mammal, the Penguin! Joseph adores these species, so we saved the best til last. It was crowded at the Penguin Beach when we got there as it was Penguin Chill Out time. There was a little show going on so we found a little spot towards the back of the pool and waited by the glass to see if a Penguin would swim by

DSC_0834 (1)_opt




Just to see the smile on his little cute face was enough to last me a lifetime.

It was time to go home, the sun was setting and the sky becoming dark. We had a brilliant time and Joseph has asked to go back again next year. He told me on the way home that it was the best present ever!

There are two more dates available for London Zoo Sunset Safari 10th and 17th July. Ticket prices are Adult: £20.80 Child: £14.56



Your Companion forever!

I wish i could take away your pain and lock it away forever

I wish i could fill your emptiness and space that has been left with more love and happiness

I wish i could comfort you! I can feel your pain but just have no idea what to do!

I want to be your rock and show you that all will be ok!

The pain and hurt that you are feeling will eventually fade and lesson but the love and memories will shine through and become stronger

Please don’t cry! Please don’t shed any more tears!

Your decision was tough but it was the right one and you did what was best for him, he is no more pain!

You gave him a brilliant life, filled with love and happiness! You walked him everyday, you cooked him special meals!

He was your companion, your best friend, your family, a big part of your life!

Please remember the good times that you had with him, the walks that you went on, the places that you visited, the games that you played

BUT most importantly remember that you are not alone in this sadness, he has left a gap in all of our lives a gap that will never be filled by any other dog. My heart is still warm for him and always will be!

He wasn’t just a dog, he was our life!

He may be gone but memories last forever, he lives on in you and everyone else.



Moca-Do-Poo Bird Book Review

I am always encouraging my boys to read books.
Jak is very good at reading and when he enjoys a book, wether it be a fact or fiction, he doesn’t put it down until he’s finished it.
Joseph, being 4 years old is learning how to read. He understands that he has to sound out the letters and blend them together to be able to read the word.

So when I had the chance to review a children’s book, I jumped at it.

The book is called Moca-Do-Poo Bird written by Alisdair Adie.
The book is a children’s story for ages 3-6.
It is a charming tale of brother and sister, Sam and Daisy, while visiting their nan they are bored, she tells them about the talking Moca-Do-Poo Bird that lives at the bottom her garden, so off they go in search for him.
Once They find the bird they quickly realise that they are lost so the Moca-Do-Poo Bird leads them back to their Nan’s house via the homestream which is a wonderful, magical hidden place where all the animals can talk, here they embark on an adventure to find a new task for the Moca-Do-Poo Bird because every animal living in the Homestream needs one. Along the way they meet the birds animal friends, frogs, ducks, and mice who all need his help.

The story is charming, funny, adventurous, creative, it teaches children about friendship and being helpful.
The illustrations are bright, colourful and funny.


Joseph really enjoyed it when the Bird shouted
‘Moca-Do-Poo Moca-Do-Poooooo’ as it made him laugh and he liked to join in with the bird by shouting along with him.
I liked how it challenged Jak with his expression of speech when reading the book aloud as the bird had a lisp and he took delight in doing this.
They found it to be sad when they found out about the Moca-do-poo not having any family and genuinely felt sorry for him but quickly realised that his friends were his family.

It was a delightful book to read to the children and the story had them asking questions and guessing all the way through. They thoroughly enjoyed the story and have talked about it non stop.

Today they have been to the bottom of our garden looking for the Moca-Do-Poo Bird and hoping that they will find a magical land. The book taught my children about the land of make believe, where anything is possible. The story is great bedtime read and would leave happy thoughts for your children to have wondrous imaginative dreams.


You can find more information about this book here

You can also find the author on twitter @Mocadopoo



Air Heads Review-npw


My boys and I was recently given the great opportunity by NPW to review a new product that are selling on there website

NPW are an online shop that sell a collection of gifts for every occasion. There items are original, fun and stylish for any age group from young children to adults.
They offer gifts in many categories to suit a vast variety of people like sciencey, body art, creative, body art, funny, games and well being are to name but a few.

Air Heads consists of 6 balloons and everything you need to create charming animal heads. Each balloon animal has a stick to hold them up plus pre-cut colour noses and ears which you attach with sticky pads provided. Also included are coloured eye stickers and instructions. They are priced at £7.95 p/box

We received the Air Heads this morning, it was packaged well in a box, protected by bubble wrap so there was no way it would have got damaged in transit.
Pack size 293 x 215mm


I let the boys unwrap the box, it looked so pretty all wrapped in red tissue paper that Jak didn’t want to open it so Joseph said he would help


<a href="

The boys were really excited as they had been looking forward for the Air Heads to arrive after looking through the choices Joseph decided quickly that he wanted To make the Kaola balloon head and Jak wanted to do the Rhino. They also do a rooster, tiger, pig and a bear


We took out the pieces we needed to make our animals, each sheet tells you clearly what animal it is


It clearly shows on the ears and nose cut out pieces numbers that you slot together to make the 3d shape. Once the shape is done place the double sided sticky dots onto the shape ( also shown where to go) and your all set to stick on to your balloon.

Ok so we followed the instruction which I must add was simple, making the 3d shapes was a bit fiddly but not hard to do and the end product was superb.
The balloons are not thin, they are good quality so will take quite a bit of bashing to them as my boys decided to have a balloon fight prior to making the heads. The shapes are are on good quality coloured paper and are easy to press out.

Adult supervision is needed to children under 8 years old and the little ones would need help to make there animal but definately not to play wiith them.

And here is our end product



The boys named there Air Heads, Joseph called his Kitty the Kaola and Jak called his Ruffy the Rhino. They spent the whole evening running round playing with them, joseph even took his to bed with him.
The Air Heads make a good craft session for the children and adults to do, also would be great for a children’s party or if you have someone who has a birthday coming up why not buy them a fun and exciting gift.

They make great entertainment and the boys and myself thouroughly enjoyed making and playing with them after.