Spotted! A second of fame

Most of you may be aware that my boys do acting and modelling, they really enjoy doing it but it’s even better when they get to spot themselves in magazines, on TV or on posters.

Back in February, my son done a photoshoot. When we received the booking we was only told that it was a still, which is a photoshoot. I was at work so I couldn’t take him along to the shoot so dad took him, he was there for 2 hours. When he returned home I asked him what it was all about and where would the pictures be shown. All Joseph could tell me was that he was a Director and had to hold up a huge megaphone that was getting too heavy for his little hands so they had to attach it to some wire to hold it up for him. I didn’t hear anything from the agency about it and without knowing who the shoot was for I had no way of seeing the pictures or finding out where they would be shown.

Last week we was up London for a day out and whilst walking through Embankment Station, I spotted a poster through the crowds of a megaphone. I had a feeling. We walked over towards it, as it wasn’t near the entrance to the platform that we needed, to take a closer look. I then noticed that they were Joseph’s shoes dangling from a chair.



Joseph done the shoot in his own clothes, so we knew straight away that it was him. It was a poster advertising an event at Hampton Court, Movie Making Mission. Celebrating 500 years of history, Hampton Court are exclusively showing a movie made of 1000’s of drawings created by children showing the history over the past 500 years.

DSC_2390_opt (1)

He was so proud to see himself there.

We was really lucky to notice the poster as it is only up for a short while. We took a few shots of him stood by it and came home with a story to tell of how Joseph spotted himself on the underground.


The day my son was a Director for the day! 🙂