A Grand Adventure

If you had a choice of visiting anywhere in the world where would you go?

I have had to think long and hard about this question as there are many places that i would like to visit, ever since i was a little girl i have longed to visit the beautiful and historic cities of Italy with its beautiful scenery and fabulous food and wine what is there to resist. The country is romantic and has some of the best museums and the most gorgeous cathedrals to visit and i have always, like any other female i suppose, wanted to travel on a Gondola down the winding canals of Venice.

Venice is built on 118 islands within a lagoon in the Gulf of Venetia. Between the islands run about 170 canals, mostly very narrow with some 400 bridges crossing over them. The Canal Grande being the main waterway.

For some coastal experience i would visit The Amalfi Coast with its natural landscape and heaps of charming coves and caverns to explore and is also an excellent place to go hiking with some spectacular views, I could imagine myself and the family hiking along the coast line stopping off for some gorgeous mouth watering pizza, olives and wine and relaxing in the sun enjoying the natural habitat around us.

Image taken from genius loci website

The Amalfi Coast stretches for 50km with cliffs that drop into the crystal clear blue sea, connecting beautiful coastal towns to hillside villages. The Trail of the Gods offers a great walk in the hills overlooking Positano with breathtaking natural beauty scenes, you’ll find caves and terraces dropping from the cliffs to the sea and deep valleys. If your lucky you may even get to witness peregrine and kestrel falcons coming out their aeries.

And lastly you couldn’t visit Italy without experiencing Lake Como, absorbed in history and elegance it makes a perfect place to relax, dine on some sumptuous food and explore the snow-capped mountains that surround it.

Image taken from Wikipedia

Lake Como is in the region of Lombardy and is part of the northern Italian Lakes District. It lies between Milan and the border of Switzerland. It is Italy’s most popular lake and the deepest, it is surrounded by mountains and hills.

A few years ago we visited Fort William in Scotland so we could hike up the famous Ben Nevis, from that moment i fell in love with mountains and find them magical, I could sit and stare at the sheer beauty of the landscape for hours, I find them to be stunning. Every year we hike up Mount Snowdon In Wales with the children who have all learnt to love the sense of being on the mountain like me. The views from the mountains are breathtaking and stunning, we feel free when we are on them and as my eldest boy says “I feel like a bird, I can see so far away”

I haven’t holidayed abroard for a long time but if i had a £1000 spare to book one it would definitely be ITALY.

We would spend our days and nights dining on spaghetti, plates of antipasto and drinking wine made from local grown grapes.

We will camp under the stars and travel by foot and it will be truly magical.

We would make unforgettable memories from viewing the spectacular architecture of the Roman Empire, like the Roman Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain.

The boys will have their eyes open to some magnificent scenes and landscapes and as for me and the Other Half well maybe, just maybe we could reignite some of the romance that once was there.

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Where would you go and how would you spend £1000?