Dick and Dom Want YOU! Star in their Spamalot promotional video

Young upstarts Dick and Dom to play King Arthur and Patsy in Spamalot And they want you to star in their video!

CBBC’s Dick and Dom will star together on stage in Monty Python’s Spamalot at the Playhouse Theatre, where they will play the roles of King Arthur and Patsy from 2nd December for six weeks over the Christmas and New Year festive period.

Having found fame as presenters of double BAFTA Award winning BBC1 weekend show, Dick and Dom In Da House, Dick and Dom have presented a wide range of TV and radio show including CBBC’s Splatalot, BBC Radio 1’s The Sunday Morning Show, Sky1’s Are You Smarter Than A 10 Year Old and Challenge TV’s Takeshi’s Castle. They even starred on the big screen when they appeared in Horrid Henry: The Movie, but appearing together in Spamalot will be the pair’s West End musical debut.

-Dick (Richard McCourt) said; “I’ve always been a huge fan of all things Monty Python and so am very excited about the fact that I’m getting the chance to prove myself as King Arthur and take hold of the mighty Excalibur.”

-Dom (Dominic Wood) said; “Everyone knows the legendary Always Look On The Bright Side and so I can’t wait to get started as Patsy and to be able to perform the song on stage each night.”

Spamalot wants you in their video:

We’re looking for children aged 6 – 13 to star in a short video on 7th December. We will be meeting at Embankment station, London at 1.30pm and walking to the theatre with placards, chanting “Dick and Dom” who you may well get to meet! The first 50 people to confirm they would like to be involved will be given a pair of tickets to see the show on the same day at either the 2.30pm or 8pm performance.

No cash payment is offered for an appearance and the video will be used for publicity purposes. If you would like to be part of the Spamalot team for the day, simply email marketing@booments.com with your name and child’s (children’s) name and numbers and we will confirm participation. Note, you must be available on Saturday 7th December and able to meet at 1.30pm.

Showings are, Monday – Thursday at 8.00pm, Friday at 6pm and 9pm, Saturday at 2.30pm and 8.00pm (no Wednesday matinee). Running time: 2 hours – this one doesn’t drag on!

THE PLAYHOUSE THEATRE, Northumberland Avenue, London, WC2N 5DE Tickets: £15 – £65. ON SALE NOW

Box Office: 0844 871 7627 | www.spamalotwestend.co.uk

This is not a sponsored post, my boys are taking part in the video and i want to share the brilliant news of the casting!


Last Night!

Last night salty tears rolled down my cheeks
Last night I cried tears of happiness
Last night I had shivers run down my spine
Last I was excited
Last night I witnessed something that I thought I could only dream of
Last night I beamed with pride
Last night I saw dedication and commitment

As I sat there in that huge room and saw you I felt as if I was the only person in the room, that it was me you was looking at!
As your small frame enters on the stage amongst the others, with so much confidence and refinery
You shone like a star to me
Others may had missed your cheeky little smile and the way you fiddled with your feet, but I was so transfixed with you that I didn’t miss a thing

Last night I beamed the biggest grin
Last night made me the happiest person ever
Last night I witnessed a boy turn into a young man, as you guided others near to you
Last night I saw how much you want this to happen
Last night I saw someone different to my little boy

As you stood there smiling and walking around on stage, I turned my head and look around myself! I saw thousands of eyes staring at you, I saw people enjoying what you were doing, I wanted to stand up amongst them and shout “That’s my boy! Up there!” The one you are all watching, the one you are all smiling at!

Last night I was the proudest mummy ever!
Last night I sat among others and watched you act your little heart out, without any words
Last night I watched my boy perform up the Westend!

Jak, you are an amazing boy! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise!
You and your brothers have made me so proud
You are kind and caring
You are strong and loving
You are intelligent and committed
You are my son!


Reasons To Be Cheerful #RTBC

I have been meaning to join the reasons to be cheerful blog hop hosted by mummy from the heart for a while now but life seems to have been flying by too quickly for me lately and my ‘To Do’ list is just getting longer and longer. So this week I have decided to make some time and write up my post of what has made me happy this week

1. Oliver is now growing up to be a handsome little man and is learning new things everyday. He has been saying lots of new words this week like spider, more and all done. I love to hear him talk although Daddy doesn’t think he has been saying these words he says that he is just mumbling away and muttering anything but I know he’s talking and he repeats what he’s says too.

2. Oliver has just started to kiss, he makes the kiss noise aswell which is jut adorable. He also likes to blow kisses and wave goodbye. I caught him last night kissing himself in the mirror, how cute!

3. My mummy came to visit this week as she took Jak in for his last day of filming, I met her and my aunt up London and it was lovely to spend time with them in the area that they grew up in. I really enjoyed listening to them talk about their lifestyles when they were younger. My mum doesn’t live nearby so I don’t often get to spend time with her as when she is visiting she has to get round my brothers and sisters houses too.

4. Jak has really done us proud this week with his singing and acting. At the weekend he was a finalist in the ‘Park Resorts’ Got Talent and he sang his little heart out singing ‘Living on A Prayer’ he had the whole audience clapping, swaying and singing along with him, his performance was electric. Also this week was his last day filming for ‘Call The Midwife’ he has a fabulous two weeks filming for them. He has really enjoyed himself which makes me a very happy mummy.

5. Joseph got his spelling right at home and has really tried hard with them, writing them out and sounding each letter out every day.

6. With the weather getting colder, the OH took me out shopping to buy me some warm boots. He bought me some Bear Paw black sheep wool lined boots, they are really warm so I am really looking forward to wearing them to work, now my tootsies won’t be getting cold when I’m outside in the playground 🙂

7. We have decided to do some decorating on the house this week all we need to do now is agree on what colour the carpet and walls are going to be. I can’t wait to get the boys room all decorated and looking all grown up.

8. Joseph has been concentrating on his reading this week and instead of asking me to read a book to him he picked up the book and read it to himself out loud. This is the first time he has ever done this and I loved watching him read aloud. He was following the words with his fingers and even corrected himself when he said the wrong word.

9. I had a drink on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed a night out, after a few bottles glasses of wine I can definitely say I was very cheerful 🙂

10. We had some fabulous news about Oliver and his Cow & Gate shoot that he went on a couple of weeks ago, we received a phone call yesterday informing us that he has made it to the final cut on the television commercial. After I got off of the phone I felt like jumping for joy and screaming with delight! He makes us all smile everyday with his little infectious giggle and cute face so we’re really excited that his little cuteness will be on TV.

11. This week we saw Joseph’s Thomas the tank engine’ advert on The TV, you don’t get to see his little face but you go see his hands and body. When we all saw it we was all laughing and Joseph done a celebration dance. He loved seeing himself on the telly and I loved watching his reaction.

12. New words that Oliver has said are spider, shoe, clap and Joseph.

Those are my reasons to be cheerful this week, I’m sure I could go on and on with many more but they are the main ones, If you have some things making you cheery this week that you would like to share, then why not write a post, (like ive done) grab the blog hop code and link up here.


Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart

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Nervous Mummy / First day of Filming for my Son

I couldn’t sleep, I felt sick, my stomach was turning and turning and it felt like a washing machine doing a spin cycle. I couldn’t relax and was tossing and turning trying my hardest to get comfortable. So many things was going through my mind, I was finding it hard to focus on resting and sleeping. I checked the clock 3:45, my alarm was set for 4:45 so i had another hour of this uncomfortableness to go. I tried to get back to sleep, I closed my eyes but i just couldn’ relax, I had that feeling in the pit of my tummy, I was worried! I was scared! But what of? I’m not pregnant nor am i Ill! No, it had nothing to do with me. It was my eldest sons first day of filming on set of the ‘Call the Midwife’ show. I was scared for him not having mummy by his side, i was worried that i wouldn’t get him to set on time for his call. Would he get on with everyone else and how was he going to cope being filmed? would he clam up and all of a sudden become too shy to be filmed? and is it going to be too much for him? All these things were running through my head after all he is still my baby at 9 years old he will never stop being my baby and all i want to do is watch over him and do my best for him. Thats one of the reasons I got jak into a performing children’s agency, he enjoys acting and being on stage but i wanted to give him a chance of having a good start in acting, you see he wants to be an actor when he grows up. Performing is brilliant for his confidence and he is never too shy to walk up onto stage in front of hundreds of people and i do believe that this will help if he ever gets a job in an office if he has to give a talk in a board room, hopefully he would be less nervous because of the experience he has had whilst he was younger through his acting.

Jak’s call time to be on set was for 7:50, it is only 23 miles away from our house, but them miles are the other side of London to where we live which means either is it a 40 minute drive in the car or a 1 and a half hour train journey travelling through the city of London. The car journey would take us on a very busy road jam-packed with commuters going to the big city for work so I was advised by the OH not to drive especially as I am not a very confident driver and not knowing the route so it was the train that was going to transport us to set. I had worked out the journey the night before but i was slightly worried that i had worked out the wrong route and what if the lines that i wanted to travel on wasn’t running or running late! I had planned the journey so it was the quickest route but also as i would have the baby in the buggy i wanted to make sure that there were the least steps at the stations for us to carry him up and down.

So after tossing and turning most of the night and having a restless sleep with all these thoughts running through my mind i decided to get up. I made myself a coffee, hoping it would settle my nerves plus i think i am going to need as much caffeine i can intake to get me through the day. There was going to be alot of waiting around for me and as there was licensed chaperones on set i wasn’t even sure that i was going to allow me to stay there so that was another thing that i was worried about, What would i do all day long?

We left the house at 5:15 caught the bus to the Train station to catch the tube into London, Once in London we had to catch another train which was an overhead fast one. Once we arrived at our destination station we had another short journey on a bus to get to location. We arrived at 6:30, not bad really! I booked Jak in and we was taken to a big trailer style bus that was there for the children to sit on, Jak quickly started making friends and left me sitting down on my own. When the runner called him to set along with the other children that was there for the filming too, he went off without saying goodbye to me. Why was i nervous and worried for him, he was getting on just fine. I took this time to have a little wander around with Oliver, the location was set amongst some gorgeous countryside surroundings and in a stunning building, so off i went with camera in hand to take some snap shots. Jak came back about an hour later, grinning from ear to ear and full of energy, he was loving it! He had really fitted in with everyone, children and adults and was having lots of fun and what an experience for him, he even got to meet some stars of the show which i think he may have pestered for their autographs. Jak was not nervous at all in fact he was the total opposite full of confidence and not even worried about all the rush that was going on around him.

He was released from set at 4:30 so it was a long day for him but i think he was running on adrenaline through the excitement. He has another 3 days of this, so I think this time next week he is going to be shattered, bless him! he still has school to attend when he is not on set and also has a performance at the local theatre this weekend for his drama school. I would love to share with you all what the show was about but unfortunately I can not but what I can say is it will be on at Christmas and I for one will be one very excited mummy sitting in front of the television set watching Call the Midwife desperately scanning the screen for my
Gorgeous little boys cheeky face. He may only be seen for a second but that second will be one huge proud moment of mine, one that I will never forget.

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